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  1. I'm sure that Stockwell had some pretty "dubious" business dealings in the past over property developments Was shown on A Current Affair years ago Things still dodgy in QLD with the White Shoe Brigade it seems
  2. Yep, whole thing just went into colour bars and now is down Oh well. ABCTV Australia's 30 minute highlight package tonight will have to suffice
  3. Fox Sports News Australia "The quality of Canadian celebrity depth was tested with the mum from Home Alone making an appearance"
  4. Somebody called K-os is supposed to be next If this thing doesn't end with Shatner singing Mr Tambourineman, it will be a travesty
  5. Serious question - Why no Shania or Celine at these Olympics? Probably the two most well known Canadian singers in the world
  6. "I can only hope the Canadian self-deprecation is on tape delay on NBC until, say, 2:30 a.m., sometime in 2019" - Vancouver Sun
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