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  1. I agree with you in everything. Great post. Now we can have a real discussion here. The swedish bids after 1994 was very bad and totally meanless. They should have wait many years. I still think 2014 is olympics we could have get escpecially if not bidding for 1998 and 2002. The reason to the losses 1998 and 2002 weren't because bad bids it was because Scandinavia hosted it 1994. About the population. Yes I agree with you there are alot of work. Yes it's the Östersund/Åre who will host it. But they aren't in a own bubble. They will get help from the rest of Sweden's 9 million people. People thinking Östersund is too small bla bla but should rest of Sweden stand up and just look when Östersund/Åre prepares to Olympics? No it's honour to be a part in this work. Other parts of Sweden will surely help especially with possible upgrades of the infrastructure.
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  2. It has been explained to you COUNTLESS times already "why", but you, just like your "pathetic" lost brother Tulsa, REFUSE/WON'T listen. And what's most "pathetic" of all, is that you're suppose to be a GROWN woman at 34 years old! And yet you're so immature, irrational & "pathetic". At least Tulsa has/had an excuse. He's just a dumb kid. But YOU, an ADULT! I cringe to think if you have any kids, cuz they'll turn out to be just as "pathetic" as you & Tulsa.
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