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  1. The gouverment says YES to Olympic games 2026 in Stockholm/Åre. They support this bid. https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/a/QoJvGJ/regeringen-sager-ja-till-vinter-os-2026
  2. There's only one winner and it's Sweden. It's 50/50. You need to do well in both jury and televoters. Italy's 6th place in jury voting is too bad to win ESC. Already in 2011 we had this issue. Juries wanted Italy to win but televoters wanted Azerbaijan ( actually it's really Sweden that won televote). If it was only televoting then Italy wouldn't be close to that 2nd place. They would be 11th instead. This is how the rules work. They will not always agree. But the total points is the most important.
  3. Expressen write SOC haven't given up the hope to get Winter olympics to Stockholm/Åre. They will start to work on a bid for 2026. http://www.expressen.se/sport/sveriges-plan--for-att-fa-olympiska-spelen/ Realistic or not I think it's nice to see they want it.
  4. Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw with the song Heroes. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CBCdb6vNuiM
  5. Very disappointing but not surprising news. Many of the swedish athletes are very disappointed with Stockholm's council's decision. But this is not surprising. Right now Sweden have a gouverment that HATE sports. Sweden and SOK can only hope that will be an another gouverment both In STHLM and Sweden in october. This will not help the bid for 2022 but in the future it will maybe help.
  6. Krakow needs an another country to help them. Not sure if that is positive. Sweden will do everything alone. I see a big problem with to countries host the games.
  7. The same for you that bash people that points out Krakow's weakness. Why YOU can't accept that your beloved Krakow has a main weakness?
  8. I hate how some people that now praise and defend Krakow as the best bid ever is also those people who bash Stockholm. How do it feel when your favorite is bashed? Must feels good right. Lol! A 38 years old that's saying shut up to a person that just say her opinion? You surely act as a child more than Tony E.
  9. Wow, are you from Poland or what? Why are you so defensive about Krakow? I wonder if YOU are really 38 years old? You act as a child.
  10. Some people in here that bash Tony E for his age act as 5 years olds kids themselves. What about to look at yourself in the mirror before bash anyone else?
  11. Well the problem is rather that people critiqize bids even before they seen the plans. Yes Markun have done great work here but still it's easier to do that with the plans that have been presented.
  12. My question is do they need to call it Stockholm/Åre? It's only few events that will held in Åre. Why not just call it Stockholm 2022? That would make it clear that is Stockholm that will host WOG 2022 with only little help from Åre.
  13. What happened? The responses to a Stockholm/Åre 2022 seems much more positiv now. Why? Anyway, go Stockholm and Sweden. It's really time for a swedish wog,
  14. Well they who really want to see them can do that. It's just go to Åre. I don't see any difference. Every sport events have their own spectators... There are som much other things to watch in STHLM instead. Among them icehockey which will be probably the main sport event for spectators in Sweden. I don't see alpine skiing as crown jewel either.
  15. and what about equestrian and sailing then? There many different events of them too. But still China was allowed to host them 2000km and 670km away from Bejing. What's the different to Alpine events being hosted in Åre?
  16. One sport? What about sailing? It was held 670km away from Beijing. You need to read the posts more carefully. Both equestrian and sailing were held more than 670km away from Beijing. Which judges need to travel? First of they who needs to be in Åre stay in Åre. Why travel back to Stockholm? Their event is in Åre. Ski jumping would be held in Stockholm not Åre. And you made me hate Germany. What's different?
  17. Actually Sweden's winter months are december-february. But often the winter is in half of March too. Yes and if China get OG with even more bigger ditsnce why not Sweden? It's only some alpine which will be held in Åre. The majority will be held in STHLM.
  18. And because your bad attitude against the small countries I hope Germany never will get any OG again! And stop saying you loved a Swedish OG because you clearly have an agenda against Sweden.
  19. You should visit Stockholm in february before saying we don't have snow. Actually we have snow in MARCH!! Strong hard winters with tempratures down to -10!! In fact in March I was TOTALLY pissed off by the cold winter! Just when we thought the spring would come insted we got more snow. And do you really think Germany and other countries have more snow than Stockhol`m?? I don't think so!
  20. So Bejing, China with Equestrian events 2000km away and sailing events 670km away is acceptable but Stockholm, Sweden with Åre 650 km is a bad bid?? Looool, this proof what I mean. The only reason to why Sweden isn't popular in here is that this forum just want the big countries to host and are very threatened by a Sweden bid. Ha ha!
  21. So Bejing, China with Equestrian event 2000km away and sailing events 670km away is acceptable but Stockholm, Sweden with Åre 650 km is a bad bid?? Looool, this proof what I mean. The only reason to why Sweden isn't popular in here is that this forum just want the big countries to host and are very threatened by a Sweden bid. Ha ha!
  22. You said sailing needs a large body of water. What's different to have high and big mountains? Also no I don't understand the equestrian thing? If the countries don't have laws to host these events why choose them as host at all if it's no acceptable to have events that far away? Then IOC should choose another host. Sorry I don't see the difference between equestrian/sailing and alpine...This is a just an another try to put Sweden down.
  23. Then IOC should have told them that they needed to host the events in that statium in the bid.Still it must been a stadium that IOC accepted. Then how can they change it to another city 2000km if not IOC accept events that far away?? So what Should Sweden do? Say all events will be held in STHLM in the bid and then move some of them to Åre? No it's better to be honest and make a great plan how to do STHLM/Åre to a great Olympics. What you are saying is that China lied to IOC??
  24. But still China must have a kind of plan as the won with?? Right?? What was the plan that IOC accepted? Where did China say they would put the equestrian events in their bid? Also how can IOC accept events 2000 km away AFTER the bidding if they are saying they don't accept it? If Sweden can't have events 600km away then how can China have it 2000 away? Something smells very fishy here!
  25. You as Canadian should rather want Sweden host WOG than Germany.... but no I'm not surprised you don't because this forum seems to think countries with 20 millions ? should host OG from now which is pretty sad!
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