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  1. Last night was even busier, since NBC had the skiing, while NBCSN had the hockey game at the same time.
  2. The mistake that NBC made was they switched to figure skating, because they thought Anna Veith's time would make her the gold medal winner, but guess what, they were wrong and Ester Ledecka won.
  3. I'm not going to bash NBC here, but they switched from the skiing to figure skating too early. It was 1 in 10,000 chance that someone outside of top 19 would win, and it happened. Why didn't NBC hold off on switching away to figure skating until the skiing was over?
  4. I've long advocated for NBC to do what they do on the NFL and other major sports and show events in their entirety.
  5. It's not the first time NBC has done that. Back in 2002, they did that with one of the USA hockey games in Salt Lake- CNBC showed the full game, and NBC aired as much as they could around the late local news.
  6. I see that NBCSN has figure skating at the same time as NBC. Is that because will have live skiing at the same time?
  7. I have to agree, especially about Seoul. Your'e right, the biggest mistake that NBC made was they went live for the sake of going live, and you can't do that. You have to develop storylines. I remember when Greg Louganis was going for a gold medal in diving in the 88 games, and NBC had a split screen of the U.S.-Canada basketball game at the same time. That made me angry, especially since NBC could have simply followed the bigger storyline( Louganis for a gold medal after hitting his head in a earlier round.) I think that switching around from sport to sport is distracting to most viewers.
  8. I do wonder how late the local news will start each night. Could we see cases like in the 2008 Summer Olympics, where the news started as late as 1am?
  9. I see a bit of a problem with Sportsnet having skiing on the 17th- they have the Bruins-Canucks game at 10.
  10. In looking at the NHL schedule on the NHL website, City TV is helping out with NHL games during the Olympics, with them airing the main HNIC games while CBC airs the Olympics.
  11. I kind of figured that Ron MacLean and Don Cherry would be involved in the hockey coverage, but it makes sense for Kate Beirness to be hosting rather than Ron MacLean. That way, he doesn't miss any of the studio work on HNIC. The NHL conflicts really on apply with the late games out west, like Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, etc and even then, Rogers has enough channels for both NHL and Olympics.
  12. I've looked at the NHL schedule during the Olympics, and it looks like the Sportsnet channels will have the NHL games, while CBC and TSN air Olympic action.
  13. Looks like CBC has some people freelancing for them this year, with Mark Lee, Chris Cuthbert and Steve Armitage working the Olympics on a freelance basis. I guess that means that the NHL people are not going.
  14. I see that NBC will air some NHL games- i guess that's when nothing is happening-on Sundays. Was thinking that might happen.
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