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  1. I'm surprised that ABC didn't devote it's prime time schedule to the 1980 Winter Olympics.
  2. Kind of like the Olympics in Rio, what's been happening with the NHL playoffs, NBC is having to juggle their NASCAR and Indycar coverage with hockey. In some cases they've had to use CNBC, USA and even NHL Network for games.
  3. wonder how that affects the primetime ratings. for example gymnastics. you can watch it live on peacock or on tape on nbc. if people stream it early in the morning, could that have a bi g impact?
  4. Besides Kayla Harrison, there were a couple of great American performances here that deserved some primetime attention- Helen Maroulis, Gwen Jorgsen, and Ginny Thrasher. But all of those were live on cable, so i'm guessing that NBC didn't want to duplicate what they aired live on NBCSN...
  5. I have to agree, Quaker, that's one thing NBC will never do on an Olympics. That would be overkill for sure.... But one thing that NBC does right, iMHO, is showing the gold medalist close up as they are listening to the anthem. And if they are emotional, like we saw in Rio, that's a bonus for them.
  6. One thing i'd wish NBC would do, IMHO for the medal ceremonies, is show the American and show his or her family at the same time on a split screen, during the anthem. That's one thing i'd wish they had done in Barcelona in 92 or Atlanta in 96. They have the cameras in the stands, don't they?
  7. The Xifinty races are during the "downtime" since those races will be in the afternoon. I could see some events simulcast on NBC and NBCSN because of the Today Show. Some track and field events or even basketball games.
  8. NASCAR is taking two weeks off between Loudon and Michigan to accommodate the Olympics. Can't think of what else NBCSN would have maybe IndyCar, but that's about it.
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