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  1. On my final journey from Olympic Park yesterday to my accommodation yeaterday I felt very sad. I always do at the end of the summer olympics. It's just the best event. That it's a 4 year wait probably make them that much more special.
  2. Far too tired for a full review. But being in rio for my 3rd games (after London and Beijing) I have to say I enjoyed these the most from a personal perspective. The great disappointment was the crowd numbers at some events. Apart from that I thought it was a very Brasilian olympics and I will have fantastic memories from it.
  3. Exactly. But it worked. I loved being in the olympics park and I'll miss being there. With people filigree through it had that colour, vibrancy and atmosphere you want in an Olympic Park. Without people there it is soulless.
  4. From what I have attended so far: Tennis incredible. Probably been my fave tennis olympic tournament. Volleyball both beach and indoor great. Basketball has been fantastic. I'm actually enjoying being at these games more than London. There is a great vibe here.
  5. The maracanazinho for volleyball and carioca arena 1 for basketball are 2 venues that have the look completed inside the entire stadium. To be fair the look has impressed me in terms of what it looks like in person. They should just have completed it.
  6. I'm worried about this as u have swimming tonight which finishes at 12.30am and I'm staying in centro which is a long taxi ride from Barra.
  7. Great news! Though a little worrying it is only going to have a very limited time of operation before the Olympics begin. Hope it runs smoothly.
  8. Don't be nervous, but completely excited that the greatest sporting event held every 4 years is upon us. It is such a fantastic time, the last few days before they start.
  9. It's not a very inviting olympic park. I thought London looked amazing with the lake, greenery and trees as well as the colourful bouncy walkway. From the pictures I have seen so far it still looks very grey and they central curved walkway needs more. But it will be interesting to see how it works and feels when in Barra.
  10. Can't wait for the Handball at the Future Arena, it looks fantastic!
  11. After London I thought to myself, I'm not going to attend Rio, I've seen everything I needed to see at an Olympic Games (100 metre final, Basketball final, Australian winning a gold medal). But since London there was always that lingering thought in the back of mind that I would love to head to Rio for the OG. In the last few months that thought has grown into a dream, then a goal and turned into a plan. I have some tickets purchased and accommodation booked and over the next few months I will organise my flights. In my mind the Olympic Games are just this magical moment in time when athletes and fans congregate from around the world, to witness incredible displays of athleticism and comraderie. Cannot wait for next August!
  12. Only just decided I'll attend Rio and so this was the first thread I wanted to visit! Nice to see the construction coming along. Well behind London and Beijing, but I'm sure they will finish everything in time for next August. Really excited to see the photos being posted in here. A question of the Maracana, is it being updated/upgraded at all for the Olympics?
  13. While it is hugely disappointing for Valerie in the fact it took away her moment as defending her gold medal and celebrating on the night, there are positives. The fact that she was caught so soon after the event and the rightful champion was declared and also that there were athletes caught. I have no doubt there would be a number of athletes who are using PES, the more that are caught the better. Well done valer on winning back to back Olympic gold medals. I can't believe that takes nz to only 1 behind aus on the gold medal tally! What a great result for them.
  14. London was simply amazing. What a high for 17 days. So many positives that it would take a while to post, so I will just post a couple of criticisms first. The Olympic flame has to be able to be seen by people in the Olympic Park. I know this has not been the case for all summer games, but it has been for the last few. In my opinion it is the symbol of the Olympics. And when people are paying to get into the OP and not everyone being able to get a ticket to the athletics, it takes a little something away if you cannot see the flame with your own eyes. I might be the only person that attended the games that had this feeling, but here it is. I felt there was almost a scripted or choreographed way in which the organisers went about ensuring there were World Records at events (especially athletics, swimming and track cycling). At all 3 of those venues the announcers would constantly go on about records being set or broken, whether it be a WR, OR, NR, SB, PB or all time UK record. And we heard a lot about it being a super fast track or pool with technology designed to create records. For me personally the Olympics is about the ultimate glory, a gold medal. Not so much time records. This might seem like a strange negative to most here, but it was just the feeling I had in London, of forcing records. Anyway they are just 2 small criticisms of London. Overall they were brilliantly run, extremely well attended with enthusiastic crowds, had excellent athletic performances and just had a great feel about them for the entire 2 weeks.
  15. I enjoy these kind of threads, always interesting reading people's opinion on such topics. I will write a more in depth opinion, but just quickly London was the 2nd Games I have attended in person, Beijing being the first. So I guess I have some kind of perspective from being there. I rank London ahead of Beijing. My reasoning: - While venues were more spectacular in Beijing (Bird's Nest the most amazing stadium to look at in the world), I was more impressed with London's venues in another sense. The Olympic Stadium was incredible in the fact that one night I was sitting in the back row of the top tier and I still thought the view was great. The stadium was not that big and no seat was too far from the action. The use of temporary stadiums is a huge positive and will not leave the OP as a white elephant with a bunch of stadiums that never get used. This was the pinnacle for tennis at an Olympics with the use of Wimbledon, Horse Guards Parade was insane, the Copper Box felt like you were literally sitting on top of the Handball and the Velodrome just blew my socks off. The best Track Cycling stadium in the world. - Transport and ease of access to venues was better in London compared to Beijing. - The Olympic Park. Comparing London with Beijing is like chalk and cheese. Where Beijing's OP felt a little soulless, London's OP had an intense atmosphere every single time I was in there. - Volunteers are hard to compare. While London's were great, I found the volunteers in Beijing also helpful, enthusiastic and happy. - As has been mentioned many times, the crowds in London were simply astounding. Every session I went to (32 events) was basically full and the crowd were enthusiastic and cheered like crazy. I felt I had a better 'Olympic experience' overall in London compared to Beijing. In saying that, Beijing will always be special because it is the first Olympic Games I attended in person.
  16. The last couple of days leading up to the games are always special. The build up is huge, it is all over the news, papers, internet, people talking about it, social media, Just hoping for London to be one of those events that are remembered for a long time as to how special they were. Cannot wait!
  17. One of my seats is in that block. Cannot wait til I see the stadium: in person, close up, at night, inside, with the cauldron and flame and finally with athletic action happening at the time!
  18. The Beijing Table Tennis venue was intimate and it felt like you were right on top of the action, even from the top stand. With the London venue it seems as if you are quite far away from the actual play. But you will still be able to see the ball and the rallies to answer your question.
  19. WOW! Best picture I have seen with the wrap by far. That looks fantastic.
  20. The thing is that people should care. Considering we are the ones being ripped off, surely we must do something about it. Start a Twitter or Facebook campaign against CoSport, refuse to buy tickets from their site for upcoming Games or send emails/phone calls to IOC/Media outlets.
  21. Thanks for that information, insightful and not all that surprising.Having now been a customer of CoSport for the second Summer Games in a row, I am appalled at the way they are ripping Olympic supporters off. Those lucky enough to reside in Europe seem to have a myriad of options when buying Olympic tickets, but for those in Australia the only legitimate ticket seller is CoSport. There prices for these games in particular have been astronomically high and it is basically legalised fraud! I also dislike their live ticket sales process. They put tickets on their site at odd times and often unannounced. It was 4am one morning when I picked up my Athletics session tickets. After a couple of days I received an email saying they had just released tickets. Their is a lack of transparency in their business and to read in this thread that people from other countries are receiving tickets with "AOC" on them, is shocking. In fact this method by LOCOG of indicating what NOC the tickets are coming from is giving us Olympic fans the real story behind ticket sales and it does not look good for the companies selling tickets.
  22. For those who have purchased in the recent live sales, do you receive an email in the morning saying your tickets will be delivered today?
  23. Thanks for both of those links. The Park looks great and so green. It really adds a lot to it when you can see greenery. Can't wait to be there and explore it.
  24. Did very well in the LOCOG sale today. Don't think it was as widely known there was a sale on this morning, so easier to get tickets. Picked up a couple of Basketball, Handball and Hockey sessions.
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