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Found 10 results

  1. A bit saddened by this, I think a few of here will be, but it does look like the tide may be turning against developing country bids within the IOC. Those calculations of South Africa 2032 may need some revising.
  2. Hey everyone, It has been a while since I have posted here. No, I am not late to the party, at all. As a matter of fact, since I live in Rio, I was part of it the whole time, but life makes some surprising twists, which means sometimes I wasn´t able to do it properly. Four years ago I wrote this post, right after London Games. Then, I´ve tried to sum up all my expectation and fears about the Games and, on the last paragraph, I wrote: "Hopefully, in 4 years, I can come here and write that Rio made a great Olympic Games, just like London did last night, and finally have one of dreams finally come true and remember for the rest of my life." So, here I am, to fulfill my promise. I wish I was able to come here more often. When I wrote that piece, back then, things were doing OK for me. My daughter was recently born (after a very difficult period of pregnancy), and I started to make lots of plans again. Unfortunately, similar to what happened to Brazilian economy, it all went downhill after that. My wife, a year later, acquired a neurological disorder which, at least until today, is still unexplained and no closed diagnosis has been proved yet (she can still walk and do things like a normal person, but only for a short period of time, when she starts to feel shortness of breath). Because of that, I had to completely change my life and dedicate most of the time trying to help her and my daughter, while trying to keep a normal life, which started to become very difficult after a year. To make things worse, I´ve bough an apartment, before it started to built, months before my wife started to get sick, and it was only ready to move this January. Meanwhile, the building period began, and I followed closely (reading SSC forum) all the infrastructure and stadia, eager to watch in person, but most of the time postponing because was either too tired to go. Then came the World Cup and I´ve tried to watch as many games as possible, missing the Final because of my credit card company (long story). Then it was the countdown, the ticket marathon (almost a year logging at the site every single day at work and at home), the Whatsapp groups, with sirens and chats with fellow brazilians about the event. Even with all that build up, I wasn´t really completely focused on the Games because it still wasn´t my main priority and I kind of felt a little sad because I knew that moment wouldn´t return. So, because I wasn´t able to enjoy the pre-show, I decided that I would really focus on doing it when it really matters. And boy, I really did. 74 sessions. 125 finals (40% of total). All on site. Rushing from one venue to another at least once a day. Cursing the guy who thought the shooting venue would be easy to arrive and prasing the one who made a short walk for the golf venue. Regretting of doing some almost impossible movements intercity, even knowing Rio mass transportation for at least 25 years. Lucky that I got a crazy taxi driver that was able to arrive at the BMX venue in 15 minutes from the train station to watch both finals. Happy that some sessions were canceled because I wouldn´t be able to watch it anyway. Leaving home between 9-10 am and coming home between midnight-1 am (sometimes even 2:30) every single day dead tired with my feet hurting during the first 10 days. All of this because I knew it was once in a lifetime experience. Sure, I "miss" some of the most dramatic brazilian gold medals but, really, since I wasn´t really interested before, I knew I wouldn´t change my schedule because of that (and don´t regret it at all). Saw lots of other things that I will never forget, like the european supporters at canoeing slalom, the crazy heavyweight event in weightlifting (the TV missed a lot of the action on the stands), the Argentinians almost falling from the upper sectors during the QF Basketball against USA, and so many others that made me feel happy of being there after all the effort spent to see them. Then, during the second week, when things were a little less rushed, I started to enjoy the moments. Walking slowly around the Olympic Park and at Deodoro cluster, watching other people around the bleachers and walking around the venues. The volunteers. Everything. I knew it would be over soon, so I wanted to soak it as much as possible of the whole atmosphere. Finally, the final day, the final session, the final cerimony, and it was gone. So, it is possible to say Rio made a great Olympic Games? Yes. THAT great? Well, maybe not, mostly on details that would match Rio with the great ones, but it was one heck of event. It is strange that, if Rio wasn´t selected as a host of the event, I would be OK with that, although I would always imagine how would it be. I don´t need to do this anymore. It was a reality. Also, I think it is kind of weird that my projections of which stakeholders would be successful in organizing the Games were almost spot on (City Hall doing things right, State of Rio, BOC and former president doing it wrong), even though 1 year ago that scenario would be very unlikely. After all, who cares? I will remember it for the rest of my life (but I am still glad that I was right ) My apologies for not being present here during this period. I really wanted to chat with all of you, to make the experience even better. Now, I return to my normal life, with all the problems that were left behind, but with one big smile that will follow me every time I talk about those 16 days in August 2016. I don´t even know if I will be as dedicated to the Olympic Games as I was before (well, I am still a commentator during the Winter Olympic Games, so I guess I will keep for quite some time), if I will download every video from now on, but I know that, more than ever, the Olympics will be a big part of my life. Not bad for someone who joined here in 2003 when Rio was "only" the next host of the PanAm Games. Thanks for reading.
  3. Guess it's about time to get this thread going. First up, the swimming team was announced overnight. Gotta say, I have mixed feelings on Magnussen missing out (though he still may (probably) make the relays. He blew it in London, and you gotta feel a bit for him over that, but his grandstanding before those games (and especially the Commonwealth Bank ads, not to mention his stillness hijinks) really left a sour taste in my mouth about him.
  4. Well, while I'm just waiting for the final act, I wanna give one last shout out - to all of you here at GamesBids. I've watched seven games now (every one since Athens) in the partnership of my friends I've made here on the site. It wouldn't be a true games now I wasn't sharing jokes, comments and getting into scraps with the people here. You've truly become a vital part of the games experience to me. I know I've been a lot less active in recent times on the board, but it was great to get back with the "gang" to celebrate another festival of sport and festivities together. Just like old times! Hope we get to continue the ride together in PyeongChang and Tokyo. Thanks guys! Peace out.
  5. Rio 2016 is not an event with protests against the interim president Michel Temer, only. Rio 2016 is an event with art and sport celebration too OLYMPIC BOULEVARD - Rio's Port Area Rio’s Olympic Boulevard unveils massive mural celebrating indigenous cultures One of the most impressive works in our recent spotlight on Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant street art scene is a brand new masterpiece by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, who just transformed a whopping 190-meter-long (that’s over 600 feet) wall in Rio’s renovated port district into a celebration of the world’s indigenous cultures. Measuring almost 3,000-square-meters in size, "Ethnicities," (or Etnias, in Portuguese) hopes to secure a Guinness World Record for the largest mural from a single artist. The mural features five colorfully abstracted faces, each representing an indigenous population hailing from the five world continents depicted in the Olympic rings. http://www.curbed.com/2016/8/8/12402118/rio-olympics-mural-kobra BEACH VOLLEYBALL - Copacabana Beach WOMEN'S MARATHON - Around the Museum of Tomorrow WOMEN'S MARATHON - And the SugarLoaf with the cablecar TENIS ARENA - Olympic Park
  6. *This discussion is only about protests made during the Rio 2016 games. In Rio, Brazilians use the Olympics to Denounce Stage Coup Govt In a dramatic illustration of the Brazilian people's dissatisfaction with the interim coup-imposed president Michel Temer, Nearly every facet of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro - from the relay torch to the declaration of the games' opening by the Brazilian head of state - has Been plagued by political protests due to the legislative suspension of left-leaning President Dilma Rousseff. http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/In-Rio-Brazilians-Use-Olympics-as-Stage-to-Denounce-Coup-Govt-20160810-0016.html Brazil: Thousands rally against Temer ( interim president) on Copacabana hours before start of Olympics http://www.globalresearch.ca/brazil-police-confront-anti-corruption-protesters-ahead-of-rio-games-opening/5539902 August 5, 2016 - Copacabana Beach (a few hours before the opening ceremony) * 'FORA TEMER' (TEMER OUT - Protest against the interim president of Brazil 'Michel Temer') * The word 'GOLPE' (COUP) with the logo of Globo TV (Globo is accused of manipulation against popular governments and supporting the Brazilian military regime) * 'MULHERES PELA DEMOCRACIA' (Women for Democracy) * 'CONTRA O GOLPE' (Against the Coup)
  7. I saw that some people here are worried and interested about the progress of the works of transport plan for the Olympics in Rio. I dont find any topic about it, so let's start. BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) - This is the biggest plan transport to olympics. The BRT Rio has four lines connecting the four olympic crowded city. The first line was opened in 2012. BRT Transolimpica (18 stations) - Conects the Barra Zone (Olympic Park, Golf, etc) with Deodoro Zone. BRT Transcarioca (45 stations) - Conects the Barra Zone with Galeão International Airport. BRT TransOeste (74 stations)- Conects the Barra Zone with the West of Rio. BRT TransBrasil (44 stations) - Conects the Deodoro Zone with the Downtown of Rio and the Santos Dumont Airport. Line 4 of the Rio de Janeiro Metro - This Line will conects the Copacabana Zone (Beach Voley, Sailling, Canoeing, Rowing, Cerimonies, Football, Aquatic marathon) with the Barra Zone(Olympic Park). This Zone have huge hotels and a lot of touristic points like the Sugar Loaf, Flamengo Park, and the Downtown of Rio. This line have 7 stations in 16 km.
  8. No mascots unveiled yet, but we are already know it will one mascot for the Olympic Games and other for the Paralympic Games. The Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio will have a mascot each, he said on Tuesday (5) the brand board of the organizing committee, Beth Lula. Both should be presented to the public later this year. Last year a tender was held to choose the company responsible for the creation and development of characters. The organizing committee is studying make public engagement campaigns about the launch. There is possibility of popular choice of name, as happened in the World Cup FIFA - whose name was chosen Fuleco. In recent years, it was common for the Olympic Summer Games and Winter adopt more than one pet. Some examples are Sydney 2000, Salt Lake City 2002 and Vancouver-2010. The London Games 2012, which preceded the River, had the mascots Wenlock (Olympic) and Mandeville (Paralympics). http://www.diarioonline.com.br/esporte/mundo/noticia-296523-olimpiada-do-rio-tera-duas-mascotes.html
  9. Hey, forum nubie. Has anyone had experience camping at an Olympic games? maybe In London? A company called camping ninja are setting up a camp site, mainly for games makers and other workers, just wondering how the experience rates. I'm wanting to book with them but they seem to have gone cold and are unresponsive to enquires. What are people's thoughts? R
  10. For those of you interested the Rio 2016 Volunteer Process has been released 70,000 people are needed You Must be 18 by May 2016 Have completed Middle School Education Must Be available for Entire games and selection process Benefits Food during Workdays Transportation Online Language Courses Full Uniform Exclusive Gifts Exclusive Training Sessions Certificate of Participation (ha) You Must pay for your airfare AND Accommodation (too bad) Timeline August 2014 Registation Begins 2014 Value and Language Test 2015 Face to Face and group Interviews (so you likely might have to go to Brazil for this) Live Training and E training Test Events 2016 Approval in selection Process There you go anyone planning to apply
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