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  1. How long would it take for Bolivia to develop before we could host a mojor sporting event? Hopefully sometime by 2050. Reform here is really slow with our socialist government and sports isn't the agenda right now but I still think we could do it. Santa Cruz De La Sierra is probably the only capable city as the other cities are to high up in the mountians. An olympics in Boliva would create a lot of national pride and unity, and thats something our country needs.

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    2. KRATK


      First, you should start to open your economy to the world. You have so many mineral resources, much more than any other S.A. country but you are keepin' them in the country, just because of "national pride". I understand that is much better to sell refined oil instead of raw oil, but at this moment, this is the best you can do. With the income you get, you should invest in education to have a new generation that could develop Bolivia in the future. This is not going to happen in l...

    3. emre


      too long my friend..:/ too long...

    4. DannyelBrazil


      I wish the best to Bolivia. As I pointed many times here. It's not interesting to Brazil to have parasite and/or populists neighbours...

      I root for Bolivia success, indeed to you guys stop stolling our cars and putting them as legal in your territory.



  2. Will you guys please read my most recent post on the topic: Berlin 2020, Munich 2022 or Berlin 2028? I want to know what you guys think. Here's a link:http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/20015-berlin-2020-munich-2022-or-berlin-2024/page__st__70__gopid__313615#entry313615

  3. My question for you all today is: How did you get interested in the Olympic bidding process? What age were you? If you want to know about me then look up above in the About Me section.

  4. Personally in the near future i'd like to see a bid from my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland but it's very unlikely but maybe they can joint bid with DC. We have the venues and transportation infrastructure, we just need to work on safety. Baltimore and DC is really crime ridden.

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    2. DannyelBrazil


      I think everybody here wants to see their hometown hosting events =] Good lucky to Baltimore, fight for your dreams. PanAms can be a great first shot! =P

    3. baron-pierreIV


      Baltimore, since it's Phelps' h/t, shud go for a FINA Worlds.

    4. intoronto


      That is a good idea, but wouldn't a city with a venue be a better choice?

  5. Rob, your website is so cool and very informative; please keep up the good work!

  6. I hope I don't sound stupid on some of my posts, sorry if I do. And sorry if I point out the obvious guys remember I'm a little new to this, great now I sound like a newbie.

    1. OneTimeOnly


      Just be warned, this place can take a thick skin.

  7. Am I the youngst user of this forum? I think I am. Hope thats not a problem to anyone,

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    2. baron-pierreIV


      That's y u aren't getting any replies. Besides, isn't there alredy a previous Japan 2020 threa? So, it's really duplicative.

    3. SantaCruz


      I guess I'll delete it then if I can. Do you guys know if or how I can delete it?

    4. baron-pierreIV


      Just leave it then or ask the Mod to lock it.

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