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I starded getting interested in the Olympic bidding process right after the Vancouver closing ceremonies. When Jacques Rogge said it was time to pass on the Olympic flag to the next city, I got curious. So I googled it and saw it was Sochi Russia. I thought, "Oh that's cool" and then scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see a link to the 2018 Olympics and the rest is history. Being only 16 and a little new to this process I still have a lot to learn but Gamesbids.com has helped me a lot to understand the bidding process. I would have to say to people that I am VERY biased and I usually pick out one city and stick with it all the way through to election day. That's what I did with 2018 where I was hoping Munich would get it but to my dissapointment It was PC. Currently with the 2020 Election I want Tokyo but that could change. I'm really excited to be on here and I can't wait to share my opinions with you guys.

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