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  1. Aronious

    Why Did Russia and Qatar Win

    O.M.F.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is takes my breath away. I could write at great lengths as to how bloody angry I am at Sepp and FIFA right now but I honestly do not care any more. This is totally unspeakable. All loosing bids should be asking for their entry fees and costs back from FIFA.
  2. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    I think I've found myself a new signature! I'm hoping interest from Durban will trigger some kind of interest from other African cities. I'm not suggesting Abuja should be bidding in any way but it would be great to see the continent engage more with the Games. Especially if a nation could come up with a smaller scale, lower cost plan that fitted their capabilities and the needs of the IOC. Some people seem to forget just how far a lot of African nations (particularly the cities) have come in the past decade or two. Of course, no city outside of South Africa stands a chance of winning, but it would be great to see some cities get the ball rolling. Tunis and Cairo being the obvious examples.
  3. Now that is a classy signature A :)

  4. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    Perhaps our Hambantotan friends should drop their pesky Commonwealth Games bid and join in the 2020 race. They're, of course, easily capable of hosting major international events in a tiny fishing village with a port half the size of Geelong's.
  5. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    Especially when there is an identified front-runner and a clear underdog 2012: Paris (FR) - London (UD) 2016: Chicago - Rio 2020: Rome - Durban I predict an all inclusive **** storm once a Durban bid begins to materialise. That's not to say it will win, but Durban will definitely spice everything up.
  6. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    Welcome. Yes, things seem to be turning along well from the potential Rome bid so far. They seem to be the clear front runner (at least from Europe) at this stage and I hope they do well. Of the likely bids thus far (Rome, Durban, Tokyo), they're probably my preference. But there is a long way to go, many bids that may have not yet been announced and a lot that can change.
  7. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    What kind of use will the existing Olympic stadium, pool, arena and tennis stadiums get do we suspect?
  8. Aronious

    Qatar 2022

    I don't think the issue is where individual members come from. It's probably better that the members come from countries unlikely to host the event in their own right, thus more likely to make a decision on merits rather than national pride. I agree there are too many Asian members, but that is ultimately a result of the growing importance and population in Asia. The problem is the size of the organisation. With so few members, results can be easily manipulated by just a handful of votes. While the IOC has made some dubious decisions in the past, it is far harder to orchestrate conspiracies, collusion or establish corrupted factions in an organisation with 200+ members.
  9. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    By "in and around" I mean either at the Opera has (plazas) or within TV shot of the Opera House and the bridge. Could we throw in sailing as well (I can't recall the exact location). Either way, my point remains the same. Having more than a handful of events in parts of the ancient city, inside ancient venues and amongst ruins simply degrades the whole purpose of having events in those locations in the first place. I'd like to see full use made of the existing Olympic precinct, one or two different "ancient" or landmark sites and the rest in purpose built clusters (or cluster) somewhere else in the city.
  10. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    I definitely think there is a risk of over heating it. Holding every, or a lot of events in historic locations would really take away from purpose and intent of doing so in the first place. Like you say, it will be a difficult balancing act but they should avoid saturation as much as possible. Sydney almost over cooked it with holding so many of the outdoor events in and around the Opera House. It will be interesting to see how London does having a number of venues in and around the Westminster area. In any event, Rome would be foolish only to try and sell it's historical image. It's one that many tourists of the world have already experienced. Rome will need something new to appeal to the IOC. London was faced with a similar predicament with 2012. Yes its an amazing city but a lot of the obvious features they could have sold to the IOC have been combed over time after time already. Selling a new message to the IOC, while being respectful of its amazing history will be the real challenge of a Roman bid. Play to a NEW strength not to the same old stereotypes.
  11. Aronious

    2011 Irb Rugby World Cup

    Is this the first time Russia has played in a RWC? I also notice that Argentina qualified for Group B ahead of England. That must also be the first time England hasn't been the "top" nation in their group (though I do remember them playing South Africa in the group stages of 2003).
  12. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    and since Athens, cities have started with a letter higher in the alphabet than the city proceeding it..spooky.
  13. Aronious

    Gold Coast 2018

    Certainly. It's only the totally economic naive who someone think cities are some how "broke" just because they run a deficit more than they run a surplus or have debt liabitlies. I expect these floods to have some effect on the QLD and Federal bottom line in the short-term (perhaps the next 3 years), though it will probably have a number of positive effects on QLD's economy in the lead up to a Commonwealth Games (increased labour demand, low inflationary pressure, slower growth).
  14. Aronious

    Gold Coast 2018

    Of course the floods will have a negative, short-term fiscal impact and push Queensland (if not Australia) into a technical "recession". As you point out Rols, logistically it is still well and truly possible. It won't be unreasonable for QLD to be borrowing and increasing its debt for this event and the flood clean up. I believe all Australian states, territories and Federal Government still maintain an AA+ credit rating so sourcing and repaying the funds won't be difficult. The biggest hurdle will be convincing the public. If the floods had a greater effect on the Gold Coast, it could perhaps be used an event to "show off" how well the region had recovered by 2018.
  15. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    Agreed Rols. I'm not sure there was a great deal of expectation Rio would win 2016 as "easily" as it did; a city with a stronger record in hosting events, greater economic capacity, profile and dare I say it, relationship with the IOC. I agree that the IOC may have no clear agenda or reason to go to Africa, but by the same taken, all other continents will have hosted a SOG's in the past 24 years in the context of 2020. Of course, this would be for the first time in the history of the IOC. Bar Athens/London, all other continents will have hosted the Games once since Atlanta. It's almost as if they are developing some kind of rotation policy. Why not complete it?