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  1. Aronious

    Why Did Russia and Qatar Win

    O.M.F.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is takes my breath away. I could write at great lengths as to how bloody angry I am at Sepp and FIFA right now but I honestly do not care any more. This is totally unspeakable. All loosing bids should be asking for their entry fees and costs back from FIFA.
  2. Aronious

    Hambantota 2018

    but wait! There's more! In an attempt to outshine the lofty heights of the Hamantota fantasy 2018 bid, Shepparton is proud to announce the most glorious Commonwealth Games Stadium EVER...... THE TIM MATHEISON (yes, the partner of our esteemed PM is a Shepparton local) MEMORIAL COMMONWEALTH GAMES STADIUM! rejoice. Hambantota is caught with its pants down yet again. On a more serious note, the content posted in this thread is laughable. The purpose of these posts is merely to add to the stupidity that is Hambantota's CWG bid.
  3. Aronious

    Hambantota 2018

    I'll dibs Shepparton. They have three Best Western Motels and I hear the adventure playground out on the Midland Highway is a real hoot! And unlike Hambatotototottotoa, Shepparton already has a velodrome.
  4. Aronious

    Hambantota 2018

    ^^ and yet, Shepparton and Grafton are probably more capable of hosting the Games then that Sri Lankan back water we keep hearing about.
  5. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    I think I've found myself a new signature! I'm hoping interest from Durban will trigger some kind of interest from other African cities. I'm not suggesting Abuja should be bidding in any way but it would be great to see the continent engage more with the Games. Especially if a nation could come up with a smaller scale, lower cost plan that fitted their capabilities and the needs of the IOC. Some people seem to forget just how far a lot of African nations (particularly the cities) have come in the past decade or two. Of course, no city outside of South Africa stands a chance of winning, but it would be great to see some cities get the ball rolling. Tunis and Cairo being the obvious examples.
  6. Now that is a classy signature A :)

  7. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    Perhaps our Hambantotan friends should drop their pesky Commonwealth Games bid and join in the 2020 race. They're, of course, easily capable of hosting major international events in a tiny fishing village with a port half the size of Geelong's.
  8. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    Especially when there is an identified front-runner and a clear underdog 2012: Paris (FR) - London (UD) 2016: Chicago - Rio 2020: Rome - Durban I predict an all inclusive **** storm once a Durban bid begins to materialise. That's not to say it will win, but Durban will definitely spice everything up.
  9. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    Welcome. Yes, things seem to be turning along well from the potential Rome bid so far. They seem to be the clear front runner (at least from Europe) at this stage and I hope they do well. Of the likely bids thus far (Rome, Durban, Tokyo), they're probably my preference. But there is a long way to go, many bids that may have not yet been announced and a lot that can change.
  10. Aronious

    NZ 2022 WOG Bid Planned

    The problem is their enthusiasm is completely misdirected. The bids produced in the fantasy competitions here seem to be (largely) well thought out and achievable; of course there have been a few sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek bids. Although, as pointed out, some have gained attention from the relevant NOC's. Their idea of promoting a bid is merely posting a few paintshop maps and drawings on a facebook page along with a few flashy images from tourism websites. Their is no substance at all in what they are doing...and as the quote points out, its just a campaign to draw attention to the country. If they were sincere about promoting and Olympic bid from a specific location, they should be more precise in their planning and drop the whole date thing...i.e "Help bring the Olympic Winter Games to Christchurch" instead of "Christchurch 2022"
  11. Aronious

    NZ 2022 WOG Bid Planned

    There is a difference between the majority of people here who debate and discuss potential hosts, games etc. These guys simply come up with lists of next host cities and then start campaigns to see them host as they're so dead certain the cities are capable. They've already campaigned for Brisbane, Christchurch and Perth (though I'm not sure it's the same people)
  12. Aronious

    2020 Olympics short list

    What kind of use will the existing Olympic stadium, pool, arena and tennis stadiums get do we suspect?
  13. Aronious

    Hambantota 2018

    Remember there is more to a decision than stadiums and infrastructure. A city can pull off a bid with very little, but with a promise of a unique Games. Obviously having more infrastructure lowers the risk of selecting a particular city. The Gold Coast offers a unique Games with a large amount of the required infrastructure planned or in place. Hambantota offers very suspect plans for a lot of its infrastructure, has no credentials, high risk and offers nothing more (in fact, much much less) than a more suitable city like Colombo.
  14. Aronious

    Qatar 2022

    I don't think the issue is where individual members come from. It's probably better that the members come from countries unlikely to host the event in their own right, thus more likely to make a decision on merits rather than national pride. I agree there are too many Asian members, but that is ultimately a result of the growing importance and population in Asia. The problem is the size of the organisation. With so few members, results can be easily manipulated by just a handful of votes. While the IOC has made some dubious decisions in the past, it is far harder to orchestrate conspiracies, collusion or establish corrupted factions in an organisation with 200+ members.
  15. Aronious

    NZ 2022 WOG Bid Planned

    Just for reference, Jeremy and Matthew (one of the other administrators on the website) live in lala land. Matthew is a serial Olympic Games enthusiast (though doesn't post here) who I believe to have a small mental disability (I'm not kidding and encourage everyone to be kind if he does begin posting here). From what I can gather from other forums I post on, he's also a raging Liberal nutter and still in school.