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  1. The whole idea of having the cauldron hidden inside the stadium makes no sense to me at all. How and why was this seen to be the best and most creative option? The most iconic imagery of any Olympic Games is seeing the Olympic flame burning over the city skyline. I'm all behind Vancouver and know they will stage a fantastic games, but I'm not sure history will look kindly on the 'hidden cauldron' concept.
  2. Forgive me, but I've not bee following this story and am therefore a little confused. If the torch is being built into the centre of the stadium, is this permanent during the games or is the venue to be used for other Olympic events? If the flame is to be moved after the opening ceremony, then where to?
  3. Do Canadians really want her to open the Games? Do they feel she has any relevance to modern day Canada? Can't say that I'm a fan of the monarchy personally.
  4. I think it highly unlikely that the Queen will have any involvement in the Vancouver Olympics. Also, her husband hates opening and closing ceremonies. If it were a Commonwealth Games, then maybe yes, but otherwise not a chance.
  5. Reported on the news tonight that the Basketball arena received planning permission today. Cost of venue: £60 Million. I remember in the bid presentation London 2012 clearly stated that they would relocate some temporary stadia. I hope this is one of them, as it seems a hefty price to pay for something that will only be used for 4 weeks.
  6. London 2012 will be a very expensive affair for North Americans wishing to visit. You guys lose half your currency in conversion. It wasn't long ago that £1=$2, though it's around $1.50 in the present financial climate. I'm sure by 2012, the Pound will have regained it's strength, making it an expensive trip. Of course LOCOG have pledged 'affordable' ticket prices, but we all know these will be few and far between. I'm already debating which part of my body to sell on Ebay to pay for tickets. Perhaps I can find me a rich sugar-mama to supplement the cost. mmmm.....
  7. Is there a difference in area of ice used for Ice Hockey compared to figure skating? From the photos, there seems to be little or no room around the ice for judges or officials. I presume a few rows of seats will be lost to compensate for this? Or does Figure Skating require less ice space? As for it not looking impressive, isn't this the arena that hosted the World Figure Skating Championships in 2001? If so, the arena looked pretty good to me. Was it also the venue for the Vancouver 2010 decision? If so, again the arena looked very impressive to me, as did the celebrations. One thing that does strike me from the photos however. What are all of those towers being constructed around it? Residential?
  8. It's simple. The Olympic Games have become too big and too expensive. It's just a matter of time before another host city bankrupts itself to stage the Games. The bubble will burst at some point, and when it does it will be a huge wake up call to the IOC. Paris 2012 had the right idea, and prepared a bid utilising existing venue structures. Instead the IOC turned their backs on their own ideals and opted for brand new, impressive, start-from-scratch, cost a fortune Olympic Parks. Hey presto....London 2012. The IOC need a boot up their backside and need to change their mindset.
  9. Rest assured, Vancouver will create a Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony to make Canada very proud, and the rest of world impressed. You can't really compare Summer & Winter Opening and Closing Ceremonies, it's like comparing Apples with Oranges. The size and scope of the Stadiums are usually much different. Having said this, from what I hear the venue for the ceremonies in Vancouver is a huge arena, so I'm certain it will be an amazing ceremony.
  10. it sounded much better than the feed I could hear on BBCHD. Love the fact that the French fed into the crowds on the Mall too. Nice one.
  11. Yeah but you didn't strap Avril to 20 foot pole and expect her to rock-it-out. Poor Leona. She was completely out of her depth and looked so awkward.
  12. Yes, it's operation 'Look But No Touchy' for any Russian Athlete until the Closing Ceremony. It's killing me to see the Russians only 1 Gold medal behind Team GB. We simply cannot allow them increase their Gold medal tally. I'd be thrilled with 4th place overall, but 3rd would be freakin wonderful! Does anyone know how many strong Gold medal chances* Russia has between now and the Closing Ceremony? *athletes widely believed to win Gold based on previous form or competition
  13. So he is. I happily stand corrected. Though GB were hot favourites to win the Mens 10K swim and Mens Triple Jump yesterday, but had to settle for Silvers instead.
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