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  1. For México, they were accurate, I can say: Bronze for Paola Espinoza/Tatiana Ortiz-Diving 3 meters springboard synchro. Correct Bronze for Paola Espinoza-Diving 3 meters springboard-Failry wrong, she was 4th Bronze for Guillermo Pérez-Tae Kwon Do 58 kg-Fairly wrong, he won gold Silver for María Espinoza-tae Kwon Do +67 kg-Fairly wrong, she won gold. So they did know our 3 medals (1 color) and the other one was 4th.
  2. As a little info: The Olympic Games in México were in 1968 and the government IS STILL charging taxes for those games!!! 40 YEARS AFTER!! I was born in 1992 and in a couple of years, will have to pay for what happened in 1968...That's surely not needed money...But the Mexican government still asks for it...Anyway, México did owe a lot of money.
  3. Well, México City is able to host in the future if there is money
  4. That is pretty cool...Fucking TV we have here, it is just **** We can't even have 10 minutes of highlights...If we are lucky, the medallists (because we will have a lot) will be announced in the news, but that's it...Oh! But 10 hours a day have to be dedicated to talk shows, paparazzis and similar ****
  5. Is any country broadcasting the Paralympics at all? In México, last time we won 34 medals (top 15 of the medals table) but at most, the national tv game some 3 minutes a day, so it's basically nothing...Is it the same in other countries?
  6. Which channel (of any country) will broadcaast he Wushu competition?
  7. They are sending 2 athletes, now your list is complete! http://www.doc.dm/news/beijing_2008_press_release.pdf
  8. Trra! ThereI saw Rio 2007! I think Im saved! Thanks!
  9. Here in México from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM, and from 22:00 to 00:00, of which one hour is of jokes. I want to go to Brazil or USA
  10. Hehe I didn't finish the post...But since I noticed that Football begins the 6th so it's less than I had expected!
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