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  1. For México, they were accurate, I can say: Bronze for Paola Espinoza/Tatiana Ortiz-Diving 3 meters springboard synchro. Correct Bronze for Paola Espinoza-Diving 3 meters springboard-Failry wrong, she was 4th Bronze for Guillermo Pérez-Tae Kwon Do 58 kg-Fairly wrong, he won gold Silver for María Espinoza-tae Kwon Do +67 kg-Fairly wrong, she won gold. So they did know our 3 medals (1 color) and the other one was 4th.
  2. As a little info: The Olympic Games in México were in 1968 and the government IS STILL charging taxes for those games!!! 40 YEARS AFTER!! I was born in 1992 and in a couple of years, will have to pay for what happened in 1968...That's surely not needed money...But the Mexican government still asks for it...Anyway, México did owe a lot of money.
  3. Well, México City is able to host in the future if there is money
  4. That is pretty cool...Fucking TV we have here, it is just **** We can't even have 10 minutes of highlights...If we are lucky, the medallists (because we will have a lot) will be announced in the news, but that's it...Oh! But 10 hours a day have to be dedicated to talk shows, paparazzis and similar ****
  5. I hope cricket is NOT added...In my country (and we are around 110 millions) there only about 40 cricket players in the only private course and all are immigrants and their sons! And eliminating baseball for cricket? Way no! I would love golf to be added, specially because the best female golfer in the world is Lorena Ochoa! And yeah, Cliff Diving would be cool!! More golds for México! Who in the world could beeat "La Quebrada" of Acapulco divers!!?? But if there was a sport which I would like to be added above all is auto racing, but I know it's impossible...Maybe a round of A1 GP, but no
  6. Is any country broadcasting the Paralympics at all? In México, last time we won 34 medals (top 15 of the medals table) but at most, the national tv game some 3 minutes a day, so it's basically nothing...Is it the same in other countries?
  7. Which channel (of any country) will broadcaast he Wushu competition?
  8. They are sending 2 athletes, now your list is complete! http://www.doc.dm/news/beijing_2008_press_release.pdf
  9. Trra! ThereI saw Rio 2007! I think Im saved! Thanks!
  10. Here in México from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM, and from 22:00 to 00:00, of which one hour is of jokes. I want to go to Brazil or USA
  11. Hehe I didn't finish the post...But since I noticed that Football begins the 6th so it's less than I had expected!
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