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  1. Why can't they use the drones live in the stadium? That will be quite cool. Surprised they allow pre-recorded version of the ring.
  2. Geez is there no other song in the world? They always have to truck out this old cliche song at every ceremony like this...... bored of it!
  3. Geez is there no other song in the world? They always have to truck out this old cliche song at every ceremony like this...... bored of it!
  4. So bored of floor projection in ceremonies. Wished they stop using it in Tokyo 2020.
  5. I truly hope they will pick Wong Kar Wai to direct the opening ceremony. It will be such an inspired choice and with him at helm, it really could be the most beautiful and cinematic ceremony, setting a standard and aesthetic never seen before. In his latest movie The Grandmaster you can see how brilliantly he evoked the beauty and drama of winter snow scene. Beijing 2008 is a coming out event for China, a showcase of economic prowess. I believe Beijing 2022 will be a coming of age event for China, a showcase of their cultural prowess now. Waiting with bated breath.
  6. There's such a glint in his eyes that shows confidence and positivity in hosting the Games, just what we need now!
  7. I love the moment when PM Abe mouthed Tokyo energetically before he passed the ball to the chap next to him. The PM really comes off well in this presentation!
  8. Only watch the Tokyo handover part as couldn't be bothered with the rest of the ceremony after such a disappointing opening ceremony. The handover ceremony was great though, the best ever. Looking forward to Tokyo now.
  9. Woke up this morning, straight to BBC iPlayer and scroll to the handover segment. It was brilliant, really love the energy and humour. All very Japanese and the music was great. The best handover ceremony for me ever. I love how Japanese show their sense of humour with Abe as Mario. Definitely looking forward to Tokyo in four years time. They are a passionate country and will expect full stadium, the Japanese will fill the stadium as they will see it as their patriotic duty.
  10. Don't think I can ever forgive Rio for such act of disrespecting the cauldron and the flame. Utter disregard for the tradition and symbol of Olympics.
  11. Exactly. It's such a waste and I wonder how hard can it be to move the cauldron and the sculpture to the athletic stadium? Just very short sighted of the organiser.
  12. Rio 2016 will be forever remembered as the first and only Olympic Games that dismiss the cauldron. Totally unacceptable. I hope IOC learnt their lesson from this and will not accept any other future attempt to not have cauldron in the athletic stadium.
  13. It's all nice and pretty, don't mind having one downtown as long as you have ONE main cauldron in the stadium. Simple.
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