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  1. I'm disappointed for no watching live the OC for my job.
  2. The reference of sayonara from 1964 was nostalgic and beautiful The screen with the words, and only one high lighting on the stadium at the end made an intimate way to end the games.
  3. Move on Atlanta 96 handover, now Paris 2024 is the worst handover segment.
  4. I actually enjoined tokyo 2020 handover. Sydney 2000 was good, and i'll remember the Atlanta 1996 ho as the worst and insane mascot
  5. And on this part they don't forget to the "fencing 1976 segment"
  6. I'll watch the OC on internet. Getting up early and knowing that this will be dull, doesn't deserve to watch on tv.
  7. The CC of ODESUR games was always low budget and almost no one pay atettion. The same case is for the CC of regional games. Even the parapan games 2019 cc was in a training centre.
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