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  1. That english pronunciation in the video gives me cancer.
  2. Perhaps it was a question of time for this incident, because now is a global trend of cities giving up or only one bid cities for sporting events. And congratulations Santiago, i'm sure you'll do a good job in 2023.
  3. The floodings were in northern coast of Peru, meanwhile in Lima, just some districts were affected, but any of these is a venue for the IOC summit.
  4. There have been some floods in the periphery, but in location about the games there's not trouble.
  5. Buenos Aires decides to bid to the Pan-Americans 2023 after doubts of Santiago. After the knowledge of the obstacles of the Ministry of Finance to the postulation of Santiago to the organization of the Pan American Games of 2023, Buenos Aires took note and in an express management, the Argentine Olympic Committee will present in the next hours his candidacy. http://www.latercera.com/noticia/buenos-aires-decide-postular-los-panamericanos-2023-tras-dudas-santiago/
  6. Santiago seems the only one bid for Panam Games 2023
  7. Dictatorial regimes hosting the first two european games, well.. well... well
  8. I know that there's a lot of uncertainty about the orgabization of the games. Sadly, political issues's been involved in this but in a bad mode. Acoording the goverment, the plans are in time, the construction of venues will be starting at 2017 and pression over Lima's major will move everything faster, and media has started to talk about the games in a bad way, but in dispite of this, that's a good new because the games in general now aren't something away from local media. Now that's the last piece of about the games: All venues ready for Mars 2019 http://elcomercio.pe/sociedad/lima/panamericanos-obras-estaran-listas-mas-tardar-marzo-2019-noticia-1937427 Pan American Games 2019: Carlos Neuhaus meets with British trade mission Carlos Neuhaus, president of the Organizing Committee of the Pan American Games Lima 2019, met this week with representatives of 15 British companies that came to Peru to express their interest in carrying out the multi-sport event, reported the British Embassy. Companies in the Peruvian capital were between 4 and 6 October in search of business opportunities to provide experience, knowledge and support in organizing the 2019 Games in Lima. The British ambassador Anwar Choudhury received the delegation and sharing his vision, stressed the importance of ensuring a positive legacy for Peru based on the British experience. http://gestion.pe/empresas/juegos-panamericanos-2019-carlos-neuhaus-se-reune-mision-comercial-britanica-2171945
  9. Hanoi won the host of the 2019 AS and then they gave it up.
  10. Hello guys, i'm trying to find the song's name of the video.
  11. Seeing the bid cities in wikipedia, i can say that the host could be between Istambul and Kazan or Sochi. For the turks, the host would be a consolation price, and for the russ, they can use the games for a way to "clean" the image of Russia. At the end, the host will be like an Eurovision contest where eastern european countries can apply for them.
  12. Waiting for PC 2018 will be so long. Meanwhile, there're videos of past OC (and Rio is next), and specially i want to see over and over again the Tokyo handover.
  13. Wonderful the handover, the jazz music was MARVELOUS (I'd like to download it), and the ending with the finish tune of Mario. Can't wait to Tokyo 2020
  14. Now the new memners of the IOC. Hope see any games bid members someday.
  15. For one photo and according to the telegraph, the handover of Tokyo 2020 will have a part of Pokemon Go and Mario Bros to show the japanese science and technology.
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