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  1. ^^ https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1418315011886288900 https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1418177799764987907
  2. Would be a good moment for appearance of tamasaburo as onagata
  3. Apart of prerecorded segments, intensive use of proyectors are sadly being the rule in OC since sochi 2014. Lima 2019 maybe was the last game with live action on their ceremonies, so segments as Nature (Sydney), Clepysdra (Athens) or Li And Yue (Beihing) will be hard to be seen or even never seen in the next OC
  4. I'm sure that the games will be moved to 2021. Posposing to November-December 2020 wouldn't had not been aproved for different NOC's
  5. Finally i know what happened with the olympic flag. In the parade of nations, the pole for the flag bowed for 20-25 grades. It was detected on time and reinforced, but for security reasons, the olympic flag did not appear.
  6. And you were right, Icardi producciones made it. http://www.icardi.cl/category/galeria/galeria-2015 And what is more, this case of Lima 2019 cc & Santiago 2023 Handover is similary to the cc of Barcelona 92 and Atlanta 96 handover.
  7. I loved the CC, and all panam games. Every moment of this will last forever in my memories, since the OC passing by all the achievements from atletes until de CC The closing ceremony was sweet and decent, it showed part of the folklore and traditions and the light off of the cauldron was emotive. And about the Santiago handover: Firtly, i'm glad and i value very much that Santiago wanted to show as a modern and nice city, cultural references can be saved for the opening ceremony. The bad side of the segment was about how was made. If you quit the hymn, the segment loses identity because the musical genres played were too general, too urban and can be easily put for any city in latin america. In ssc i read that the producer of the segment was Icardi Producciones, and with a fast view on its website, i found -in my opinion- that their perfomances were suitable for concerts and shows with little stages, and acoording to this, the reason for the dull segment (without the hymn), was that they didn't know what the closing ceremony was about, or even no one of them watched segment like the London 2012 or Tokyo 2020 for getting ideas of how modernity can be showed in events like the panam games.
  8. Notes: I loved the tributes to Yma Sumac and Chabuca Granda. I wanted to see the countdown on the screan but no on the stage.
  9. After watching the oC i can say first the pros: Almost any video during the ceremony, because if i want to watch an event like this, i want see it all on the stage. Lot of videos since Sochi 2014 were getting a cancer, and after this, i hope show organizers use videos just a few times. Although the mountain stage was a good support, there wasn't any too much use of projectors as Rio 2016. Light and sound decent, and the clothing with live colours. The cons: The stage was small, not as guadalajara, but the TV broadcast had to get closet lot of times. Luis fonsi. In general i put 7.5-8/10
  10. The day i've een waiting for years has come. Although the weather isn't sunny, there isn't as cold considering we are in winter. The atmosphere is quite because from today until tuesday are holidays for the panam games and for national independence which make people go out the city for journey. And i want to give very special thanks to nacholympic and ikarus360 for putting the topic up to date. I was pending about the games but in ssc, and the development of this wan't easy. If i can say something about the spoilers, i hope it will be good as a low cost OC, and also i hope it won't be too much dependent of the floor proyections as Rio 2016, and the "mountain stage", i see more as the andes in general than machu picchu.
  11. I've seen again the handover, and the first word that came to my mind was "pretentious". The desing of lines, the saturated colours used on stage, the overuse of projections as Sochi and Rio, the video of Xi trying to be cool. Everybody maybe have idea that this handover tried to surpass Tokyo 2020, but they didn't.
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