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  1. Of course it´s terrible what is happening in Tibet right now but I don´t think that boycotting the games would have any effect of it. The only ones who are bothered by a boycott are the olympic movement and the athletes who work for years for the olympics. If a ggovernment wants to do something against this they should DO something against it not just show that hey sympathize with the Tibetans and a boycott wouldn´t change anything, I think. As I said before, I do not support any of Chinas actions in Tibet but a boycott is the wrong way.
  2. Maybe Salzburg should try I mean they have almost all venues...
  3. I really like the logo of Vancouver 2010... as it was said before it represents another side of Canadian culture, and not just leaves or ,as usual for other winter olympics, snowflakes or ice crystals
  4. I have to amit that I´m really impressed of those buildings... espacially of the water cube and the "bird nest" I can´t wait to see the OC
  5. I don´t know... I think the IOC has to put very big effort in this games that thy become as big as the original olympics...
  6. I´m a little bit concerned that they would be held in the same year as the "big"-olympics , because they would get lessattention as they will get anyway...maybe they should be held one year after the olympics...for example...first in 2011,then 2013...and so on....just a idea...
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