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  1. Agree, I didnt like countdown part too.
  2. Athens was exceptional interms of flow and use of technology. They celebrated Humanity and Olympic values.
  3. where is cauldron now? can someone post a picture?
  4. 1- Athens 2004 2- Beijing 2008 3- Vancouver 2010 4- London 2012 5- Torino 2006
  5. actually Athens and Beijing raised the standards so high that it was quite hard for London to reach.
  6. Artistic segment, music and cauldron lighting was disappointing. I liked the industrialization.
  7. please some one tell them its summer Olympics, so keep the cauldron high
  8. It's fasting month here so we all are wake up here to get per fast before dawn. It's around thiree thirty am here
  9. Pakistan.....wow, I switched off my tv cause dad is sleeping there will turn on after prade of nations
  10. the only suspence now is the lightening of the cauldron
  11. Desmond we are expecting quite too much, Athens and Beijing raised the scale so high that London couldnt reach it
  12. torino and London are quite similar in terms of dancing ceremony
  13. I took a day off just to watch this mourning segment