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  1. About time! Nail on the head my friend. The IOC are like a bunch of overweight ballerinas when they speak, doing so slowly, carefully, and trivially. I don't know what the IOC can do at this point. It was fooled by the CCP. China will host the games and will try its best to showcase itself to the world. It is up to individuals to react to these games, because the IOC, and to an extent governments, will only have press releases. Only a new slate within can bring about the necessary change needed in the IOC. It's nice that he has finally said something and taken a stance. Curi
  2. We have witnessed years and years of anti-democratic actions by the CCP, brutal acts of violence towards those that dissent, and they interfere negatively in global affairs. They are against everything that the Olympics stand for. It was a mistake to award the games to Beijing prior to action on human rights. It will be a mistake to celebrate the CCP. Olympic sport never trumps human rights, and these games were more about the hope of human rights than the sport when they were awarded.
  3. Wow. This has turned into quite the topic. I've had a very busy week with a move into a new home. I'm just catching up now. I found the interview with the German vice president of the IOC and the piece by Andrew Bolt to be very interesting reads. What a good choice of hosts, eh? The IOC was deceived, or they are corrupt, or pretty bloody ignorant. Maybe all of the above. The country of China was awarded the games while spitting in the face of the the Olympic Charter. It continues to do so to this day. The athletes can do very little under the rules of the IOC at the games, an
  4. Nobody should be forced, but it is time to realize that continued support for these games is a victory for the corrupt and brutal CCP. The sponsors are a little different. Generally they are in a class of their own. Few companies rely on the Olympics to make or break their futures, unlike athletes, however companies have a choice and have just as much impact to make a change, if not greater. You can choose to take note of which companies ignore the regime they truly support. The CCP is evil. Right now is the time for change in China, because as their power grows, so will their propagan
  5. We all did seven years ago. Boy, thank goodness we didn't have that attitude with Germany! Eventually CAF, you have to commit and say enough is enough. Right now I'm upset enough to limit my contributions to China only because of the CCP. Chinese people are wonderful and only a product of their government, no different than any other culture that has had to make realizations and changes to their society. Every country has its major changes in society. It will become more difficult in time. Canada to this day struggles with Aboriginal issues, and it is likely come back to haunt t
  6. So then the Chinese will understand with Tibet, eh? Is that why most Chinese believe that Tibet is part of China? Good one. I am a big believer in dialogue, but it has its limits. China has nearly reached that limit. There are many factors affecting change - and military force should be last on the list, however you seem to subscribe that military is necessary when dialogue fails. I don't. There are other forms of protest that do not result in violence. Why do you get to demand dialogue when Tibetans can't? You can continue to delay their access to basic human rights by calling
  7. You're right, nobody thought they would become a democracy, but human rights have not improved. Not one bit. I'm optimistic that the meeting with the Dalai Lama will yield some good results, but the demands of Tibetans are not too much! They are asking for basic human rights. Who am I, being so negative. Thank Goodness for the Olympics!! China showed restraint because of the spotlight on them with the Olympics. Had it not been for the Olympics, they would have laid the smack-down! I can't tell you have to feel, but if you're comfortable (or you find it acceptable) with the level o
  8. Easier said than done. What have western governments done to pressure China?? Has anything worked?? They tried to bribe them with the Olympics, and that is back firing. So what would you suggest in place of a boycott? What will make China change their brutal ways?? Everyone says a boycott will fail, so what will work?
  9. It's not just the athletes. Everyone has a choice, but nobody can be forced to boycott. I said that in the first post. It is unfair to force any athlete to stay away given how their lives are negatively affected. But you are not an athlete, and you can choose how you participate as well, as a spectator, customer, or television viewer. I am choosing to ignore the Olympics given recent events, and everybody has a choice to do the same. I will, however, support the athletes should they request not to go. You are not an athlete but you can choose how you support the games. You can suppo
  10. Please note that I support anyone who chooses to boycott the games as a personal choice. I don't think that official governmental boycotts will achieve anything. A forced boycott would achieve nothing because it is not the will of the people, and would throw fuel on the geopolitical fire. If our athletes choose to stand up and not compete in protest, our citizens and business cancel their tickets and turn off their TVs, and our politicians choose to not attend the functions, we can have an impact on China. If we continue to pussyfoot around the issue of human rights in China, they will
  11. Thanks for helping prove my point. You are another CCP supporter who believes the doctrine. The CCPs historical books are filled with lies, as are their media reports. You can continue to turn a blind eye to what is being done, and I can't anymore. Tibet has historical ties with China. Tibet has been occupied by the Chinese in the past, and is occupied by it today. The people still want to be free, not controlled by a foreign power. I listen to the media cautiously. The media I listen to are free media, unlike the one you blindly trust which feeds you lies and is controlled by the same
  12. Dialogue is great but so far it has achieved nothing. China has the games, and still has time to manage the situation in Tibet and the unrest at home. But when will dialogue be dropped? How can the international community show that it was serious when it called for improvements with China's human rights? If things continue as is or get worse, how can you believe in dialogue? When will enough be enough for you? China has had nearly seven years to prepare for these games. We all marvel at the construction and economic achievements, but what about the most important - the promised human ri
  13. Hi folks. Been reading but not posting. I am now very proud to say I support any athlete that chooses to not attend the games in China. I have struggled with the fact that really enjoy the Olympics and what it stands for, and its importance not only for the athletes but for the world. The games are truly a time to celebrate, and humanity generally displays its positive characteristics. Given recent events, I know that we are dealing with a China that is as brutal as it was ten years ago. This China believes in peace, justice, freedom, or human rights no more than it did ten years ago, wh
  14. Steve: Where the banner ads are located, below your username, you should see a link called "Your Control Panel." Click on that. Once the screen loads, you will see another link called "Personal Info." Click on that. Once that screen loads, click on the link called "Edit your profile." This will bring you to the screen where you can edit your signature, which is where you can add text or an image. If you just want text, just type away. But if you want an image, you will have to use iB code. To see the iB code guide, click here. Once you are done adding text and/or code, just press "am
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