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  1. First Gold medal for Bulgaria at the Games - Rumyana NEYKOVA in woman's single sculls!!!
  2. Congratulations to Singapore, it was the better bid
  3. There is going to be an online streaming: http://www.olympic.org/uk/news/olympic_new..._uk.asp?id=2477
  4. Conclusions from the new evaluation report, with main topic - risks to the IOC:
  5. Pretty much what was expected, two cities, Moscow and Singapoore, the two strongest bids according to the first evaluation report
  6. Amazingly great and greatly amazing! Thanks!
  7. Candidature Acceptance Procedure and Questionnaire [pdf] The candidates so far: Moscow, Russia Singapore Hamburg, Germany Guadalajara, Mexico
  8. Dear Puppy, Who will be shortlisted for 2014 WOG and who will win eventually? I would very much appreciate your analysis of the race so far, less thatn a month before the shortlist. Thanks in advance
  9. I'm experiencing this from a very very long time - some years now - and sometimes it's more that tripple posting - my "record" was 7 times!
  10. I bought her a diuck, she liked it (well, me too:)), she said she never had any pets, I'm happy now, problem solved. Thanks, puppy
  11. To see if you are really that wise, here's a tricky one: What do you do, when you like a girl, but don't know if she likes you too, when at first there were some signals, that she could possibly like you, but then there were the total opposite signals, when this particular girls doesn't show her feelings, better say, hides them, so you couldn't possibly understand what she's thinking about you, when you've already had experience with such situations, but now it's different, when you see this girl every day, when you do not know what to do, when you sit by her, but don't know how to tell her, that you like her, when ...
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