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  1. First Gold medal for Bulgaria at the Games - Rumyana NEYKOVA in woman's single sculls!!!
  2. Congratulations to Singapore, it was the better bid
  3. There is going to be an online streaming: http://www.olympic.org/uk/news/olympic_new..._uk.asp?id=2477
  4. Conclusions from the new evaluation report, with main topic - risks to the IOC:
  5. Pretty much what was expected, two cities, Moscow and Singapoore, the two strongest bids according to the first evaluation report
  6. Candidature Acceptance Procedure and Questionnaire [pdf] The candidates so far: Moscow, Russia Singapore Hamburg, Germany Guadalajara, Mexico
  7. I'm experiencing this from a very very long time - some years now - and sometimes it's more that tripple posting - my "record" was 7 times!
  8. When will the 2012 profiles be removed and 2014 profiles be up? Thanks
  9. Thanks Another quastion - when will the 2012 profiles be removed and 2014 profiles be up?
  10. When is the first 2014 GBIndex going to be published? Please don't tell me that we have wait untill February 2006!
  11. We have a forum in Bulgaria - forums.data.bg - where there are over 50 000 members!
  12. Moderator, could you delete two of my topics - THE BEST BID... , cause I've posted it 3 times? It's in 2012 Olympic Bid Applicants That Didn't Qualify
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