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  1. R.I.P Lee Rigby -- another innocent victim of Islamic jihad.

  2. I believe the Brasila stadium was designed by German architecture firm GMP -- famous for their brilliant stadiums. I agree with the poster before who said it's stunning. I concur.
  3. I believe European athletics are contractually obliged to stage the European Team championships (athletics competition) until 2015 so wouldn't be able to include a European athletics sanctioned competition within Baku 2015 since they overlap in timeframe hosting (late July). However, I read Baku is going to apply for a grand prix visa or whatever you call it meaning they will stage a 4 day athletics competition It's not ideal but it at least gets some athletics on the schedule. They will post invites to athletes similar to how the diamond league athletics competition works. So, I guess this means the stadium posted above will get used for the ceremonies and maybe some athletics of some description.
  4. I like the one from the bottom right hand corner. Very striking.
  5. I get it. Sometime's I hate something and I'll say "that's utter crap". And we all think our opinions merit truth sometimes. But it just struck me -- how does a logo become bad. Can we prove it. Maybe this is a bad logo but what criteria makes it bad? Can we prove it? That's all I was asking. I also studied in a field of design too -- product/industrial design so I'm very much concerned with the design of things. My first thought when I saw this logo was that it had a stripped, minimalist aesthetic that just appealed to me. It was different. Sort of of cool a la the Berlin 1990s Olympic bid logo. But that was just my view of it. I also thought the video was very slick. As for the last part of your post i agree. I was only asking how we can prove something to be bad -- I'm genuinely interested as to that. But I agree things aren't always as subjective as we make out. Don't get me started on modern art. Or Picasso. lol
  6. I thought the video they produced with it was very elegant and conveyed the logo/brand well. Maybe the logo will also form the pictograms etc?
  7. I think the European games need to get athletics onboard -- either at Baku 2015 or the next incarnation. A multi-sport event without the athletics will just seem odd. Athletics, swimming, Gymnastics will help make these games seem bigger. I like the idea of a European games but worry that until all of the big sports are onboard, these will just seem a bit underwhelming.
  8. Right, we get it -- you work in the design field. You relayed that point enough Athensfan. You've just reiterated it twice to me in another thread and are now doing it. However, you're not the authority on what people can like or dislike? Maybe oneday when you become good at your job, you'll get commisions for big sporting events?
  9. Don't know if this has been posted by anyone yet but here is the Gold Coast 2018 logo: It looks very Australian following in the tradition (Melbourne 2006, Sydney 2000) of Australia using abstract figures as part of the logo. I like it. Very cheery.
  10. Billy Connolly is from Glasgow though. He's a Glaswegian. Sean Connory isn't. So, having Billy Connolly onboard just seems to make sense in that regard.
  11. Nah. There wasn't universal hatred of Glasgow's logo at all -- in fact, most people were fine with it. The issue it suffered from was that the designers had previously designed a logo which was similarish and that annoyed some. I personally have always quite liked it. However, your views on the London logo is not something I share. It is still universally derided. Whilst that doesn't make it ineffective, the idea that London's logo did this mad u-turn from being hated to becoming oh-so effective is something I presume many would take issue with. Further, Glasgow's starting point has had much less animosity so won't suffer the same attacks as London's one. P.S The Glasgow 2014 'look' hasn't been unveiled yet so I'm not sure how you can compare London's effective use of the logo (which I think only became effective late on when in situ with the brand) to Glasgow's stand alone logo. It's a not a comparison imo. However, I think Commonwealth games logos for the most part work best without the mandatry base section specified by the Commonwealth federation. Like below.
  12. I never said it shouldn't/wouldn't be. Please read my post again Michelle aswell as the following one. That quote you have of mine was in reference to a specific point made. Naturally, given the disparity is sizes within the UK etc there won't be an equal 25% split between all 4 home nations. I've never said there should be actually.
  13. Peace be upon you....

  14. Thanks Mallaka. But let's not talk about 'hot and cold' but rather the topic at hand.I love Katy Perry as much as the next person but this isn't the place. Regards.
  15. The comparisons to Atlanta 96 are different though. Georgia is a state within a country. The UK however is essentially 4 countries in a union. Big difference. I disagree however with your statement that London represents the entire UK. No. The ceremony must showcase London obviously -- it is the linchpin of the games. But equally all parts of the UK must feel involved.
  16. No problemo. Let's just move on. I just hope everyone from the UK will be happy. I know we won't be but that's my idealistic stance. lol For the record, I don't expect there to be a 1/4 split for each nation -- because the UK isn't made up like that. I agree with you.
  17. I'm not worried about morris dancing. lol. I actually like it. Infact, I think there is a place for it.....along with the respective cultures of the rest of the UK. That was my point. Since everything is speculation at this point we don't know what will be. However, I'm not calling for a 25% representation of the home nations. Not at all. I've never said that in the post you quoted or any post actually. I just want every part of the UK to be included in a respectful and dignified way -- not as an aterthought. As for the countryside concept -- I like it alot. I think it can be great. I just hope that it packs a punch visually and translates well on TV. My main concern is that it's very conceptual but too itty-bitty to wow the audiences at home. I can imagine it being fun for the stadium audience -- having farm animals in the Olympic stadium etc will be a wonderful and cheery sight.
  18. Well done for demonstrating just how ignorant you are. People are entitled to opinions but people are not entitled to their own facts. What you have just said is 100% factually incorrect and moreover completely condescending. London 2012 is not England's games exclusively. The UK is made up of 4 nations: Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland and England. As such the UK Olympic team for all intents and purposes is called 'Team GB & N.Ireland' thus testifying to the four parts.There's no such thing as an 'England Olympic team'. You wrote: "So let the English do it the English way". Gladly I will when England becomes an independent nation and isn't getting hundreds of millions of pounds from the non-English nations to make the games happen for the benefit of the complete UK. Until then, The games, as per the correct thing to do, MUST represent all parts of the UK otherwise they are failing. Moreover, your speculation about 'if the games were in Edinburgh' is complete silliness. You don't know what the ceremony would include. Thus, to extrapolate that an Edinburgh games would be overwhelmingly Scottish (your speculation) and that this gives justification for London's games to be overwhelmingly English is just idiotic silliness. Any UK city hosting the Olympics on behalf of the UK as their candidature/host city must follow the same protocols -- namely the represent the UK fairly, proportionately etc.It's a tad embarrassing on your part that you think, wrongly, that London 2012 is 'England's games'.You're manifestly wrong. P.S your quip about the Commonwealth games is just crass. In the Commonwealth games the home nations compete separately. Thus, Manchester 2002 only had to portray England etc. But the Olympics implicate ALL OF THE UK. Can you get the difference?
  19. Morris dancing wouldn't offend me per se unless it was the only expression of 'dance' used and as such, the rest of the UK was somehow not represented.I mean, with all due respect, Scottish Highland dancing has more wow factor and is practised globally much like Irish dancing. What's more concerning for me is the presentation of cricket. Nice. But it's very English.Nothing wrong with that but will Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland have sports associated with their nations placed upon the meadow like England has?
  20. Yes. The arena has retractable seating on the bottom and also has a hydraulic athletics track which can be lowered so that the arena is used for hall sports such as badminton.
  21. Velodrome and indoor arena update:
  22. That would be nice. I would hope they play equally emotive songs to represent N.Ireland,Wales and Scotland too.
  23. Yes. But to be fair, the Athens ceremony needed that type of camerawork since it had a lot of intimate personal moments e.g. the pregnant woman scene etc.The more 'artsy' camerawork made a lot of sense. Beijing's ceremony was much more centred on the infield and took place in a very linear framework i.e. the scroll, the writing blocks, the ship etc. They all followed a sort of grid in the centre of the stadium. Thus, I think the camerawork was perfect for what was needed to be portrayed.
  24. Not sure. Though, if the Queen does come in a horse-drawn cart, it would be nice to see Camilla as one of the horses pulling it. It would add that 'family' touch tot he show.
  25. As you're well away Davey, the Olympic games (being a UK event) are different from the Commonwealth games (a purely Scottish event). So, having the same expectation for their respective ceremonies is pure silliness. Manchester 2002 said what about Wales and Northern Ireland again? Anyhoo, let's hope the 2012 ceremony isn't stifled by political correctness and that it has scope and ambition so that the whole of the UK can feel proud and 'part of it'.
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