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  1. R.I.P Lee Rigby -- another innocent victim of Islamic jihad.

  2. You can go inside the Moscow Olympic stadium on Google street view. The stadium is very impressive.
  3. I believe the Brasila stadium was designed by German architecture firm GMP -- famous for their brilliant stadiums. I agree with the poster before who said it's stunning. I concur.
  4. lol. Quoting from the koran and what it says makes me an extremist? pmsl. I guess all those historians quoting Mein Kampf in their analysis of Hitler are the real extremists and not the actual person/ppl who wrote it? Great logic mate. Great Logic -- Muslims worship a Koran which teaches that Jews descended from pigs, I quote it exactly as it's written in the Koran, and instead of confronting why Muslims wroship such hate, I'm the bad guy for quoting what that religion preaches. I can see Mensa in your future....... We have a Turkish Olympic bid. Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country and secular in name only. Recently, Turkey has tried to pass, via the U.N, laws prohibiting free speech in relation to its beloved religion (even though we're told it's a secular state so shouldn't care about trying to pass this law around the globe). It's absolutely acceptable to discuss this issue as it's pertinent to the issues at hand. And it you don't like it -- tough. Maybe you're a muslim who is blindly defending the religion of hate thus is offended by me 'keepin' it real dawg' or maybe you're just a liberal nutjob who thinks that if he/she/it pretends Islam isn't connected to terrorism and pretends this isn't related to the Olympic bid, it will all go away. If it's the later, may I suggest you do some reading on the subject instead of posturing as some kind of pseudo-enlightened Bohemian Sydney-sider who is defending a barbaric culture despite the truth regarding it. P.S This is the second time you've said you're not taking it further after another attempted funny comment completely devoid of meaning. Continue drinkin' the kool aid mate.
  5. I believe European athletics are contractually obliged to stage the European Team championships (athletics competition) until 2015 so wouldn't be able to include a European athletics sanctioned competition within Baku 2015 since they overlap in timeframe hosting (late July). However, I read Baku is going to apply for a grand prix visa or whatever you call it meaning they will stage a 4 day athletics competition It's not ideal but it at least gets some athletics on the schedule. They will post invites to athletes similar to how the diamond league athletics competition works. So, I guess this means the stadium posted above will get used for the ceremonies and maybe some athletics of some description.
  6. I like the one from the bottom right hand corner. Very striking.
  7. I get it. Sometime's I hate something and I'll say "that's utter crap". And we all think our opinions merit truth sometimes. But it just struck me -- how does a logo become bad. Can we prove it. Maybe this is a bad logo but what criteria makes it bad? Can we prove it? That's all I was asking. I also studied in a field of design too -- product/industrial design so I'm very much concerned with the design of things. My first thought when I saw this logo was that it had a stripped, minimalist aesthetic that just appealed to me. It was different. Sort of of cool a la the Berlin 1990s Olympic bid logo. But that was just my view of it. I also thought the video was very slick. As for the last part of your post i agree. I was only asking how we can prove something to be bad -- I'm genuinely interested as to that. But I agree things aren't always as subjective as we make out. Don't get me started on modern art. Or Picasso. lol
  8. I thought the video they produced with it was very elegant and conveyed the logo/brand well. Maybe the logo will also form the pictograms etc?
  9. lol. I agree with your assertion of bloc voting. Can you hear that -- I agree with you. I merely asked for clarification of your point because you weren't clear on it. Strike me down Allah and deprive me of my 72 virgins because I thought that's what discussion forums were for -- discussions.
  10. I think the European games need to get athletics onboard -- either at Baku 2015 or the next incarnation. A multi-sport event without the athletics will just seem odd. Athletics, swimming, Gymnastics will help make these games seem bigger. I like the idea of a European games but worry that until all of the big sports are onboard, these will just seem a bit underwhelming.
  11. Right, we get it -- you work in the design field. You relayed that point enough Athensfan. You've just reiterated it twice to me in another thread and are now doing it. However, you're not the authority on what people can like or dislike? Maybe oneday when you become good at your job, you'll get commisions for big sporting events?
  12. This venue is going to look so striking on the ol' telly.
  13. Nope. I asked you a question which you had implied via your post. I merely asked for clarification hence why I asked "are you suggesting....". I also thanked you for answering and clarifying. And as it happens I happen to agree with your bloc voting assertion. So? * as for you infidel garbage remarks. i agree -- Muslims have no right to call anyone infidels as it's derogatory. But as well all know, Muslims do call non muslims infidels. Hence, Tokyo and Madrid are bids of the infidel. What I said was correct even it it sits uncomfortably with you.
  14. I never suggested anything mate. I merely highlighted your words and asked a question based on what you wrote. Sincerely, thank you for answering it. Sadly I suspect the infidel-hating brigade will vote in blocs and humanity will be lumbered with Istanbul. So much for utopian libertarian values -- here comes Allah's games.
  15. Are you suggesting Muslims will vote for other Muslims solely because they are Muslim independent of the quality of the bid at hand? Could Muslims IOC voters not vote for Madrid too or Tokyo or are they considered too infidelish?
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