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  1. I just listened to the music of the ceremonies and although it had a lot of tracks, very few had a direct recall to segments of the ceremonies. It had too much trance which is nice but it didnt made any connect to a particular segment in the show. "And I will Kiss" is definitely the epic piece which for the most part I liked. But just like the Industrial Revolution scene that the track accompanied, there came a point while listening to the track that I felt, "When will music this end?" It felt tiring towards the end like it was pulled thin just to cover a certain length of time. 17 minutes was way too long, maybe the track could have been cut for the album as 2 separate pieces.
  2. Am I the only one that felt the rings didnt seem right to be in the Industrial Revolution segment? Glowing red steel forged with sparks all over hovering over toiling masses and zombies dancing the Macarena felt ominous.....like its the begining of a really scary movie.....Any thoughts on that? Plus it was a spectacle more appreciated if you are underneath or over the rings themselves and not for those in between.
  3. Yep, I always come back, periodically though every 2 years hehehehe, Overall I didnt get a good-versus evil vibe to that segment, it was bad and then pandemonium and then sleeping children. I didnt know that bit about Chariots... What irks me about the ceremony was that it wasnt bad conceptually but it was hyped in places that shouldnt have been like the farmland and the Shakespeare when it didnt even amount to anything in the overall scheme of things. I never liked what DB did when he revealed the set to the media. very wrong move. DB needed an editor, the show needed editing, I appreciate humor but this wasn't about the hosts being light-hearted, it was just a mess. an entertaining mess which will probably be looked over come 2016...
  4. I like the cauldron, I would have preferred that only one athlete lit the cauldron and have the lighting sequence a bit faster. although the final cauldron was nice, i'd have it a bit flared like a wide-brimmed flower than completely closed together. The shots from the inside looking up was breathtaking. reminded me of Heatherwick's seed cathedral for the expo. Also, maybe the cauldron could have been mounted on the tor and have the petals be like idle flowers in the ground.
  5. -the children's nightmare segment felt like it would have made a fantastic concept but again falls flat. Mary Poppins in black just confused them with the rest of the villains. the Voldemort puppet was too flimsy and simply gave height to the segment but not necessarily oomph. - Rowan Atkinson is a gem. -The music run-through was a glorified flash mob.
  6. The replay is now on in manila, and it just looks worse that the live broadcast. I was trying to take this opportunity to soak stuff in rather than being bombarded and surprised in the initial broadcast. -the camera was a bit distracting during the countdown, i think the LED countdown was for the audience while the children and balloons were for the TV. Its just so distracting to pan from one to another. -the pastoral scene was a complete waste,if the intention was to use it for such a small piece of theater, it wasnt worth it. - the satanic mills was pandemonium in the worst sense,too much going on, and the choreography irritates me. couldnt they have done ala-Athens and just had the people wandering around rather than doing zombie Macarena moves. - overall the whole Shakespeare angle flops.
  7. Im afraid of the comments that the ceremonies is "British", I get it theyre the hosts, but are we supposed to need prior reading on British-ness to understand the ceremonies? I hated that DB showed the farmland scene beforehand, they could have released that in a text without showing anything. That would have kept the surprise better leading people on to speculate more.
  8. Shouldnt London be launching their look right about now? Their website is looking drearier and drearier by the day.
  9. weird, and borders on inappropriate, the red lights doesn't help either.. If this is what's happening among the spectators, what was the performers on the stage doing?
  10. just realized that he was mortal...

  11. I wonder if there was a similar discussion like this before with the separation of Summer and Winter sports into separate Olympiads. But I guess, the arguments would have been more driven by practicality than age brackets.
  12. lol, that fist gave the medal a communist feel. I don't like the chosen medal. Pretentious, uncreative, unimaginative, unispiring. The culmination of a truly non-descript graphics program for a non-descript olympic games for the youth.
  13. I do hope, we see new blood for the London ceremonies.
  14. Would you know of any major productions he's slated to do in the near future? Think international significance. I know he's in charge of the production of "Cats" here in Manila but that's way below Olympic caliber. At first, I would dismiss him as someone who peaked in Doha 4 years ago but that was failing to account for the serious limits he had to contend with in Vancouver. One thing's for sure, he's a master at spectacle, but Vancouver's ceremonies would pale in comparison to Sydney and Doha.
  15. Anybody knows the content of this commemorative album? Will KD Lange's Hallelujah be included this time? Hopefully, Michael Buble's song is included. Amazon hasn't posted the track listing yet. http://www.amazon.ca...y/dp/B00356E714
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