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  1. weird, and borders on inappropriate, the red lights doesn't help either.. If this is what's happening among the spectators, what was the performers on the stage doing?
  2. just realized that he was mortal...

  3. I wonder if there was a similar discussion like this before with the separation of Summer and Winter sports into separate Olympiads. But I guess, the arguments would have been more driven by practicality than age brackets.
  4. lol, that fist gave the medal a communist feel. I don't like the chosen medal. Pretentious, uncreative, unimaginative, unispiring. The culmination of a truly non-descript graphics program for a non-descript olympic games for the youth.
  5. I do hope, we see new blood for the London ceremonies.
  6. Would you know of any major productions he's slated to do in the near future? Think international significance. I know he's in charge of the production of "Cats" here in Manila but that's way below Olympic caliber. At first, I would dismiss him as someone who peaked in Doha 4 years ago but that was failing to account for the serious limits he had to contend with in Vancouver. One thing's for sure, he's a master at spectacle, but Vancouver's ceremonies would pale in comparison to Sydney and Doha.
  7. Anybody knows the content of this commemorative album? Will KD Lange's Hallelujah be included this time? Hopefully, Michael Buble's song is included. Amazon hasn't posted the track listing yet. http://www.amazon.ca...y/dp/B00356E714
  8. Overall, I felt like the closing was more satisfying than the opening. Thumbs up moments: -the kids and their snowboards, a more "humane" version of the printing block segments of Beijing. -the relighting of the cauldron and the spiel leading up to it is great. It made the malfunction am asset to open the ceremonies. -Michael Bubble and the tableau of Canadiana. -Furlow and Rogge's speeches So-so moments: -Sochi's presentation. -the post-ceremonies' concert Nevermind moments: -the comedians were a bit painful to watch. It's easier to defend allegory/spectacle than comedy in an international audience. I got the jokes but completely unnecessary. My verdict - better than the opening, slightly convoluted in the flow, but spectacular nonetheless.
  9. was that the song at the beginning? with the youth and their snowboards?
  10. Anyone noticed the Google logo for today's ceremonies? Amazing and Beautiful. Hopefully they continue on with this thread of custom art than kitschy cartoons for future Olympiads.
  11. The best comment I heard so far with regards to the Niki Yanofski's version of the anthem was it sounded like the American Idol version of it. I don't know if they (the directors) were trying to portray "effortless" but it came out too rehearsed, amateur, tries too much. In contrast, Julie Anthony's rendition of Advance Australia Fair in 2000 was quite simple, powerful, without trying too hard. As to the video above, I am a big fan of the "transmoflection" look so I love the set-up, but is there smoke coming from beyond the curtains? is the cauldron still burning?
  12. my top three: 1. Bang the drum - very celebratory although there is a palpable feeling of cheese. beautiful nonetheless 2. Aboriginal Welcome - i really like this track, it has a nice fusion of chanting and classical music. 3. Fire in the mountain - great track to open the ceremonies although what was actually happening even in the stadium and video was forgettable. Hmm, am not really digging the classical version of "Bang the drum" in the Canadian Athletes track.
  13. hahaha, im sure all host cities never wanted their Games to end. This is probably the first time that the Winters is broadcasted in the Philippines thanks to Solar Sports. Am loving watching the events in Whistler.
  14. Now that the OC have been done with, any ideas what or who will headline the CC's in the coming days.
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