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  1. Please...please...no more Mary Carillo. She is the worst journalist. I will never forget her almost racist commentary during the Beijing games. When NBC shuffles here over to the Westminster Dog Show, you're in for a show. Of a lady who knows nothing about what she is commenting about and asking a hundred questions.
  2. How can you say these games were bad for Germany?! They swept the luge! Got the first women's ski jumping gold too! I say that's incredible
  3. I was there! During the first week of the Games....all the way from Ohio!
  4. Hello all! I was at the VC on Feb. 15 (when Canada got their first gold at home) and I loved the music for Quebec night! But they never told us who was performing! I cannot find it anywhere! I'd really love to get the music from that band. Thanks! and I don't mean Gregory Charles (the main performer)....he was awful really. Just playing loud American party music. I mean the french-speaking musicians who were the tribute to Quebec
  5. Haha! I've been singing that the whole time too! And they also play it at all the Coke pin trading locations. It always makes me think of the torch relay (they used that song along in the videos) and how emotional the days where leading up to me leaving for the games.
  6. Hello all! I'm currently in Vancouver at the Olympics and I need to know some details. Where can I find the mascots? As in hug them and take a picture with them? BIG QUESTION: Where is the cauldron? all I can find is 'waterfront' and in Vancouver that could be anywhere!! Is it around the bay that has BC Place and the Olympic Village? Or somewhere else? Thanks for all your help Gamebiders!
  7. I don't think JAS said that for every Olympics. Lillehammer is still considered the 'best', yet he never have the title to Nagano
  8. I don't think taking a cab would be even possible financially....White Rock is an hour away by bus! So imagine the cost! Also, for the one person talking about the trains.....our routes do not include any trains (according to Translink)
  9. Hello all! Well, I've looked at Translink and found out that all my Olympic traveling will be done on buses. It worries me getting to and from White Rock and YVR with luggage. I e-mailed Translink but I have not gotten a response. Does anyone here who lives in Vancouver know if I can bring luggage on a bus? Also, how do you all think the bus schedules will be effected during the games? I've already looked up alot of routes and they seems to be atleast an hour to get to venues. I just wonder if its going to take longer than that. I know I'm craming alot into one post....but I also need to ask about finding where I'm going in the city. I'm worried about getting lost if I want to look around the city and try to return to White Rock from other locations. I heard that the venues will have transportation desks for help. Is that true? Thank-you everyone on the Gamesbids forum for your help!
  10. But as a life-long Olympic enthusiast....I feel that the YOG cheapens the Olympics. Now you can win an Olympic medal as a teenager. Also, as an American...I find it difficult to find others who respect the Olympics and what they stand for. These 'new' games seem to make the Olympic Games less special. And, to me, these games are obviously not to put on that same level as the regular Olympics. Saying 'regular' Olympics hurts.
  11. Well I'm in the US and Cosport's website still says 'Mid January' for resale....but its almost the end of January now! Does anyone know when Cosport will sell their remaining tickets?
  12. OK I have a question about transportation. I know that I get free transportation with an event ticket for that day. Do I just flash the ticket around, or do I have to get a free ticket by showing the event ticket to someone? I was just wondering if anyone knew of the procedure yet. Also, does that count for Victory Ceremony tickets (even if its not an event ticket)? I am going to a VC on a day I have no other tickets and I was wondring if I'd have to pay for the fare that day. Thanks for all your help!
  13. Why are you guys being so mean!!!??? I have read all of the previous threads on the flame and I was just wondering about viewing it since it would be indoors!! It was a simple question and not a big deal. You all need to calm down and understand that people come here to find information. There is no need for that
  14. I was wondering...has anyone heard how the flame will be viewed/displayed during the games? I mean, I don't understand why they are lighting it indoors because its literally the beacon of the games and no one will be able to see it!!!! I hope they open the stadium for people to come in and see it. I will be at the first 5 days of the games and would love to see the cauldron.
  15. Um....Where did you guys hear about this? CoSport isn't saying anything and I haven't gotten an e-mail. Also, the second phase SHOULD be limited to us poor people who were locked out of the website because it couldn't handle the load and e-mailed the company!!!!
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