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F1 2011 - The Official Thread


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Only a snippet of rumour, but we're into the new season build up and car launches are not far off, so I thought I'd start a new thread:

Scot Paul di Resta will be promoted to race driver at Force India for 2011 alongside German Adrian Sutil, with German former Williams driver Nico Hulkenberg as reserve driver. (Blick)

So, we've got new blown rear wings and KERS back this season. Should make overtaking easier but is it a bit artificial? Also, be interesting to see how the Indian F1 circuit preparations go.

And now the DD Diffusers are banned as well as the F-duct, who's likely to be on top come the end of the year?

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Doesn't look like a radical change from last year's cars. Hard to tell from one picture obviously, and there might be something radical underneath or inside...

Looking forward to more launches!! B)

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Sauber unveil C30


The Swiss outfit pulled the covers off its Ferrari-powered car at the Valencia circuit on Monday morning - with the car featuring what is now a standard high nose in F1 and a more slender rear end compared to last year's challenger.


Sauber has confirmed that the KERS units it will use in 2011 will be provided by Ferrari.


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Renault boss shrugs off tobacco concern, Lotus row

Renault F1 chairman Gerard Lopez dismissed concern on Monday that his Lotus-backed team's new black and gold livery could fall foul of anti-tobacco legislation.

The new R31 car harks back to the 1970s and 80s when Lotus won races with the likes of Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti and Ayrton Senna with cars painted in the colours of a British tobacco brand.

The same Imperial Tobacco-owned brand is still marketed around the world now although it no longer has any commercial links with Formula One.

That has led to suggestions, notably in the Canadian media, that Renault could be in breach of strict anti-tobacco advertising laws when they compete in the country because of the past association.

"Number one, we have no relationship with a tobacco company," Lopez told reporters after the team launch at Valencia's Ricardo Tormo circuit.

"Even if we had had, there is another famous team racing around in a colour that is ... very close to a cigarette manufacturer."

Ferrari, the most successful team in Formula One, are the only outfit still sponsored by a cigarette maker, Philip Morris's Marlboro brand. There is however no branding on the car or uniforms, other than the red and white colours.


Lopez also poured scorn on rivals Team Lotus, who are locked in a legal dispute with Group Lotus over the use of the brand in Formula One.

The matter is due to be heard by the London High Court in March, after the Bahrain Grand Prix season-opener.

"The fact is, it's all about money," he said. "They stand to lose money if they change their name and they should be honest and just say that.

"It's a shame for the brand also," he said.

"There is only one Lotus car company. Money is essentially the centrepiece of this. It's not passion, it's not taking over (Lotus founder) Colin Chapman's legacy."


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Formula 1 star Robert Kubica has suffered "serious injuries" while taking part in a rally in Italy, an official news agency has reported.

According to reports, the 26-year-old Pole crashed into a wall and was air-lifted to a nearby hospital.

A spokeswoman for his British-based Renault team told Reuters the driver was conscious and a statement would be issued shortly.


Probably my favourite driver outside of the McLaren duo. First and foremost, let's hope it's not too serious, and secondly, let's hope we see him back behind the wheel sooner rather than later because I'm quite sure he's WDC material in the future. Horrible news to wake up to on a Sunday. :(

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A great driver indeed

hope he recovers fully soon

Robert Kubica, the Lotus Renault Formula One driver, has been seriously injured while competing in a rally in Italy. He has reportedly suffered fractures to his left arm and left leg.

A Renault spokeswoman told Reuters that Kubica was conscious when he was taken to hospital by helicopter. His participation in the 2011 Formula One season, which starts on 13 March, now appears in jeopardy. Kubica finished eighth in last year's world championship.


Renault have the Brazilian Bruno Senna and France's Romain Grosjean as their official third drivers. Senna competed last season for the HRT team while Grosjean started seven races for Renault in 2009, although neither has ever scored a point in Formula One. Kubica's race team-mate is the Russian Vitaly Petrov, who made his debut last season


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Thanks for posting but not sure I'm going to watch that to be honest.

Official statement:

“After undergoing extensive medical checks this morning, Robert Kubica has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand. He is currently undergoing surgery at the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure."

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Kubica could be sidelined for 2011

Robert Kubica could be out of action for the whole of the 2011 Formula 1 season as a result of the serious injuries he sustained in his rally crash on Sunday, medical staff have said.

The Renault driver underwent a seven-hour operation earlier today at the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure following his accident on the opening stage of the Ronde di Andora rally.


As well as multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand, of more immediate concern was his partially severed right hand.

There were fears that the hand may have had to be amputated, but doctors managed to reattach the blood supply during a lengthy operation and are hoping the repair will be successful.

Doctor Igor Rossello, who is a hand specialist, told local media on Sunday night that it would take several days for doctors to assess the success of the operation - and warned that Kubica could need up to one year to recover.

"We need to wait for a week at least to verify whether the hand survives," Dr Rossello was quoted as saying by Italian media. "The nerve lesions are the ones that leave us with the most question marks over the recovery of functions.

"Rehabilitation will be relatively long, probably one year. He came here with multiple traumas, with several associated injuries. He won't necessarily have to undergo further surgery on the hand, but he will if needed."

Dr Rossello said that he expected it would take at least 12 months before Kubica would be able to drive an F1 car again - although he admitted racing drivers often recovered from injury far quicker than predicted.

When asked what the best prediction for Kubica to be back racing, he said: "One year is the best provision.

"I think it is quite difficult now, but you never know. Drivers are always very special patients. I have a lot of motorbike patients and they heal in a much faster way - faster than normal people."


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Heidfeld, Liuzzi also in Renault frame

Bruno Senna, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Nick Heidfeld are the three drivers that Renault is considering as the replacement for Robert Kubica this season, team boss Eric Boullier has said.


Speaking at a press conference at the Santa Corona hospital on Tuesday, Boullier said that the team was evaluating its options for a Kubica replacement – and suggested the current plan for one of the reserve drivers to test at Jerez this week.

"The first one driving will at the moment be our first test driver," Boullier was quoted as saying by IVG.it. "In the meantime, we will look for Kubica's substitute: the names considered are Senna, Liuzzi and Heidfeld.

"The team is close to Robert, we wait for him with open arms and we hope he can come back before the end of the season.

"It was Robert's choice, he wanted to go rallying at all costs and Renault authorised it. Now we just wait to know what the recovery time is for our driver."

Boullier said that Kubica was in high spirits considering his injuries, having visited him with team-mate Vitaly Petrov.

"We have been with Robert for about fifteen minutes: we have joked and we have found him very well. Obviously he immediately wanted to know the team's programme for this season."


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Heidfeld confirmed at Renault

Nick Heidfeld will replace injured Polish driver Robert Kubica at next month's Bahrain Formula One season-opener, the Renault team said on Wednesday.

The Lotus-backed outfit said the experienced 33-year-old German would test for the team at Spain's Barcelona circuit this week and then race alongside Russian team mate Vitaly Petrov at Sakhir on March 13.

Kubica has been ruled out for at least three months and possibly the entire season after suffering serious arm, leg and hand injuries in a rally crash in Italy 11 days ago.

He was undergoing a third round of surgery on Wednesday to fix broken bones.

"I would have liked to come back to Formula One in different circumstances, but I'm proud to have been given this chance," said Heidfeld, who has yet to win a race despite starting 172 grands prix.



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Bahrain Grand Prix 2011 Cancelled

Bahrain Grand Prix organisers have announced that the event will not host the opening round of the 2011 Formula 1 season, after days of uncertainty following unrest in the country.

The decision was finally confirmed by the track organisers on Monday afternoon.

The Crown Prince informed Bernie Ecclestone of the decision by telephone earlier today.

"We felt it was important for the country to focus on immediate issues of national interest," Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa said.

"Bahrain's priority is on overcoming tragedy, healing divisions and rediscovering the fabric that draws this country together to remind the world of the very best that Bahrain is capable of as a nation once again united."

The postponement of the race means the season will now start in Australia on 27 March, two weeks later than originally scheduled.

No decision has been made on a new date for the rescheduling of the race, which was due to take place from March 11th to 13th.


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