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F1 2011 - The Official Thread


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More and more Brazilians are losing interest in Formula One.

It's sad.

Once in the past Formula One and other motorsports were the number 2 sport in Brazil in terms of passionate fans by far...

An entire generation lost... Well, by having the "controversial" Barrichello as main name, the result couldn't be other...

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I'm not surprised Brazil is cooling to F1. Senna was always going to be a hard act to follow. And you've ended up with two drivers who are the epitomy of the "number two diver". Massa was one corner away from a world title, but apart from that his career has been about giving way to a teammate ("Fernando is faster than you!"), and Barrichello's has been much the same and he, like Massa has been in world-beating cars but has not won a championship (his best chance was at Brawn but he was outclassed by Button).

Two likeable guys, two very fast divers at their peaks, but not the cream of F1 and sadly for Brazil both having to give way for the good of their teams far too often.

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Robert Kubica has suffered another setback in his attempt to return to Formula 1 after breaking his right leg in an accident at his house in Italy.

It is the same leg he broke in a high-speed rally crash almost a year ago.

The Pole needs an operation to have a metal screw inserted just above his ankle and then faces a month in plaster.

He is said to have lost his footing in the garden of his house in Pietrasanta, near the coastal town of Viareggio.

Kubica missed the whole of the 2011 season following a crash during the first stage of the Ronde di Andora rally in February.

The 27-year-old was driving a Super 2000-specification Skoda Fabia when his car left the road at high speed and hit a crash barrier, which pierced the car and caused Kubica's injuries.

Having been cut out of the vehicle before being airlifted to hospital, the Pole underwent several operations to repair the damage to his partially severed right forearm and numerous fractures to his right elbow, shoulder and leg.

He is now out of contract with his former team Renault, who have changed their name to Lotus this season, after it was announced last November that he would not be ready to return by the start of the season.

Kubica is still hoping to make a comeback to F1 but it remains unclear when - or if - he will have sufficient mobility and feeling in his right hand to drive a grand prix car.



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