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  1. China's Sponsors: Bank of China CMC (ChinaNetCom) SINOPEC (China Petrochemical Corporation) CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) ChinaMobile Volkswagen (China) Adidas (China) JT International S.A. (China) AirChina PICC UPS Haier Sohu.com Tsingdao Yanjing Yili
  2. By Nipa Piboontanasawat Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- China raised interest rates for the fourth time since March to cool the world's fastest-growing major economy after inflation surged to a 10-year high and the key stock index doubled. The benchmark one-year lending rate will increase 0.18 percentage point to 7.02 percent tomorrow, the People's Bank of China said on its Web site. The one-year deposit rate will rise 0.27 percentage point to 3.6 percent. China's consumer price index rose 5.6 percent in July, fanning concern that cash from record trade surpluses may cause the economy to overheat.
  3. Some of the viewpoints are explaining the facts, however, I do suspect the starting point of the article is fresh enough. Still the issues that been mentioned all over just before the Games. "Yet creating jobs for the masses _ and not rocking the boat _ is seen as more important. " that's the political themetune CCP singing everywhere in China. And the most understandable option for China by far. Stronger Economy, More Middle Class, Higher Democracy.
  4. I JUST COPY THE WORDS THEY SAID, NOT MY PERSONAL OPINION. 1. Freaky, retard. Typical work from rednecks' hands 2. Terrible imagination. can't stand for the Chinese, more like aliens 3. Ugly and rough, those **** eyes make you like a group stupid cunts are watching you 4. Too many and expensive, your wallets have to be emptied five times for these ghosts.
  5. great cartoon. but the Chinese people still hate them as hell
  6. I already said I am not going to say more, would you mind stop it? Gosh~ are you in love with me? see you flying round me everywhere....... You don't think so that's ur business. not mine. You do like whatever you like, don't tell me, tell other people.I am not interested in commenting anything from you. over~
  7. .........unless every Chinese dude is a redneck. Art is a universal share. let the fxking politics go to hell. <FIVE STARS SHINE FIVE RINGS> (another option but in Chinese, Real Player music file> Download it
  8. wel........sometimes just hard to tell the differences. Personally, I do think Japanese artists are quite good at balancing between Oriential style and Universal pop.
  9. <Forever Friends> (not official recognised, but in their opitions) Online MV <Around the World> (Personally I do in love with this one. youthful and joyful. Based on the typical Chinese elements, a theme song of a TV Drama.) Official MV
  10. you can't say that, he is a Chinese, definitly he loves his country more than any other. You are so mean at this point. rubbish!
  11. OK,YES,NO PROBLEM, CERTAINLY, I STRONGLY DO AGREE WITH YOU.......you continue your posts.
  12. Only on these few topics, don't worry~Not going to say anything more again. 13 words (less than your words above).
  13. The speed is fine with my computer ~o sorry, coz they're from the Chinese websites.so it is normal to load longer in your country.... Ok~no problem I just found a Fun VIDEO MAKING FUN OF BEJING OC. HERE IS THE LINK http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/kHFXFZDrSKI/
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