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  1. I really want to see the full opening for Havana 1991
  2. Anyone got the full Opening Ceremony of the Havana 1991 PanAm Games?
  3. I think Tokyo was only interested in bidding for 1992, I doubt they even made a candidature file.
  4. Also can you upload Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur 2008?
  5. Hey Pups! Can we have the following: Beijing 2008 2010 Applicant Files Pyeongchang 2010 Sydney 2000 Brasilia 2000 Oslo 1968 Melbourne 1996
  6. Oh, ok have you got anything to do with 1992 apart from birmingham?
  7. I think TNMP is the most generous user here
  8. Actually, leave it, you must be tired with all the uploading etc
  9. Oooohhhh Awesome!!! Got Belgrade 96?
  10. Anyone got the opening of the Havana 1991 Pan American Games in full?
  11. Also, I will be purchasing the Bangkok 2008 Applicant File today.
  12. Can you upload: Cape Town 2004, Havana 2012, Borjomi 2014, Jaca 1998 or 1992 and Manchester 2000?
  13. I also found Baku and Doha's 2020 Applicant Files on Doc.rero.ch
  14. The links do work if you copy and paste them and the Tokyo 2016 link is its Bid Summary
  15. Most of these are from the bid websites London 2012 Candidature File: http://www.sportdevelopment.info/index.php/component/sectionex/738-london-olympic-candidate-file Krakow 2022 Applicant File: http://www.krakow2022.org/en/media/downloads Oslo 2022 Applicant File: http://www.ol22.no/en/documents-and-downloads Rio 2016 Candidature File: http://www.rio2016.com/en/organising-committee/transparency/documents Tokyo 2020 Candidature File: https://tokyo2020.jp/en/plan/candidature/index.html Tokyo 2016 Candidature File (Not the one Eternal and TNMP gave me): i.usatoday.net/sports/olympics/_2009/documents/s090213_tokyo_bid.pdf Lillehammer 2016 YOG Volume 1: www.idrett.no/nyheter/Documents/YOG2016_Lillehammer_VOL1.pdf Gold Coast 2018 CWG Volume 2: www.gc2018.com/flux-content/GC2018/pdf/VOL2.pdf I think this is Lviv's 2022 Applicant File: gu-arch-loda.in.ua/documents/catalogs/lviv2022eng.pdf Sochi 2014 Candidature File: http://ebookbrowsee.net/so/sochi-2014#.U9Q7QGbodcs Toronto 2015 Pan American Games: images.toronto2015.org/system/asset_pdfs/906/original/bid-book.pdf If the links don't work then do forgive me, I was looking for them on my Tablet.
  16. Pyeongchang Candidature file: http://www.pyeongchang2018.org/language/eng/sub08/sub08.asp
  17. Found Vancouver's bid book online Link: http://www.canada2010.gc.ca/docs/index-eng.cfm Scroll down until you find it
  18. Thank you so much, I've been looking on google and couldn't find anything
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