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  1. Kyiv is planning to bid to host the University Games in either 2021 or 2023: http://24-my.info/in-kiev-began-to-prepare-for-the-holding-of-the-world-universiade/ Cities that have already stated intentions to bid for 2021 are Bucharest, Romania and Cali, Colombia.
  2. I don't like watches. Got myself something else instead. Anyone see any 1968 books around? Ingrid O'Neil had a few which I contacted about but they didn't reply to me..
  3. Ok, I need help. So, my birthday's coming up and my parent's are in town. This time, they're letting me pick the present they're going to purchase for me and I REALLY want a new bid book, my Ostersund '98 one is feelin' pretty lonely Anyone got any suggestions?
  4. Sounds irrelevant but Igor Krutoy composed Aliya Mustafina's floor music for the 2016 Olympics!! Always find it interesting when I hear names from another sport in another area / category.
  5. Where's Moscow? I'd rather see them bid over Sochi, Kazan or St. Petersburg would be nice too.
  6. I know, but I still research. Hence I'm trying my best to find full ceremony videos of the 1982 Caribbean Games, even if I have to reach out to people via email or post.
  7. Because I find it interesting and intriguing?
  8. That's what I did, they haven't replied to me. Guess doing extensive research is my only hope, I've reached out to several people who worked media during events and some have gotten back to me saying they'll look into it.
  9. Thanks Ikarus!! Shame the full things are close to non-existence online because I really wanted to see the 1982 ceremonies. Pyongyang hosted 1989 Festival which I always found intriguing. Also, I tried contacting CIJM in hopes of getting the full ceremonies of the 1987 Games in Latakia. I did via Facebook, all I know is, they read it but did not reply.
  10. Sheesh... looking back to this, I've realised how horrendous my grammar was. Crazy to think this was over a year ago. I'm still debating whether or not to continue with this, I do have the time but the lone problem is that almost every link I go to is broken or doesn't work, meaning I can't obtain the file I might re-do the whole thing but I'll need some major help. All I need is for everyone to send whatever bid books they have made/created for competitions on here to me either via PM. Please, if you have any bid books you have made lying around on your PC then send them over, it'll do me loads and will increase the library by loads. I'll combine a list of every contest held on GB and the cities submitted with the user's name next to them just in case anyone has forgotten.
  11. Anyone know where I can find the full ceremonies of the 1982 Central American & Caribbean Games and the 1997 World Festival of Youth and Students?
  12. Other potential venues for Minsk 2019 - Velodrome - Minsk Arena - Palace of Water Sports -
  13. Thought I'd open a new thread for the 2019 European Games, now officially set to be held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. Personally, I look forward to seeing preparations as they only have 2 years after the host city was swapped around numerous times (The Netherlands, Kazan/Sochi and now Minsk). The VP of the Belorussian NOC did say they only plan to spend $40 million on the games and that the event will be heavily dependent on existing infrastructure (Which, I think is great). They're also planning on holding only 10-15 sports opposed to Baku's 20. I did mention that the games will rely on existing facilities however they do intend to build a facility for rhythmic gymnastics (fingers crossed artistic will be held during these games too) that will likely be completed in 2018 and are renovating the Dinamo Stadium so that it is able to host the track & field events - This is apparently the approved design - There were a whole lot of other designs but they opted to go for that one. There was a really nice glass roofed one that looked very classy and elegant and way better than the one above, I'll try and find a pic. No info on the logo, slogan or the proposed dates, kinda worrying if you ask me, they've only got 2 years now...
  14. Howdy. Anyone do trade? I have a few women's artistic gymnastics DVDs that I can trade for, I'll take any coverage to do with women's artistic gymnastics. Here's what I have if anyone's interested - 1983 Pan American Games (T) 1984 Olympic Games (TO, AA, EF) 1989 World Championships HV (Mainly Soviet Union) 1990 Olympic Cup (AA) 1991 Pan American Games (TO, AA, EF) 1992 US Olympic Trials (O) 1994 Goodwill Games (T, AA, EF) Now, I have 0 experience on sending stuff overseas, hence I trade over the net. Basically, I can rip the video off the DVD and send it through email. If anyone's interested then drop me a shout at - KharismaticKaptain12@gmail.com Cheers!
  15. Gymnastics at the 1991 Pan American Games were held at the Alejandro Urgelles Hall in Santiago de Cuba, on commentary was Gary Bender, who was also joined by 1984 Olympic Gymnastics Medallists Kathy Johnson and Bart Conner.
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