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  1. I agree with you but I was just pointing out that no one had noticed Oh and 'true' fact is a redundant saying. If it is fact the it IS true already lol
  2. Sorry but I don't post in here much anymore, but was visiting looking for yoshi and found this. I live not that far away from Wham in the North West of England - always makes me snigger I guess no one has noticed the word Eggplant in the middle of all that
  3. My favourite post on a British forum was - 'weather conditions are atrocious and the pole vaulters are not happy - like how the girl from Wales doesn't give a sh*t and is just getting on with it whilst the others moaning - must rain a lot where she is from'
  4. they should of course be honouring mandela but then again they think that they ahve every link wrapped up in this regard - why?
  5. Wish I could control these idiots - cold be a great 'friendly' games otherwise
  6. Team Scotland dressed REALLY badly - what were you thinking?
  7. Does anyone have a non uk link for icarus? Steady lol
  8. I am hoping to - I just need a non bid environment to be able to do it
  9. they are trying to tell you that they need me to dress, wash them and wipe their arses lol
  10. lol I actually have one of those I just haven't switched yet
  11. sory I went for a smoke - did the Falklands walk out? huh?
  12. I want one of the dogs to do something unexpected as that would liven things up lol
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