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  1. 'Joint bids by 2 member associations are permitted and, under exceptional circumstances, joint bids by 3 member associations may be considered.'
  2. A potential 'Kalmar' bid could be interesting. When we consider a 16 team tournament with two hosts has 14 places, a 24 team tournament with 3 hosts still leaves 21 places. Sweden are desperate to hold a football tournament again and have tried to bid with Norway, Denmark as well as the entire Nordic area. I think they could pull it off. Sweden Solna - Swedbank Arena 50,000 Gothenburg - Ullevi 43,000 either Stockholm with the new Stockholmsarenan (30,000) and/or an expanded Malmo Swedbank Stadion (24,000) Norway Oslo - new National Stadium - 50,000 Trondheim - Lerkenhal - 35,000 - 40,000 either Stavanger with an expanding Viking Stadium (15,600) or Bergen with a new stadium for Brann Denmark Copenhagen - Parken 40,000 Brondby - Brondby Stadium 26,000 (to be expanded) Aarhus - NRGI 20,000 (replaced with a new 30,000-35,000 seats stadium) Opening - Oslo QF - Oslo, Gothenberg, Solna, Copenhagen SF - Oslo, Solna F - Solna
  3. I think several cities pulled out because of other commitments or a lack of government support. In 2014, there were 3 candidates in the bidding process, but another 4 submitted official bids but were not shortlisted to go to the next stage.
  4. How can you block a particular user and their obnoxious attitude?
  5. Denver and Berne have previously withdrawn from competitions and its not affected them. I think 2 years away in 2013, and lets say a minimum 10 years away in 2022 are different questions. Unlike Maribor, Ljubljana is the capital city with a population 3x the size. There are already sports venues in place in the capital which could be used, and a sporting culture that could use all of the facilities post games. There is a world class ski jumping venue at Planica with hills of HS215, HS140 and HS100, and a stadium with a 30,000 capacity. Kranjska Gora already hosts annual World Cup slalom events and has a vertical of 838m and is less than 90km from Ljubljana. The nearby town of Jesenice with its ice hockey team could be another possible indoor venue. If Ljubljana bid, you could bet the government would not withdraw funding for such a signifcantly more prestiguous event than the Universiade
  6. Of course if England chose to bid, they could host it tomorrow Wembley 90,000 The Emirates 60,342 New White Hart Lane 56,250+ Old Trafford 76,000 Etihad Stadium 48,000 St James's Park 52,000 Stadium of Light 49,000 Elland Road 40,000 Villa Park 42,000 Anfield 45,000 before we consider new stadiums or expanded stadiums such as Southampton, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham or the redeveloped Olympic stadium. As England cannot bid for the Rugby World Cup, FIFA World Cup, Summer Olympics etc for some time, then that leaves the Euros.
  7. If Italy can't host the Olympics I'd be surprised if they host the Euro's England might be a candidate - it would cost us nothing as all the stadia are already there. Germany have never held the Euro's before (they were West Germany in 1988) whilst when Spain held it in 1964, there were only 4 teams. Again they've got everything in place.
  8. Under the new 24 team format, you need to provide 9 stadiums and I think an additional 3 stadiums in reserve unless you can absolutely guarantee those 9. The capacities need to be: 2x 50,000 seats 3x 40,000 seats 4x 30,000 seats but once you take into account VIP and press, the capacity minimum tends to be about 4,000 seats higher. I think the winner of the 2020 Olympics could have an impact. If its Istanbul, Baku or Madrid, you'd think they'd struggle to host the tournament. Those expected to bid include: Georgia/Azerbaijan Croatia/Bosnia/Serbia Czech Rep / Slovakia Romania/Bulgaria Ireland/Scotland/Wales with single bids from Turkey Germany Netherlands Belgium For me Turkey are the favourites. If Istanbul is awarded 2020 then Germany look incredibly strong in the current economic climate wiith every stadium in place. If Madrid aren't awarded 2020, I'd like to see a Spanish bid. They've only held the Euros once in 1964 when there were only 4 teams and they certainly have all the necessary stadiums. A potential bid could be: Madrid Bernabeu - 80,354 Barcelona Nou Camp - 100,000 Valencia Nou Mestalla - 75,000 Sevilla La Cartuja - 57,580 Bilbao San Mames Barria - 53,000 Zaragoza La Romareda - 34,596 Elche - 38,750 Murcia - 31,179 La Coruna Riazor - 35,000 There are also extra stadiums in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville plus other new stadiums being built
  9. I'm a big fan of making things scaleable. Often a stadium is built and it is then really expensive to expand it. The Joao Havelange was built at 46,000 but easily increasable to over 60,000. Reading about athletics, have they actually settled on the site yet? It does seem ridiculous that the Skydome is possibly only going to be used for ceremonies. Why not close the roof and use all that interior space?
  10. I still don't get that once it became clear that in mid summer 2010, that Hamilton was rapidly becoming not an opton, that the Committee did not immediately pursue a waterfront option especially especially as the York location had already been rejected for a MLS and CFL stadium due to its remoteness. Whilst 2007 was an excellent stringboard for Rio successfully winning the 2016 games, 9 years later, Toronto seem to be striving for the complete opposite. Can you imagine a Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium built for 40,000 in the eastern portlands close to the village, ready to be expanded for the 2024 games? Talk about a missed opportunity. The irony is with over 3 years to go, it would be possible even now to build something similar.
  11. The concern must be that Toronto are making an absolute Horlicks of this and whether it might affect any future Olympic bid. On the negative it doesn't look too good, but I guess it could be argued that all the kinks in organising a major multi-site event were ironed out during 2015, and that a future bid would go like clockwork
  12. Well they've indicated that they want to bid - Philadelphia public officials that is. As for the main stadium, I hear what they say about the Franklin. However the Temple Owls used the Linc at the moment and might fancy getting their own stadium (they left Temple Stadium in 1977) and Villanova Wildcats who are currently looking at playing some games at the PPL because their own stadium is too small. An 80,000 (4 deck) stadium, with the top 2 decks removed post games could easily suit eithers needs.
  13. Well in terms of money you begin with COMCAST - owners of the NBC/Universal group - it is the 7th largest metropolitan economy in the USA with a total GDP of $347billion in 2010 Other huge companies on the Fortune 500 include Colonial Penn, Lincoln Financial, CIGNA, Sunoco, Boeing Rotocraft, GlaxoSmithKline (USA) etc
  14. With stunning alpine resorts and winter sports conditions within a hour ..... would seem a colossal waste
  15. Its proximity to LA counts against it. Realistically an East Coast olympics would be interesting.
  16. I think Philadelphia could be an interesting contender for 2024. The 5th largest city in the USA after Houston seems to have all the necessary requirements and is in the middle of the North East corridor. Events such as Sailing, Rowing and White Water Canoeing could be held in such locations as the Delaware Estuary, Lake Nocamixon or Peace Valley and the Schuylkill, whilst there are a number of sporting venues in place. Athletics: Franklin Field temporarily expanded to 80,000 from 52,593 The Linc: 68,500 Citizen Bank Park: 43,647 Wells Fargo Center: 20,444 Liacouras Center: 10,200 The Palestra: 8,722 The Pavillion: 6,500 Tom Gola Arena: 4,500 Short of venues for cycling and tennis, there is an existing basis for many venues and with so many local universities (Pennsylvania, Drexel, Temple, Villanova, Saint Joseph's, and La Salle) there seems plenty of post games usage opportunities.
  17. New York 2028 Even though the Jets agree to share the MetLife stadium, the get out clause is 15 years and then 5 years after that. The economic crisis will impact just as much upon residential property development as elsewhere so sites sold off may still be available. A stadium built at Hunter's Point on the East River overlooking the UN Building and Manhatten would provide a spectacular back drop. If the Jets were to agree to move in 2030 (15+5years) and the bid was to be successful in 2021, then New York could say that they had post legacy planning covered. Any Olympic village could be converted into affordable housing. The rest of the venues/arenas would be in place or could easily be developed. I think New York in 2028 could have more resonance for the IOC than potential competing bids.
  18. Cities are interested. It is inaccurate to state otherwise. However when considering the Innsbruck/Kuopio competition and what Innsbruck are going to be offering in 2012, it is hardly unreasonable to think that Lillehammer with all of the 1994 facilities still in place and recently upgraded that Lillehammer 2016 is going to be the outstanding odds on favourite - check out their bid book. It is rumoured that Lake Placid, Sofia, and Lucerne are all going to look at contesting the 2020 hosting rights. Personally I would like to see the games given to locations that would struggle to host the full games - however because all the events are included, the capital cost of building ski jumping sites and bobsleigh runs would be hard to justify if they are not already in place
  19. It could be argued that despite Turin 2006 and Albertville 1992, there hasn't been a Winter Olympics in the German speaking Alps since 1976. Part of this was due to acceptable bids but with Salzburg failing twice, then Munich, there might be sufficient impetous to give it to a Germanic area again
  20. Queenstown has even less of a vertical drop than Christchurch. Only Treble Cone could potentially do it, and unless there is a motorway and high speed rail link built across the MacKenzie it would be possible to pair the two cities together. They'd prefer to do Stockholm/Ostersund before NZ if they allowed that Auckland would need a new Athletics stadium, multiple areas plus the infrastructure Building on wasteland has actually made the London bid cheaper than it might have been. London had more venues in place than Auckland and it still hugely expensive. There is zero chance the NZ economy could afford a modern Olympic games in Auckland. Look at how much Athens cost and they had the main stadium in place!!
  21. They'll need to sort out the route to Vail first
  22. I agree BUT 1) Would they be the candidate city for 2026? I still think if Portland, Oregon made a bid to host, they'd be tough to beat, as they'll have 4 suitable arenas - Rose Garden, Memorial Coliseum, Pilots' Arena and Vikings Arena, an expanded MLS stadium based on how well their attendances are going and a Convention Centre which might possibly be reconfigured for speed skating ... 2) if USA win 2024, then it would be 2030 at the very earliest I would think
  23. LOL - I wish I was. I just look things up. Re: Munich. I know reasonably well. The rest you can find online. For example in Munich there are a number of venues that a 2022 bid might alternatively use which meant there would be less need for temporary venues
  24. Bribes. Exactly. What you don't say is that prior to getting those shady 54 votes, Salt Lake City had previously attempted to get the games in 1998 and like Pyeongchang had come very close. I don't recall Reno bidding for 2018? Also in 2002, the competition was weak with Ostersund and Sion both having legacy issues and Quebec not having a mountain. Now consider 2022 with Reno up against some major contenders like Munich and Oslo. That's a whole different scale of competition. For example with the OlympiaHalle, the OlympicEisHalle, the Audi Dome, the Olympic stadium, the Garmish Ice Hall, the Garmish SkiJump Hill, the Eistadion Inzell, and the Schonau am Konigsee, Munich could host the games tomorrow without any issue of what to build and how it might be used tomorrow. Both Munich and Oslo have full international continental airports as well.
  25. but you fail to consider the neon glitter awfulness of Reno. It will be the Atlanta of the Winter Olympics
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