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  1. Why stay in the kitchen if you don't like what's being cooked?
  2. Giving up as in giving up with this Gamesbids forum
  3. The money will replaced from elsewhere you can be assured of that - the Chinese regard a billion dollars as lose change, and I am also sure we could see an Olympics in Doha and/or Dubai and all of a sudden Al-Jarzeera becoming a major TV provider.
  4. Its just that Birmingham is not very nice (being polite) and Manchester and Glasgow are not much better and not very easy on the eye to say the least.
  5. I don't think the IOC needs the US, as much as you think. Countries like China, India, Turkey etc where there government is prepared to underwrite the costs are far more attractive. The Games won't die if NBC doesn't show up - that's 300million viewers in 7billion. Its a bit like the FIFA World Cup - if the US didn't qualify no-one would bat an eyelid. I have to ask if you've been to Birmingham, Manchester or Glasgow?
  6. Having been to many American cities in the course of work and on holiday - I think I am well into double figures - in my single visit to Minneapolis I found it to be one of my most favourite cities - rather than a lingering sense of disappointment like I felt with the likes of San Francisco, Chicago, New York where my expectations might have been unnecessarily high, I personally felt it was somewhere that even an anti-American would have to work hard to pick holes. Which is why I'd really like it as a host even if it might not be grand enough for the USOC - if it was a candidate city I think it would do your country proud. p.s. I was working for RBC Wealth Management at the time
  7. FYI you haven't mentioned why you have used a single newspaper article referring to a 2020 bid when it this article is 2024/2028 i.e. looking further forward. Clearly you didn't look at the second pdf which was all about a future transportation plan which obviously would be implemented. As for accommodation, as the city has previously held nationwide events including the SuperBowl they clearly aren't massively far away. The IOC require 40,000 hotel rooms or similar dwellings - to host the SuperBowl there must be at least 25,000 rooms within 60mins and 6 years ago Minneapolis was looking into a major room building programme Well thankfully then we aren't likely to see an American summer bid for at least 50years then
  8. 'Joint bids by 2 member associations are permitted and, under exceptional circumstances, joint bids by 3 member associations may be considered.'
  9. The reason why Chicago didn't use Soldier Field is because the capacity was maxed out at 61,500 - take out 10,000 seats and they could not get above 50,000 seats The use of the TCF Bank stadium would be no worst than the angles of view when Turner Field was used in Atlanta. Not the best stadium but it fitted the IOCs requirements. As you are aware, Hampden Park is an exception to European stadiums where there is that gap. 99% of stadiums are the same as in the USA and in fact a number of clubs are redeveloping their stadium to remove the gap. A better example would be Wembley Stadium - a deck solution for athletics was suggested here and would have taken up 10,000 seats In the end London went for a new Olympic stadium and it has been suggested that maybe that wasn't the best route considering the problems they've since encountered. As TCF Bank Stadium is approved for FIFA sized foootball pitches then the aspects would be similar. The proposal was for temp platform. In Madrid's 2020 bid they are going for a more semi-permanent solution where the track would be there for a year before being removed. As Rogge has said that he wants future games to have a reduced environment footprint, realistically every US city will need to consider this as an option as realistically the only stadium which exists is the LA Coliseum and the USC Trojans want that converted into a football only stadium, removing the distance caused by the track. The advantage of the TCF was that it was all designed to be built upwards. As the technology exists, I cannot understand why posters think it is a foolish idea especially as it will be substantially cheaper than building a $1bn stadium which will struggle to find a tennant post games. I wouldn't have even suggested it if the technology did not exist to do it. The Salt Lake Center aka Energy Solutions Arena was one of those arenas designed for basketball usage only. A more modern example is AT&T Center in San Antonio where the capacity between basketball and ice hockey - only 1000 seats in most arenas is significantly larger at these locations because there is no extra tennant and in fact no plans to have an extra ice hockey tennant
  10. It was designed to be cheap to be expanded. It was architecturally designed to accommodate the extra deck around those horse shoe. The reason why they didnt go to 80,000 straight away is because of declining numbers when they were in the Metrodome, As for Ingress and Egress, I can't see how the Scots and Spanish can come up with a workable plan but you Americans think it isn't possible
  11. You are aware that the TCF Bank Stadium was designed to be expandable to 80,000 seats? http://www.leg.state.mn.us/docs/2004/other/040634/Stadium/www.stadium.state.mn.us/proposals/starting_line.pdf It is part of the original bluprints. I am sure they factored in all of your concerns. So even if the first 10,000 seats are used, we're talking at least 70,000 seats In fact there is already discussion about using some of that expandable capacity when the Vikings play there while the Mall of America Metrodome is being rebuilt Sorry here is the correct link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCF_Bank_Stadium and here is information from Gophers fans about how this would be done http://www.forums.gopherhole.com/boards/showthread.php?7761-TCF-Bank-Stadium-expansion
  12. Lets just block each other If you don't personally insult people, you never need to apologise
  13. Why am I supposed to be interested or even bothered whether you are losing your cool or patience? If you are awaiting an apology, I hope you are not holding your breath. I stand 100% behind what I have said However I am interested to see that when scores measuring the Chicago bid are lower than you think because of the USOC-IOC argument on revenue and that some how there was an anti-Chicago secret campaign, I think it can be clearly seen who is not talking commonsense. Your apology is not accepted.
  14. NY - the world's greatest metropolis? The world's biggest yes but only that. They were contending against 3 of the world's greatest cities in the form of London, Paris and Madrid yet again were only 4th in the evaluation stakes. Chicago - received a bid score of 7.0 overall significantly less than both Madrid (8.1) and Tokyo (8.3) and only just ahead of Rio (6.4) - Chicago was overall closer to Rio than it was to Madrid. In 2012, London was also third, but it was closer to the top two than Chicago was. In all of the bidding catergories Chicago never had the highest score in a single critieria (neither did Rio to be honest) - Madrid had 4, Tokyo 3 and they shared first place 3 times. Chicago was better in most areas than Rio, but interestingly in each area fell behind Tokyo and Madrid - in the all important government support criteria that the IOC loves it was fifth behind Madrid, Tokyo and Rio and Doha. This is crucial when a bid includes the ludicrously cheap proposal for a 80,000 seat stadium costing $366m Even if Rio had not been contending, Chicago's bid would still have been inferior to Madrid and Tokyo and we'd likely be looking at Tokyo 2016. What I find shocking is that overall in 2012, New York scored 7.5 so were closer to the front runners than Chicago who only scored a 7.0 - bids tend to need to move forward, not slide backwards ..... For the world's greatest nation, anything which is not technically the best is IMO a sorry state of affairs. I appreciate that there is no official USOC bid for 2022 yet and that the USOC can only choose from those who express an interest but none of them seemed to be on a par with what Europe appear to be putting forward, so the USOC have a choice - not to bid, or to put forward a likely loser, which either way is a sorry state of affairs.
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