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  1. 'Joint bids by 2 member associations are permitted and, under exceptional circumstances, joint bids by 3 member associations may be considered.'
  2. Lets just block each other If you don't personally insult people, you never need to apologise
  3. Why am I supposed to be interested or even bothered whether you are losing your cool or patience? If you are awaiting an apology, I hope you are not holding your breath. I stand 100% behind what I have said However I am interested to see that when scores measuring the Chicago bid are lower than you think because of the USOC-IOC argument on revenue and that some how there was an anti-Chicago secret campaign, I think it can be clearly seen who is not talking commonsense. Your apology is not accepted.
  4. NY - the world's greatest metropolis? The world's biggest yes but only that. They were contending against 3 of the world's greatest cities in the form of London, Paris and Madrid yet again were only 4th in the evaluation stakes. Chicago - received a bid score of 7.0 overall significantly less than both Madrid (8.1) and Tokyo (8.3) and only just ahead of Rio (6.4) - Chicago was overall closer to Rio than it was to Madrid. In 2012, London was also third, but it was closer to the top two than Chicago was. In all of the bidding catergories Chicago never had the highest score in a single critieri
  5. NY's bid was scuppered by the West Side stadium debacle, and I find it surprising that they were even considered by the USOC - it was suggested that when they bid in 2005 because it was the first campaign after 9/11 that they would get support because of this and realistically they took their eye off the basis. As for Chicago, it did seem they were taking their candidature for granted much like England in the FIFA 2018 debacle. Key issues such as visas etc were not dealt with, and again the stadium solution seemed very mediocre - London got away with their solution but it wasn't going to work
  6. It is to be expencted that when bids are discussed, the competition is mentioned and that certain posts will centre on the pros and cons of alternatives.
  7. Oslo has one of the world's leading Winter Sports nations - and they've even now got an up and coming Ice Hockey team could easily deserve another Winter Olympics especially as it will be 28years since they last held it. As for the Swiss, they've actually been quite clever in bidding with Graubunden. With the exception of Valais it was the most clever location. The problem with Geneva and Berne before it, has been the location of events in different cantons, meaning all had to vote in favour. Host the games in one canton, and you've only got one referendum to win. As for Barcelona-La Molina,
  8. If Munich doesn't bid.... 1. St Moritz-Davos 2. Oslo 3. Barcelona-La Molina
  9. Nice video showing several Oslo 2022 possible venues http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh_xdfUpjmI
  10. I'm aware of the weaknesses of Burlington but it has a suitably sized metro area. When there is talk of a New England bid the only two realistic contenders are them and Portland, Maine as they are within the 100-110miles of the necessary distance of 800m. If the East Coast want to hold another Olympics, Albany it way too far way so it would have to be a Lake Placid/Burlington event or something done by Maine - Portland did look at the WYOG not long ago Personally I wouldn't miss a wink of sleep if the USA didn't hold another Olympics until 2094 or 2096
  11. No, what I was suggesting is that cities capable of hosting a Winter Olympics undoubtedly consider it as a possibility especially if their winter sports exposure increases. If Seattle gets a NHL team, that might change their perspective. As it is, the USA are putting forward a sorry group of candidates all with significant baggage. I'd even suggest Burlington, Vermont might be a better location. At the moment Denver is in the box seat but if they add Colorado Springs it could leave them dead in the water.
  12. A potential 'Kalmar' bid could be interesting. When we consider a 16 team tournament with two hosts has 14 places, a 24 team tournament with 3 hosts still leaves 21 places. Sweden are desperate to hold a football tournament again and have tried to bid with Norway, Denmark as well as the entire Nordic area. I think they could pull it off. Sweden Solna - Swedbank Arena 50,000 Gothenburg - Ullevi 43,000 either Stockholm with the new Stockholmsarenan (30,000) and/or an expanded Malmo Swedbank Stadion (24,000) Norway Oslo - new National Stadium - 50,000 Trondheim - Lerkenhal - 35,000 - 40,0
  13. The problem is if Barcelona or Oslo or St Moritz win the rights to 2022, then it will be 2030 or maybe even 2034 before Munich would like host again with North America in 2026 and maybe someone like China in 2030
  14. If Colorado Springs is included, in my opinion, it will severely damage Denver's bid if they are up against more compact bids from Switzerland, Norway and even Spain. It is already almost 100miles between Denver and the alpine resorts and adding an extra 60miles to include Colorado Springs makes it all a little ludicrous.
  15. I'd stand by the idea that as with Lillehammer-Hamar-Gjorvik, everything was catered for, by adding Chur even if its not on the bid name or in the initial plans, they don't really increase the size of the bid, again add to the legacy with a permanent site and by including the largest city in the canton, likely increase public support.
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