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  1. 'Joint bids by 2 member associations are permitted and, under exceptional circumstances, joint bids by 3 member associations may be considered.'
  2. Nice video showing several Oslo 2022 possible venues http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh_xdfUpjmI
  3. A potential 'Kalmar' bid could be interesting. When we consider a 16 team tournament with two hosts has 14 places, a 24 team tournament with 3 hosts still leaves 21 places. Sweden are desperate to hold a football tournament again and have tried to bid with Norway, Denmark as well as the entire Nordic area. I think they could pull it off. Sweden Solna - Swedbank Arena 50,000 Gothenburg - Ullevi 43,000 either Stockholm with the new Stockholmsarenan (30,000) and/or an expanded Malmo Swedbank Stadion (24,000) Norway Oslo - new National Stadium - 50,000 Trondheim - Lerkenhal - 35,000 - 40,0
  4. The problem is if Barcelona or Oslo or St Moritz win the rights to 2022, then it will be 2030 or maybe even 2034 before Munich would like host again with North America in 2026 and maybe someone like China in 2030
  5. I'd stand by the idea that as with Lillehammer-Hamar-Gjorvik, everything was catered for, by adding Chur even if its not on the bid name or in the initial plans, they don't really increase the size of the bid, again add to the legacy with a permanent site and by including the largest city in the canton, likely increase public support.
  6. So the Ice Hockey 2 stadium will be the Valiant And the Curling can be a training arena/used by high schools The Speed Skating arena can become a conference centre And the Figure Skating arena can be downsized and used by HC St Moritz. .............. what about Ice Hockey 1 arena?
  7. They need 5 indoor venues Do you think Davos with a population of 11,000 people can have 5 indoor venues? At one point they were talking of holding some ice events in Zurch !!! The minimum IOC requirements are; Figure Skating: 12,000 seats Ice Hockey Lge: 10,000 seats Speed Skating: 8,000 seats Ice Hockey Sml: 6,000 seats Curling: 3,000 seats I'd like to know how you think they are going to meet these requirments The bid once it is put forward by the Swiss Olympic committee will undoubtedly be amended if it becomes the official candidate
  8. I think they are calling it Graubunden as they want to include Chur, the largest city in the region with about 34,000 people. Even then the overall size of the bid is not very big St.Moritz - Chur (78km) - Klosters (46km) - Davos (12km) - St Mortiz (68km) a total of 204km which is less than Denver to the closest resort and back again Within this group are 4 Ice Hockey teams all of who could use any new arenas built as well as renowned currently open air speed skating rink For me the Graubunden label is a good one.
  9. I think several cities pulled out because of other commitments or a lack of government support. In 2014, there were 3 candidates in the bidding process, but another 4 submitted official bids but were not shortlisted to go to the next stage.
  10. How can you block a particular user and their obnoxious attitude?
  11. I don't even think they've broken ground yet. The decision is made on 7 September 2013 and I would love it if the city waited until then, though of course they can clear the existing stadium Ideally what they should design is something like the Moses Mabida Stadium with modular and movable seating - a stadium which can be built to hold 80,000 fans, but can have the top tier removed taking the capacity down to 54,000 If it is built with a movable stand section like the Stade de France, Singapore Sports Hub, Stadium Australia etc, the football only capacity could be increased to about 66,000 s
  12. Pyeongchang is a county not a particular town or city
  13. So is the actual 2022 Winter Olympics
  14. Of course the Stade de France would be renovated in much the same way as Istanbul propose to renovate the Ataturk and Tokyo are now proposing to renovate their Olympic stadium though this is more a case of demolish and rebuild. If you consider the LA Coliseum, used in 1932 was used again 52years later, there is no reason why a 26year old stadium can't be given a 'lick of paint' rather than unnecessarily build a new venue.
  15. Denver and Berne have previously withdrawn from competitions and its not affected them. I think 2 years away in 2013, and lets say a minimum 10 years away in 2022 are different questions. Unlike Maribor, Ljubljana is the capital city with a population 3x the size. There are already sports venues in place in the capital which could be used, and a sporting culture that could use all of the facilities post games. There is a world class ski jumping venue at Planica with hills of HS215, HS140 and HS100, and a stadium with a 30,000 capacity. Kranjska Gora already hosts annual World Cup slalom ev
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