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  1. Good Evening Europe! It’s so exciting to be joining you from Down Under here in Darwin! Here are our results! Russia – 1 Point San Marino – 2 Points Israel – 3 Points Norway – 4 Points Ireland – 5 Points Denmark – 6 Points Malta – 7 Points Germany – 8 Points Sweden – 10 Points And finally our 12 Points go to Ukraine!!! Beautiful Song!! I will be happy if any of my top 10 win to be honest, though if Malta or San Marino (tough chance) win, I will be extra happy – because they would be a first time winner!! Thank You!
  2. G’day from Down Under! Thank you for a wonderful show! Here are the votes from people of Darwin: As always, good luck to all competitors! Azerbaijan – 1 Point Iceland – 2 Points Romania – 3 Points Latvia – 4 Points Norway – 5 Points San Marino – 6 Points Greece – 7 Points Bulgaria – 8 Points Israel – 10 Points And finally our 12 Points go to MALTA!! All the Best Gianluca!! Thank You!
  3. Good Day! From Down Under! You Swedes certainly know how to put on an Amazing Show! Here are the votes from Darwin: Austria – 1 Point Estonia – 2 Points Belarus – 3 Points Serbia – 4 Points Slovenia – 5 Points Ireland – 6 Points Russia – 7 Points Cyprus – 8 Points Denmark – 10 Points And finally, our 12 Points go to UKRAINE!! Go Zlata!! Thank You and Goodnight!
  4. Hey All, I voted Yes. Even though I do not compete in these things, I find it very interesting to read all about them. Lord David, Good Luck with Darwin.... it's my home town!! Anyways, all the best to everyone in this comp!
  5. I had to wake up at 5am this morning to watch the ceremony and even got to work late... do I regret it..... NOPE!!! I LOVED IT!!! While Sydney 2000 will always hold a special place in my heart, London's Closing was AWESOME!!! All the songs were great, I loved Emeli's performance, the Spice Girls were great too IMO and I was genuinely sad to see the flame go out. I didn't get the fire-bird segment, but the ballet dancers were interesting. Eric Idle's segment was hilarious and I loved the Giant Inflatable Octopus that came out during Fat Boy Slim's performance. Also, was a surprise to see BON
  6. I'm not too familiar with Muse, but from what I can hear from 'Survival', I certainly would place them on my iPod. Its a different Olympic song then what I am used to, but I will reserve more of my judgement for when I see it being performed.
  7. I quite liked Italy too..... a Top 10 finish is a good result though. I would've liked to see Cyprus and Romania do as well, but ohwell. Australia competing in Eurovision???? While I like the idea, I wonder how big the viewing figures is going to be, since it being a LIVE event, and us being quite a few hours ahead. That said, I would totally watch it, even if is was late. The time difference would affect the voting too I guess, unless we have our votes preprepared ahead of time. If we do compete, at least we will get it live, instead of the next day. I do wonder if we were to compete, what
  8. Found this Seoul 1988 torch on eBay: http://www.ebay.com....=item41674ee2e6 There is a Sydney 2000 on at the moment too... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/221057289248?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 It might just be me but for some reason, when I look at the photos provided by the seller it looks like the torch is shorter then usual.... especially prominent in the second picture where the torch is open.
  9. I saw one on eBay recently, it went for around $1500ish, or maybe it was around 1600ish. The only thing was, it had a few flaws..... for one, the white paint on the bottom was chipped off and it was clearly burned (the top was dirty). Though I guess to some people, a torch is a torch...... But that's just me, I like my things in at least good condition. Those Commonwealth games batons? Isn't there only just one used in the entire relay? Or are we talking about replicas?? Would be awesome to own one....
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering... What do you reckon is a good price for a good Sydney 2000 torch? That Barcelona one is stunning... but yeah, a bit too exy for even me....
  11. Thanks, Man! Its going to take me awhile to save up for another one.... I was meaning to ask you, why do you have the bid logos from 2012 in your signature? Just wondering...... But yeah, definately tempted by a few of the other torches on ebay at the moment. Though I guess being an Olympic year, its torch season on there.
  12. I just saw the stadium with the field in it! It looks amazing!! IMO London 2012 is shaping up to be a AWESOME show, the field reminds me of the opening from "The Vicar of Dibley" (I love the show). If only I lived in the UK and had the time to volunteer.
  13. I recently obtained a Vancouver 2010 torch , and OMG, I love it to bits! Its my first torch. I actually felt light headed when I held it up (and struck a pose, behind closed doors.... , lol), I never relised how big it actually is. Questions for other torch owners... How did you feel when you obtained your first torch? How big is your collection ? and whats the one torch you want (if you don't already have it) above all others? My dream torch would have to be a Sydney one, solely because its the only one I have seen in real life, when it passed through my town of Katherine,NT back in 20
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