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  1. Hi, I am looking for the Coca Cola Day 6 Vancouver pin at a reasonable price. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Finally got my book today from the vancouver 2010 store after ordering the book a year ago (good grief) with my tickets. Blows my mind how the first to order would be the last to get them (Yes, I understand the 4 minute DVD was a special gift to the preorders/online purchases, but still) . I have taken a sneak peek at the book and it is outstanding
  3. Anyone know the phone number for VANOCs online store. I purchased the book when I bought some tickets back in july of last year and those e-mails are in limbo after my computer crashed. I have not received any followup e-mails saying my book has been shipped.
  4. How did the checks come (Purolator?). I gave them my PO Box address in addition to my street address. No check sent my way yet (its the 14th I know, so not overly concerned) and the tickets.com e-mail and phone numbers are now both dead
  5. This may seem like a stupid question, but does anyone know if South Africa has any pins made up for the World Cup. If possible I would like to get a complete set of pins with all of the countries competing. I am also looking for a 2006 set, as I have souvenirs from France 98 (beautiful pin set) and Korea/Japan 02. I went on FIFA web page and have e-mailed some of the soccer federations, but with no replies yet
  6. Just e-mailed them tonight and got this response The Vancouver 2010 Ticketing Call Centre is no longer open and this e-mail account has been closed. If you are inquiring about cancelled standing room Cypress Mountain sessions or cancelled Paralympic Alpine Skiing sessions, refunds were issued directly to credit cards in April. Cheque refunds for these sessions were sent in early May. If you are inquiring about your Fan-to-Fan reimbursement, cheques were sent between April 30 and May 11. **Please do not respond to this e-mail**
  7. I don't know. Adversely, I have only watched the opening ceremonies 2 disc part(IMO justified). The Phelps story devoted to one DVD is arguable since it a) was a big deal (Usain Bolts 2 races are covered IIRC on the highlights DVD) and DVD set aimed to US market Thinking about the CTV DVD set I think you will get entire Opening and closing ceremony - guaranteed for Olympics, doubtful for Paralympics entire runs/races of where Canada won a medal (except curling which IMO will just show highlights) and medal ceremonies - possible entire Men's/Womens gold medal games for hockey - very prob
  8. Thanks. Both the DVD set and the book should be really well done. Was debating getting the NBC Vancouver DVD as well. I was a little disappointed to hear that it is not as packed as the Beijing set, nor is it as big on content(is it true its only 1 DVD?). If anyone has the NBC DVD, is it worth it?
  9. the cheque from VANOC from the ticket marketplace? the CTV Olympics DVD set? the coffeetable book from VANOC?
  10. I would, but it only looks like a 1 DVD package. I was hoping that they would would have more than just highlights and have something similar to the Beijing 4 DVD set
  11. If anyone could post a link to NBC's vid on Rochette tonight that Canadians can access, it would be appreciated
  12. I want to thank everybody for their assistance in both collecting pins and their advice. I gave a shout out to the website as well. here is what I wrote, but was edited by the newspaper: Pin trading mania "Olympic pin trading is "like another event" The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are underway, but the first event started months ago. I have been collecting Olympic pins since 2004, but when Vancouver was awarded the 2010 Games, I went into Olympic mania. I was tuned onto the pin collecting craze with the help of banners on gamesbids.com, an Olympics fanatics site where, among othe
  13. To add to that, the mens and womens long track speedskating relay, and the men's short track relay
  14. Well, you have two options, One, at some places (McDonalds/Tim Hortons, etc), you can use US cash, but you will get change closer to parity with the Canadian dollar Two, Using the currency converter places at the airport, banks and a couple of places downtown (Granville St has one next to a Burger King downtown. IIRC it is a block from the Bay Superstore) Hope this helps
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