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  1. I keep saying this and I keep hearing the same arguements. Toronto has as much of a chance to win 2020 if they choose to bid for it!!! Arguements about that it would be too close to Vancouver 2010 or the PanAms in 2015 don't really make that much sense based on previous bid winners. In fact, one post actually mentioned that 2020 will be in Europe because the European IOC voters expect the games every ten years... absurd. IF and I say "if" Toronto were to bid for 2020? This bid would resemble what they put forth for the 2008 bid (close to the waterfront, near the downtown core and quite ac
  2. I still don't understand the comments from many that say Toronto is a NO for 2020? Why not? Some would argue that it is too close to Vancouver 2010 and most of that argument was based on the situation before those games began....and what a games it was!!!! Everything was completed, sure there were some changes to the schedules, but most winter games have had to do this. I didn't hear too many complaints from athletes that said "I lost today because of the schedule". There has not been a North American city to host the SOG since 1996 (Atlanta) and this being said, it will be quite likely t
  3. China has a vast population, and are starting to become a world power in sporting events. However, China relies completely on the western world to export their wares.... they might have the cheap labour, but without the world to buy the items they are selling, they are NOTHING. Perhaps that is the boycott that should be initiated? China has always had problems with the Tibet situation. Also with the taipei situation. Now they have Hong Kong back....but things are quite different with the H.K issue. Hong Kong has been allowed to continue in the way they had before the UK's lease on the re
  4. When the IOC announced that Beijing would host the summer games of 2008 over Toronto. Very few people batted an eye. This was a forgone conclusion. At that time, everyone knew the atrocities of human rights that were going on in China. Not only dealing with the Tibet issue, but also with Chinese Taipai.....who wanted to autonomy and wanted to enter their own team at Olympic games for many years. Not to mention the rights of their OWN people within the borders of China. Now, the games are quickly approaching. The Tibet situation is on the front pages of many global newspapers. Yet, the I
  5. If Athens had won 1996...and they should have. I believe that the following would have happened.... 1996 Athens, Greece 2000 Sydney, Australia 2004 Toronto, Canada 2008 Beijing, China 2012 Paris, France If Atlanta had lost 1996. They would not be in the mix again. The USOC would go to another city. They chose wisely for the 1996 campain. The only US city with BIG Sponsors headquarters and a BIG backer (Ted Turner) that could land the games only after 12 years since Los Angeles. Without either of those things... Atlanta would not have made it past the first vote. Thus leaving
  6. First of all... I respect nzolympics statement that it might bankrupt the country to hold an olympic games either winter or summer. I think that New Zealand could put on a good show for either. I think New Zealand is an undiscovered entity when it comes to Olympic Games bidding. They have, however, pulled off great commonwealth games. 2 in Auckland and one in Christchruch. Although they are not quite on the same scale, they 're pretty close. It would be nice to see someone else in Oceana to host other than Australia. Although Australia has always done a GREAT job. I look at the Olymp
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