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  1. I keep saying this and I keep hearing the same arguements. Toronto has as much of a chance to win 2020 if they choose to bid for it!!! Arguements about that it would be too close to Vancouver 2010 or the PanAms in 2015 don't really make that much sense based on previous bid winners. In fact, one post actually mentioned that 2020 will be in Europe because the European IOC voters expect the games every ten years... absurd. IF and I say "if" Toronto were to bid for 2020? This bid would resemble what they put forth for the 2008 bid (close to the waterfront, near the downtown core and quite accessible to Public Transit and Hotels). This land has barely been touch and has "Olympics" written all over it! In fact, none of this area is being used for the 2015 PanAM Games. Toronto will build a NEW Athletics Facility that will be used for Track and Field, Opening/Closing Ceremonies and the Football (soccer) Final (the PanAM facility will not be used except for soccer and maybe Field Hockey). They will build a NEW Aquatic Centre that will host Swimming and Diving. (the new UofT Centre will host synchro and Water Polo events) Toronto will not need a Veledrome since a new one is being built in Hamilton. (Keep in mind that Hamilton is close to Toronto.... and in 1976, the Sailing events were not held in Montreal!!! They were held in Kingston, Ontario. Rio won the 2016 Games based on two facts... the continent had never hosted a SOG and they had the facilities built after they hosted the PanAM Games in 2007. Toronto has hosted several World Class Triathlons on the Lake Ontario Waterfront so I can see Ontario Place running this (as well as Beach Vball) As for the other events needed... Toronto has pretty much everything in place to do this (or will have these facilities completed) well before the IOC makes their visits to inspect the projects that will be needed for a successfull games. As for Finances, you can see it anyway you want? Canada is practically the only country in the World that didn't really suffer over the recession of 2009-10. (we saw few to none forclosures on houses because of ridiculous banks lending money to people who couldn't afford it) Lastly... to those people who mentioned spending the money on those less fortunate instead of "wasting" money on this bid effort or establishing the games if they are actually won.... I have to note the buses of the homeless moved out of Atlanta and Beijing before the games began (so that foreign visitors would not feel uncomfortable) How much money did that cost??? Based on the Cities that have expressed an interest in bidding, it seems that Toronto will have a very good shot at winning. Look at the Toronto bid book from 2008's bid and discuss the "flaws"? Even though the IOC stated they had the best "compact" bid for 2008!!! (and were approached by many IOC members with the sentiment that they should come back VERY soon) 2020 is VERY soon!!! 2008's bid was bad timing for Toronto (or any other city) with Beijings bid. It was time that the IOC went to the most populous country in the world for 2008. With that being said, it was with the same sentiment that Rio is hosting 2016 (time to go to South America). With that being said, some might argue that Africa will be the next move? I cannot see this before the 2030's or before the Continent is at least even close to the financial viability as South America (not just one or two countries) That is my opinion and it seems quite logical. Winning a bid for an Olympic Games is almost always a popularity contest. The best bid doesn't always win and the IOC is very unpredictable!!! (ask Paris) You cannot win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket!!! This IS a lottery!!! You might have the most ticket (or votes) but the numbers change and just when you think you have it "in the bag" you lose!!! (ask Paris... or even Athens in 1996) So state your opinions based on facts... not just "it's this continents time"? Look at the positives for each potential bid and weigh them against the other bids. Then come to your conclusions
  2. I still don't understand the comments from many that say Toronto is a NO for 2020? Why not? Some would argue that it is too close to Vancouver 2010 and most of that argument was based on the situation before those games began....and what a games it was!!!! Everything was completed, sure there were some changes to the schedules, but most winter games have had to do this. I didn't hear too many complaints from athletes that said "I lost today because of the schedule". There has not been a North American city to host the SOG since 1996 (Atlanta) and this being said, it will be quite likely that a North American city should win the 2020 bid. If the US can host 1996 in Atlanta and then again in 2002 in Salt Lake (6 years apart), why can't Canada host 2010 in Vancouver and 2020 in Toronto (10 years apart)? Who will be the likely candidates from North America for the 2020 race? The COC has already started the wheels for Toronto to bid for these games. I would think that the Americans will put up a candidate as well? Most likely recycling New York and Chicago, and possibly adding San Francisco. All the other talk from the US that includes Tulsa, etc. is just a joke!!! What the US and Canada need to worry about is a bid from Mexico and/or the Caribbean countries. Jamaica and Cuba could host and would certainly benefit MORE than the other 2!!! Jamaica hosted a Commonwealth games, Cuba hosted a Pan Ams...so why not either of these two? Toronto will be a strong competitor if they chose to bid for 2020. (city elections are coming up this year) So we will have to see if the new Mayor will promote this endeavour. just a thought
  3. China has a vast population, and are starting to become a world power in sporting events. However, China relies completely on the western world to export their wares.... they might have the cheap labour, but without the world to buy the items they are selling, they are NOTHING. Perhaps that is the boycott that should be initiated? China has always had problems with the Tibet situation. Also with the taipei situation. Now they have Hong Kong back....but things are quite different with the H.K issue. Hong Kong has been allowed to continue in the way they had before the UK's lease on the region ran out. Talk about human rights....China is NOW figuring out that although they have a populous problem, they are now figuring out that there are not enough females around to maintain the population (in fact, the numbers are falling now) After all of the years of giving up female small children for adoption, you might think this would be a problem later China claims to be a communist country....only one of about 5-6 that still exist (Cuba, North Korea, etc) at which point will they get it??? The problems with Tibet have been going on for quite some time. As I have posted already.... this has been an excellent opportunity for the revolutionaries in Tibet to make a stand. With the Olympics coming, the world is watching. China will have to change it's ways or reap the wrath of the free world!!!! Perhaps go back to Sydney for the games? Or another country that has the facilities to host them..... China was a mistake from the start.
  4. When the IOC announced that Beijing would host the summer games of 2008 over Toronto. Very few people batted an eye. This was a forgone conclusion. At that time, everyone knew the atrocities of human rights that were going on in China. Not only dealing with the Tibet issue, but also with Chinese Taipai.....who wanted to autonomy and wanted to enter their own team at Olympic games for many years. Not to mention the rights of their OWN people within the borders of China. Now, the games are quickly approaching. The Tibet situation is on the front pages of many global newspapers. Yet, the IOC is anticipating the Beijing games with an open heart. Practically ignoring the situations going on. However, a peaceful games doesn't really seem to be on the horizon for Beijing. Actionarys in Tibet have chosen a great time for this uprising (again) right before the games. Bringing the world's eyes on China's Human Rights situation again...... A boycott isn't going to happen. I just cannot see this being a successfull show of support for Tibet. The world's athletes have been gearing up for this Olympic year for some time now. After unsuccessful boycotts of 1976, 1980 and 1984. Only the athletes suffer. I do like the idea of the world's dignataries boycotting the Opening Ceremonies. This could send a very direct message.
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