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  1. Frohe Weihnachten friends!

  2. Even in some European countries Spain, Italy, etc... as for here, Germany will be half half (except if Munich hosts)
  3. Advertising and tv broadcasting will be a mess. The WC could outshine WOG in term of tv audiences in some countries.
  4. What if the IOC selects Chile or NZL to avoid this conflict? But a December edition in Munich would be very charming too.
  5. LA is perfect for 2024. But venues too spread and they need to improve public transport.
  6. France might bid too. Personally Australia or Poland will get it, too much for Brazil and Japan.
  7. The only baseball stadium used in 2022 bis was RFK in DC. Not big deal, they can replace DC with Baltimore and problem solved.
  8. Munich 2022 may have more public support than in 2018, I hate comparissions but this may be something like Tokyo: back in 2009 they were the strongest bid technically but lost to sentimental favourite Rio (Pyeongchang) and in 2013 they came back stronger to win.
  9. I heared that there will be a referendum until November, but it will be easier aside with Bavarian elections. But I can guarantee Munich will bid, strong.
  10. Personally, Boston is an excelent choice (only work on minor issues). Only Boston or San Francisco sound sexy for me.
  11. JA! Deutschland 2024 na gut. Germany will be ready to host Euro 2024, if you ask me this will be a good plan taking in mind that 10 stadiums could be allowed: - Berlin, Olympiastadio 74,000 - Munich, Allianz Arena 71,000 - Dortmund, Signal Iduna Park 66,000 - Stuttgart, Mercedes Benz Arena 60,000 - Düsseldorf, Espirit Arena 54,000 - Hamburg, Imtech Arena 52,000 - Frankfurt, Commerzbank Arena 51,000 - Hannover, AWD Arena 46,000 - Leipzig, Red Bull Arena 44,000 I am missing one venue but can0t decide if Freiburg (upgrade stadium, but nice city in BW), Mönchengladbach (big stadium), Nürnberg.
  12. Tickets in hand for Germany-Paraguay this August 14th in Kaiserslautern

  13. Why do I prefer the Aquatics Centre on legacy mode?
  14. Berlin, Paris, London, St. Moritz, Innsbruck, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Atlanta (Airport). And in a short future Barcelona.
  15. Pep Guardiola is going to Bayern Munich, it will help a lot on German football.

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