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  1. stark

    Stadium progress

    I am a little lost, how is the situation with Sao Paulo stadium going on? Construction will be delayed?
  2. Frohe Weihnachten friends!

  3. Hanyu and Tatsuki, both confident performances.
  4. stark

    Oslo 2022 - No Major Weaknesses

    Only weakness is that the rest of bidders haven't host winter olympics yet. Norways does.
  5. stark

    Qatar 2022

    Even in some European countries Spain, Italy, etc... as for here, Germany will be half half (except if Munich hosts)
  6. Fingers crossed for Burkina. The Ghana-Egypt match is nearlly unpredictable.
  7. stark

    Euro 2020

    Does the tournament will be advertised as like CL "Euro 2020 final ****"?
  8. stark

    Qatar 2022

    Advertising and tv broadcasting will be a mess. The WC could outshine WOG in term of tv audiences in some countries.
  9. stark

    Baku may bid for Olympics 2024

    Baku will return better than 2016 and 2020 but wont make the cut again. Specially when 2024 is shaping up to be a very strong race.
  10. stark

    Qatar 2022

    What if the IOC selects Chile or NZL to avoid this conflict? But a December edition in Munich would be very charming too.
  11. stark

    Euro 2020

    Why not Baku? Is not Europe technically, a once in a lifetime experience to give the finals to a city that hasn't any chance otherwise.
  12. France, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil and Philppines. One of them will win.
  13. They will get it, is the olympic capital afterall.
  14. LA is perfect for 2024. But venues too spread and they need to improve public transport.
  15. stark

    Euro 2020

    2024 will be guaranteed for Turkey if they bid. And Baku sounds a choice UEFA will like for 2020 final.