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  1. Excuse me? You insult and devalue the athletes all the time. If you had your way, there would be NO athletes in the Olympic Games. Typical Baron, talking out of both sides of his mouth.
  2. Seems like the Aquatics center went from being a square box to something sort of resembling the London velodrome.
  3. The last thing the world needs is ANOTHER multi sport event. Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, African Games, Medi-fucking-terranean games, YOG's. The list goes on ad-nauseam. All of them completely superfluous and unnecessary. Get rid of them all. The Olympic Games and the World Championships for each sport are more than enough. Oh, and someone tell FIS that in an Olympic year, *you don't need to have a freaking world championships*. I meant ISU, not FIS.
  4. Fly is my most admired stroke. Very cool stroke that's fun to do - when you don't start DYING ~12 meters (long course) from the wall (like I always do ) Most difficult and strenuous stroke, lots of upper body strength and core. I love beautiful freestyle form, however. Did you see Sun Yang set a new WR in the 1500m free this morning/tonight in Shanghai? He seemed to effortlessly glide through the water. Looked really nice.
  5. I agree with you kevzz. Just finished watching FINA Worlds and I didn't care for the temp pool in the cavernous sports arena. The Water Cube was huge but MADE For swimming.
  6. Rome *was* outdoors, and it was supposed to be the last one *uncovered*. You could still be outdoors. Barcelona was a last minute replacement for 2013 so they are going to be uncovered again too, I believe, but there shouldn't be any more.
  7. Huh??? I'm a registered member of USMS and swim with a local masters team. How much of your life did you waste not doing any exercise? I mean, you're still fat....would love to get a look at your technique, and btw, how's your 'fly?
  8. Well for those that may be unfamiliar: Lanes are always numbered 1-8, or 0-9 (for Worlds and Olympics) from right to left on the end that the swimmers are starting from. Swimmers are always seeded in the lanes thus: Lanes: RIGHT 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 LEFT Seeds: RIGHT 0 7 5 3 1 2 4 6 8 0 LEFT Lanes 4 and 5 are marked by three yellow lane lines. Lanes 3 and 6 are marked by yellow and blue lines. Lanes 2 and 7 are marked by blue lines Lanes 1 and 8 are marked by blue and green lines There is usually a red mark on the lane lines 15 meters from the end walls. This marks t
  9. If you don't know swimming very well, I can see that it might be hard to follow. You have to understand which way the lanes are numbered, and how the swimmers are seeded in the lanes, and how to keep track of which lanes are which (hint: the lane lines are colored, and there are other markers). Agreed with this about London, I've always maintained it's success after the games.
  10. Okay Fair enough. Beijing still offered a better spectator experience than London will. That hasn't changed. You weren't sitting under an oppressive sloping roof, forcing you to always be looking down. Yeah, Maria Lenk has no roof. I believe FINA requires swimming at the Olympics and World Champs to be covered now though, but not the rest. In Shanghai last week, diving was outdoors too.
  11. I don't even mind temporary wings, and it's not even the aesthetics as much as it is the quality of the experience for all spectators, something which Beijing, and as I've said, even Atlanta, succeeded better in doing. And just as a side note, at least half or more of the seats in the Water Cube have been removed, it no longer seats the same capacity that it did during the Beijing games. Low roofs with extreme tunnel vision sight lines a la Sydney and London will never make sense to me and it boggles the mind why anyone would do it that way, or would choose a design that would necessitate do
  12. Alright, my biggest problem with LOCOG and London 2012 has been design choices, both graphically and venue wise (well the one that is the subject of this thread). Let me list some positives about London 2012 and LOCOG: Organization (both pre games time and I have no doubt during games time as well) Completing the build out on time. An Olympic Park that is obviously going to be quite beautiful when fully complete (ugly orbit tower notwithstanding, which I believe wasn't LOCOG's fault) As for looking at things through rose tinted glasses, I guess that's something I just tend not to do. I,
  13. Yeah, got your pvt msg Rob. Whatever. LOCOG's made it's fair share of blunders when it comes to design choices, and you're never particularly harsh on them, you DO always try to find a way to make an excuse for them, ALWAYS, and qualify the situation somehow.
  14. Probably because Michelle feels there IS no debating with you when it comes to LOCOG. I've presented my arguments about the Aquatics Centre (to get back on topic), and I think it makes it a bad design for games time use by ALL PARTIES involved, not just the competitors. But you always come back with "ohhh, but it's not that bad". Yes, yes it is. IT IS that bad. Why the hell did LOCOG ever pick Zaha Hadid's design? There were BETTER ONES. You yourself say this one has "compromises". It sucks!
  15. Rob, I just see no point in a ratings system at all. It serves no purpose, or if it serves anything, it serves those looking to abuse it. It really does no good, is a flawed concept, and causes more division. I'm not the only one who feels this way. People should just post, and if other's don't like it (of if they do), that's life, but no need to "mark it" like a dog marking it's territory, + or -. For someone who is as generally as reasonable as you, I find it odd that you even defend the systems existence. My last public reply on it. If you want to discuss further, you can pvt message
  16. I don't care what you think, I really don't. Who gives a CRAP how many posts you have here or how long ago you registered? You think that bestows you with some sort of special place? I've never understood how "post count" was supposedly indicative of a persons "higher status" nor how long ago someone registered was supposed to be either. Look at that asswipe Baron. Isn't he the guy who will write things like "rag head muslims" and such. "I support torture" etc, and yet, he's "so respected"? WTF? And this ratings system is a JOKE. As a non paying poster here, I can rate only positive a
  17. Because you ARE idiots. Even more so now that the playing field is entirely unequal when it comes to that "system". Even marking a post UP can be used as a from of passive retribution, that's all that system is, really, either way. Nine times out of ten the negative mark is given simply because someone just doesn't like the poster or just doesn't like what said poster is saying, and that's ridiculous. RATING PEOPLE'S POSTS EITHER WAY IS RIDICULOUS! Will I claim to have never used it? No, but I'd much rather it go away and I'm not going sit by idly either while others use it to sling arrow
  18. OH yeah, it's MY fault. I'd rather NO ONE be able to rate people's posts AT ALL. There's no point, and it's just used a tool for people's personal little retributions. THAT'S WHY I COMMENT ON IT. People commenting on it has NOTHING to do with the it being restricted to the idiots who are willing to flush 14.99 US down the toilet for stupid "features" like that. I mean really, you can go to hell for that one. I mean really just **** off. And the Aquatics center is a poor design, YES, IT IS. Legacy mode, GREAT, but games times mode, it's crap. Sure the Athletes, media, and the AA ticket
  19. When are asshole premium members going grow up and stop clicking -1? When will this fucking website grow up and get rid of "rating" people's posts? I'll fucking comment on it if I like. Double standard Rob? Yes, I think much. And yeah, Aquatics center sucks for spectators in games times mode. I actually agree with Baron on this one. Who cares what Rogge says, he's fucking PR man. He gives blow jobs to everybody! And he'll ask your country to please bid while he's doing it!
  20. It doesn't matter, Sydney and London are/were two of the worst Olympic Aquatics venues for spectators. Water Cube rocked. I'd even rather have a temporary open air covered venue like in Atlanta than this. And Seth, the other side is just as big and the media doesn't take up ALL that space. NOTE: Got to love the idiot Gamesbids.com premium members who don't like the fact that I said it's a horrible design for games times use and called it a fail so they "red mark" me. Really so fucking lame. And you can ONLY do that if you PAY! What a JOKE!!!! Hey take me up to -1,000,000. So fucking ch
  21. Yeah, you can see the whole pool, but did you notice how the diving platforms are cut off? I suppose they won't be selling tickets that high for diving anyway.... You also can't see the video scoreboard. You also can't see the spectators on the other side of the pool. Not that you go to the event to look at other spectators, but it would make me feel cut off and more isolated. If a world record is set, or people are cheering for a spectacular finish to a race, everyone is on their feet etc., You miss out on that feeling of sharing it with the entire audience. So all in all this aquatic c
  22. Ryan Lochte sets first LC World Record in the post rubber suit era in the 200IM, in 1:54:00 flat, Phelps takes the silver in 1:54:16. Laszlo Cseh takes Bronze.

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      Laszlo Cseh's time was 1:57.69.

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