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  1. Excuse me? You insult and devalue the athletes all the time. If you had your way, there would be NO athletes in the Olympic Games. Typical Baron, talking out of both sides of his mouth.
  2. Seems like the Aquatics center went from being a square box to something sort of resembling the London velodrome.
  3. Ryan Lochte sets first LC World Record in the post rubber suit era in the 200IM, in 1:54:00 flat, Phelps takes the silver in 1:54:16. Laszlo Cseh takes Bronze.

    1. OneTimeOnly


      Laszlo Cseh's time was 1:57.69.

  4. Ryan Lochte sets first Long Course world record in post rubber-suit era in 200IM in 1:54:00 flat, Phelps takes silver in 1:54:16.
  5. Well Vancouver isn't "bikini town", as you put it, but I think they got there first with the whole "Sea to Snow" thing. "Sea to Sky", "Sea to Snow", what's the big difference? And yes, BOTH Las Vegas and Reno are bad ideas. I wouldn't call Reno a "cheap knock off" of Vegas, though. It's just...Reno. As the second largest city in a state where casino gambling is entirely legal, you're going to expect Reno to be the way it is.
  6. Paul. There is no way all the construction you propose is going to take place in South Lake Tahoe, CA/Stateline, NV. Environmentalists would have a field day with it, and rightly so. Even I'd even be opposed to it. It's bad enough with what's already there. Really? Was it? Because I thought that Vancouver got there first with that one.... And Soaring, some looney bins have even proposed that Las Vegas should has a games, so why should it surprise you that someone would propose Reno? P.S. Paul, it ain't gonna happen on the North Shore either.
  7. Sacramento is NOT an option. Not even close. My family lives in Sacramento county, so I'm more than familiar with the city and the area, all the way up to Tahoe, and to Reno.
  8. Baron, if it was up to you, all athletes and sports would be eliminated, and the Olympic Games would consist solely a giant frilly production show, with an ice dancing number thrown in, no matter what the season. That's all you really, truly, care about. P.S. You're also really super self centered. "All these other sports mess up MY TV viewing, so they should be eliminated!" You're such a fucking JOKE.
  9. Well, at Beijing I distinctly remember Rowdy Gaines saying he was 5ft 9. I remember because it really struck me when he said that. Next time you see him, measure him.
  10. She's *been* back. She swam at Short Course Worlds in Dubai and at Pan Pacs in Irvine last year. Swam up in Vancouver earlier this year. Swam at the Santa Clara Grand Prix in June... What's amazing to me about Park Tae Hwan is his size; He's only 5'9
  11. You're crazy if you think American Football will EVER be an Olympic Sport. But then again, so are people who call for "Dancesport".
  12. Thanks. Are you guys getting everything? I mean the Diving, Water Polo and Synchro, or just the swimming when it starts? You got Pan Pancs last year? I wonder if you got the feed from NBC. I was in crowd shots like three times, each one getting closer and closer, and for long periods too LOL too funny, but I was able to buy the whole NBC broadcast on DVD, so I got a nice souvenir of it, with me in the picture
  13. Is this being broadcast in Europe? Australia? Canada? In the U.S., were only getting the swimming and the semi finals and finals of water polo on NBC and Universal Sports. I'm catching diving and some synchro on a pirate stream online. I mean Shanghai 2011, obviously!
  14. So if Istanbul were to host a Games, would they make Men's Turkish Oil Wrestling a new sport? Photo Gallery: http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/fotostrecke-33337.html
  15. Ah who cares. It's in Spain, it's Spanish. Nobody thinks it's French. You claimed to have me on ignore. It's obvious you still read what I post.
  16. Which part? Flamenco=Spain or that the U.S./E.U comment? To me Flamenco is Spanish, just like people think cowboys are American. Is Flamenco not Spanish? And yeah E.U. isn't exactly the same, but what I mean was you have a big REGION (Unites States/European Union), made up of smaller member "states", each one with different regional cultural differences. That's all I mean. I don't give a rip about all the technicalities involving government, laws, regulations etc. You have one currency that makes it easier for a tourist to travel around the place. That's as far as it goes with me. And you guys? Hell, you won't even join the thing completely. No ****, Sherlock.
  17. Yes clearly showing what a redneck hick ***** ***** place the south is.
  18. Well the U.S. isn't a good example. We're huge and have many more different regions. That's why Atlanta concentrated on the South (and were so redneck with those goddam tacky ass pick up trucks). The United States is to the European Union what a U.S. state is to an EU member state, you know?
  19. And yeah, there is definitely a Moorish influence in Flamenco. Why not? Who cares? I don't even remember that part of the '92 Opening Ceremonies, and I watched it all the way through. That was a long time ago, especially by 2020.
  20. Yeah but given that Madrid is the capital of Espana, personally It think they would included it. As a foreigner I think Flamenco=Spain, not Flamenco=only a certain part of Spain, you know? And they'd be showcasing all of Spain to the world (or at least, that's what they should be doing).
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