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  1. I would ignore him ofan. Throne has had a massive hate on for Toronto ever since I started posting on this forum from way back in 2001 when Toronto was bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games. He is just peanut butter and jelly that Toronto is building its international multi-sport games hosting credentials in preparation for a successful future Olympic Bid. Louroz
  2. On May 25, the Pan Am flame was lit during a traditional ceremony hosted by the Mexican Olympic Committee at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. #UnitedWayWePlay #WeArePanAm #HostCity2015 #EpicIsOn Louroz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eANbnih05gQ&feature=youtu.be
  3. The full schedule of events hosted by the City of Vancouver and the Province of BC marking the 1 year celebrations has been released: Share the Spirit - A Winter Games Anniversary Highlights: Robson Square (9 am – 11 pm) (Robson Street will be closed between Howe and Seymour) Free skating, music and entertainment all day. Activities will include interactive community arts, special guest appearances, including the Canuck’s Mascot Fin, and opportunities to meet Canadian 2010 Olympians. Relive Centre Ice On Granville (12 noon – 9 pm) (Granville Street will be closed between Smithe and
  4. I'm not sure if these images have been shared here before, however I came across these renderings of what the VANOC Look of the Games could have looked like. I'm disappointed that "the look" wasn't fully realized probably due to the budget. The BCE Stadium Wrap, umbrellas in trees, painted crosswalks, the Olympic Rings painted in the middle of intersections and the Olympic Ring projections into the sky in Whistler would have helped further dress up the city. Enjoy! Louroz VANOC Look of the Games Louroz
  5. The 1 year anniversary to the Vancouver 2010 Games is fast approaching. Now that VANOC has basically closed up shop, can anybody confirm if the City of Vancouver is taking the lead with the a major public celebration to commemorate the Games? I read a press release that the BC Government has allocated $3 million for communities across the province for "Spirit Festivals to provide free public cultural and artistic events to commemorate the first anniversary of the 2010 Olympic Games" I would have suspected they would re-light the Cauldron in Jack Poole Plaza and make that the focus of cele
  6. Please support Manchester, New Hampshire 2022 for the XXIV Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

  7. Hi Olympic Fans! I've been reading the Official Final Reports from past Olympic Host Cities from the LA84Foundation Website. It's missing Beijing 2008 and I'm curious as to where or if Vancouver 2010 has compiled and released it's Official Report? If it has, can someone provide a link to it? If it has not, when will it be released? Salt Lake City 2002 published it's Official Report 6 months(August 2003) after the Games concluded. Many thanks, Louroz
  8. Did anybody catch the Official Torch Relay Song during the noon hour Canada Day Celebrations on Parliament Hill? It was performed and sung by a choir immediately after the Governor General spoke. I was so pleased that the Government of Canada used the Canada Day Celebrations on Parliament Hill to kick off the national countdown to the Vancouver Games. The Prime Minister in his speech launched the countdown clock across Parliament Hill. Louroz
  9. I think Avril was an excellent choice for the handover ceremony. The fact she was selected to do the IOC's Humanity Commericals speak volumes of her international appeal and to young people. It also helps that she will already be in Turino as she will be headlining one of the nightly concerts in the medals plaza so VANOC probably got a deal. As for Ceine Dion, she is so 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Besides, I don't think Avril will be the only major Canadian star that will appear during the handover. The singing of "O Canada" will probably be sung by a choir with lead singers as with the case
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they flew over the entire RCMP Musical Ride to Torino for the closing ceremony to carry in the giant Canadian Flag used in previous Olympics and for the singing of O Canada. The theme of the handover ceremony will obviously centre around the inukshuk and Ilanaaq. This is Vancouver's and Canada's opportunity to explain the symbol to the world. I wouldn't mind seeing a group of children actually building an inukshuk in the middle of the stadium pointing the athletes and the world towards Canada and Vancouver. Of course there will be native groups involved in the
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