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  1. I arrived in Rio de Janiero yesterday and was a bit nervous given the discussions in the media regarding the recent outbreak of violence but after spending the past 24 hours here, I have to say that the media has made this story far worse than it was. The Brazilian media took this story and turned it into a 24 hour event that got all media coverage all the time. And of course the international press picked up the stories and ran with it as well. Here in the Zona Sul (Copa, Ipanema, etc..) all is normal. A few extra police officers on the street but nothing strange. I believe in the y
  2. The average American had no idea that Chicago was bidding until the day the IOC made the decision so any prediction of 'backlash' by not watching is laughable. As long as Team USA wins and tops the podium enough times, Americans will watch. As much as I'd like to say the average Joe cares about the spirit of the Games and would watch regardless of the results, it's just not true. If Team USA starts to stumble in either WOG or SOG, the ratings will fall. The IOC should thank the USOC for the revenue sharing agreement. That money is training Team USA which is what is filling the IOC coff
  3. As an Atlanta resident since January 1996, I have to agree with Roux's comments regarding MARTA and the Peach Drop! Your best bet would be to scan the local free press (www.creativeloafing.com) and see if you can find a good hotel party or something along those lines to attend New Years Eve. The Peach Drop is just too boring to waste your whole night - trust Roux's advice on that! Rent a car if at all possible - 90% of Atlanta is inaccessible via MARTA and what you can see will be wasted because you spent 2 hours on a bus or waiting for the bus in the friggin' cold..... rent the car, driv
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