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  1. I said... And Great Britain didn't even medal. I really thought the taunting was unnecessary. Now that athlete doesn't have anything to show. Poor judgement on his part. You said... What are you on about? I answered... It's the anchor on the men's 4x400 taunting when he finished in the semifinals. You responded... What exactly is wrong with celebrating qualifying for an Olympic final when you've got a young, inexperienced team which nobody would realistically give a prayer to? Then I answered back... I'm sorry but he didn't just celebrate, [/b]he is taunting[/b] the teams behind him
  2. I have recorded the gold-medal game against Brazil and I've watched it 4 times now. It just doesn't get old. IMO, I'll put this the #1 achievement in all of team sports for the USA winning gold in Beijing. Yes, include the basketball and beach volleyball teams, this one I think tops all of them.
  3. I'm sorry but in what context you want to put that taunting of the British runner? It's pretty clear that he didn't win anything at all but qualify to the finals, but he still taunted athletes behind him. So I don't think we need to interpret that action further. If you want to gloat if you've won something, go ahead. I don't care at all. But stop gloating or taunting someone when all you've done is qualify. It's like the French swimmers saying "we will crush them" (meaning the Americans) then losing in the end. It's the same thing. You can't gloat when you haven't proven anything, you have t
  4. Honestly, I'm not. I actually just stated what they did was wrong and you reacted that it wasn't that's why I responded. Specially now that you've compared a gold-medal winning celebratory team to a non-medalist team who taunted.
  5. The Chinese won 27 of it's 51 golds in judged events. Their total would definitely go down in London, IMO.
  6. If you're talking about the American relay team that won the gold, then sure, they have won. You might not like it or I could've not liked it too, but the bottomline was they won and they have their right to do it because of winning. The British did this in the semifinals, they didn't win anything but qualify for the finals. That's different. I'm coming to the conclusion that you haven't seen the video at all. I don't think you would have thought this way if you have seen it fully. If Team USA did that in the semis, I will say the same thing that it is wrong they haven't proven anything yet s
  7. For me, the Top 3 Team Sports Gold Medalists were... 1. Men's Indoor Volleyball 2. Women's Soccer 3. Men's Basketball I was about to put in either Beach Volleyball teams but, with the way the Redeem Team played against Spain, with a lot of questionable calls and dirty plays, plus the changed attitude instilled by Colangelo, I would put them ahead of the beach volley teams. I've put the women's soccer team ahead of the Redeem Team because the Redeem Team is expected to win, the women's soccer are not after Wambach's injury. And to win it with redemption for their goalie, defensive plays an
  8. I think some sports, we are selectively developing athletes that has a lot of potential or that are competitive. Our sports programs are pretty much far-reaching to all sports compared to other countries who concentrate on their strongest sports. We're not like China and the former USSR who develop gold-medal winners from their childhood. And we do ours with mostly if not all-private funding. Which IMO, is way better and would get the best results for both the NOC and the athlete. Disappointments so far in Beijing are boxing, canoe/kayak, diving, and some athletics events. Some events could'v
  9. I actually got you're point 100%. Nothing wrong with celebrating winning a semifinal, but to the extent of taunting runners who are behind you is a different thing, and he hasn't won anything at that time but qualify in the finals. I won't pursue the matter further because I don't think you understand the difference between celebrating and taunting. In which the British anchor runner did both. Anyway, it bit them in the butt because they didn't even medal. The celebration and taunting was may premature.
  10. Hopefully we will. It's been an up and down as what most have seen already with this Team. And with a lot of disappointments these games came a lot of great achievements, many to be mentioned. We still ended up tying our gold-medal haul in Athens, and got more total medals, which is the best since Barcelona and the best for a non-boycotted games.
  11. They'll show the men's indoor volley game it tonight. It's a shame they haven't shown it live.
  12. Even if it's not deliberate, it won't matter, it's wrong because that's the bottom line. He hasn't won anything, he hasn't proved anything. So, winning a semifinal gives them the right to taunt teams behind him even if it's not deliberate? By the way, Bahamas and Jamaica was trailing him, Bahamas won the silver, and he was fourth.
  13. 1st gold won today in Men's Indoor Volleyball. What a journey for this team! Did anyone watch this game on NBC or any of their networks? I've recorded it on my DVR but NBC showed cycling and table tennis of all sports, while the men's indoor volley team is playing the games of their lives! I'm hoping for more golds today.
  14. This is Brazil's #2 Sport, Soccer being #1. The USA has already beaten them in Women's Soccer, Men's Beach and Indoor Volleyball. They've managed to salvage the Women's Indoor Volleyball as they're the favorites to win that side. It's been a disappointment for Brazil in soccer and beach volleyball.
  15. Who are the favorites to win the marathon this year?
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