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  1. Preparations are going well ahead of the PacGames to come to Solomon Islands in November. Stadium looks good
  2. Does anyone know if the Commonwealth Youth Games will be broadcast?
  3. Will Australia and New Zealand compete like was touted? https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1082192/australia-new-zealand-at-pacific-games
  4. There is a clash between the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Poland, 2026 and the Commonwealth Games after the release of dates for the Championships that are set to take place between March 20-22, 2026 https://worldathletics.org/news/press-releases/world-athletics-council-competition-decisions?fbclid=IwAR0d0RFv4yEwTY9mmFpzkCIXPpPgjK2nKE065bE6t2hAgt_AAE7RIVeWZQ0
  5. https://www.3aw.com.au/neil-mitchell-urges-state-government-to-backflip-on-commonwealth-games/?fbclid=IwAR1eGE-DvEJZuFL_xkpcv99SD75JhYh7llAsBSUGbzI7fT9Sdy_0mWz1GpE&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  6. They were coming back with an update in August
  7. That would be terrific. A nod to the 2000 Paralympics Closing Ceremony Brisbane 82 had a giant Matilda come into the Stadium, Melbourne 06 had the flying tram with the giant Migaloo coming into Gold Coast 18. Could we have a giant Ned Kelly? I am hoping for a wonderful tribute to the late Queen. Since she has been alive for every previous Commonwealth Games. Expecting a major Indigenous theme but would like to see a nod to the Gold Rush, Victorian agricultural, farmer and country landscape.
  8. The new Ballymore redevelopment announced yesterday will be great. There is another field with grandstand which would no doubt host Hockey matches at the Games. The redevelopment plan also includes a Sports Climbing facility which could be used if Sports Climbing is part of the 2032 program. The venues completed so far (Brighton Homes Arena and Ballymore - almost finished, Redlands whitewater) were in the works before Brisbane won the Games. The Gabba always needed to be rebuilt as Brisbane is missing out to major marquee matches to new stadiums in Perth and Adelaide etc. Brisbane Live Arena has been talked about for a long time but I believe winning the Games has pushed that project from a big idea to a reality. Sunshine Coast Stadium's redevelopment same thing as well. Brisbane is getting ready now so it can make 2032 a wonderful event. Victoria host the Games in less than 3 years and there is still lots and lots of infrastructure work to be planned and completed. It will be a race to the finish for the CWG 2026 but Brisbane should have most of the facilities ready by the end of this decade then can have a flurry of test events like Sydney had in the late 1990s hosting major sports championships and events.
  9. If this NZ games will be a whole of NZ games they need to be careful of not just putting the majority of the events or all the marquee events on the North Island. It will need to be spread across all of NZ. They could have the Opening Ceremony at Eden Park, Auckland with the Closing Ceremony at the new Christchurch Stadium. NZ has the facilities for water sports like Canoeing, Sailing and Rowing plus they have been successful with these sports so the three of them could be considered to be included for 2034. The two biggest marquee events at any multi sport games are Swimming and Athletics. Same thing, one should be on the North Island with the other on the South Island. Link of a List of NZ potential venues : https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1xkLrlZTEajEBgw-cnXW3yt9QV89Utvo&usp=sharing As far as infrastructure is concerned, there are enough facilities across the whole of NZ that new stadium build requirements would be limited. The two things that would need attention is the athletics facility and an aquatics facility. The Aquatics facility needs to be build so it could be based anywhere. My suggestion is Christchurch. Athletics has several options (looking north island first) Trusts Arena, Auckland - There is room for expansion whether it is permanent or temporary grandstand structures. North Harbour Stadium - Could redevelop North Harbour Stadium to include an Athletics track. Sky Stadium - Put an athletics track into the stadium like what was proposed for the 2006 Commonwealth Games bid. Auckland Waterfront Stadium - A new Auckland waterfront stadium that has been thrown up in the past could Western Springs Stadium - A redeveloped Western Springs Stadium could host Athletics and then convert into a cricket ground post Games If Christchurch is an option, the new Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub Athletics Track could be Games ready with some grandstands built around the track.
  10. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-19/ballymore-redevelopment-takes-shape-ahead-of-brisbane-2032/102240662
  11. Well overdue. In 2030, it will be 36 years since Canada last hosted and in 2034, 44 years since NZ last hosted.
  12. https://paralympics.org.nz/news/a-game-changer-paralympics-new-zealand-endorses-new-zealands-interest-in-hosting-2034-commonwealth-games/ https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/on-air/heather-du-plessis-allan-drive/audio/nicki-nicol-nz-olympic-committee-chief-executive-on-new-zealand-potentially-hosting-the-2034-commonwealth-games/ https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1136095/new-zealand-2034-commonwealth-games
  13. It has support from both parties. https://www.nationaltribune.com.au/nz-signals-interest-in-hosting-2034-commonwealth-games/
  14. https://www.olympic.org.nz/news/new-zealand-signals-interest-in-hosting-2034-commonwealth-games/?fbclid=IwAR1KFW-PRAHVWzRGQU8belGOoqdzXwG67ZDByJ5FGQUMnRIv-enA-dTs3zA https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/sport/2023/04/commonwealth-games-new-zealand-olympic-committee-signals-interest-in-staging-2034-event-under-new-hosting-model.html
  15. Thanks for sending these through! Unfortunately, most of these are not open for bookings for July-August 2024 yet!
  16. Originally I was considering your idea of stating out of Paris however from my research people mention not to travel alone on the metro late at night. I am going by myself so didn’t want to be having long journeys late at night if I was attending night events.
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