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OMG! At 87, the world's oldest gymnast!

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Johanna Quass


The odd thing is, she never competed in any Olympics. I wonder if she'll try for Germany's 2016 team???

Nah the female gymnastics team in Germany isn't that desperate yet. I read her bio on Wikipedia and I can see why she never competed in the Olympics. She was only 11 during the Summer Olympics in Berlin and probably wasn't good enough to make the team back then, or she was underage. And the next 2 Olympics were cancelled due to WWII.

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/\/\ U're missing the point entirely. I marvel at this person because she is still doing what she loves at 87 -- w/o harm to anyone; and even delighting others; not because she didn't make any of the German teams. I mean...where are all THOSE gymnasts of yore -- and here she is doing it at 87!! That's the point.

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