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  1. Unless pollution caused a cancellation http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/singapore-smog-gets-worse--can-chemically-induced-rain-clear-the-air-8666403.html
  2. The Mayor of London has now given his support to a 2022 Commonwealth Games in London: http://www.insidethegames.biz/commonwealth-games/2022/1014339-hosting-2022-commonwealth-games-would-be-wonderful-for-london-says-mayor
  3. European Athletics has contractual obligations until the end of 2015 including the European Team Championships in 2015 and will therefore not be signing up to the event. According to 'insidethegames', there is a possibility that the 2015 European Games will hold a 4 day invitational athletics event instead. http://www.insidethegames.biz/sports/summer/athletics/1014020-exclusive-european-games-proposing-own-athletics-event-if-governing-body-refuse-to-sign-up In the longer term it's difficult to see how a major athletics event could be accommodated in the current 4 year cycle (the next European Games will be in 2019). Berlin is expected to be awarded the 2018 European Championships later this year and 2019 is an Athletics World Championships year. The only possibilities I can see for the 2019 European Games is for them to include the Athletics Team Championships or the Under 23 Championships.
  4. The momentum for a London bid for 2022 appears to be increasing. I'd be very surprised if London decided not to bid.
  5. '2022 Commonwealth Games appears perfect target for London': http://www.insidethegames.biz/blogs/1013463-tom-degun-2022-commonwealth-games-appears-perfect-target-for-london
  6. Still very early days in the 2022 bidding process! http://www.insidethegames.biz/commonwealth-games/2022/1013426-london-interest-in-2022-commonwealth-games-positive-initiative-but-england-refuse-to-commit-to-bid
  7. What happens next: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/feb/18/oscar-pistorius-legal-q-and-a
  8. This looks as if it is building up a head of steam. http://www.insidethegames.biz/commonwealth-games/1012815-exclusive-uk-sport-chair-would-back-london-bid-for-2022-commonwealth-games#comments Exclusive: UK Sport chair would back London bid for 2022 Commonwealth Games By Tom Degun February 10 - UK Sport chair Baroness Sue Campbell has become the latest high profile figure to back a bid from London to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Following the huge success of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, UK Sport unveiled their Gold Event Series which looks to bring more major sporting events to Britain over the next decade. The 2022 Commonwealth Games is now starting to emerge as a real option for London, with the majority of facilities in place following the Olympics and Paralympics, while the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), whose headquarters are based in the capital, have indicated they would very much welcome a bid from the city. "I think any international major event we can attract to the UK is a great thing," Campbell told insidethegames. "We must remember that we have all still got Glasgow 2014 to look forward to which I think is incredibly exciting, particularly in the way that it will be building off London 2012. "I know that everyone in Scotland will make that a huge success. "But if there is an opportunity to bring the Commonwealth Games back to the UK in 2022, that can only be a good thing. "So my immediate reaction is that I'm fully behind it. "But I know that he, along with everyone at UK Sport, is keen to bring as many major sporting events as possible to these shores and the Commonwealth Games is obviously one of the biggest events out there." Baroness Sue Campbell has backed Glasgow 2014 to be a major success, and says she would support a bid from London to host the Games eight years later in 2022 The backing of Campbell, who is also Youth Sport Trust chair, comes after Sports Minister Hugh Robertson and Sport England chief executive Jennie Price both told insidethegames they would be behind any bid for the event. After Glasgow 2014, Gold Coast in Australia will host the 2018 edition of the Commonwealth Games. England last staged the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002 in one of the most successful editions of the event in history. Birmingham and Sheffield have both expressed an interest in bidding for the 2022 Commonwealth Games but should London move for the event, it is unlikely that any other bid would be able to match them in terms of technical infrastructure, although the international bidding process will not officially begin until 2014. Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and Sri Lanka are other countries currently considering bids, but it remains to be seen if they will put forward formal proposals to the CGF when the process opens.
  9. Nothing's on the same scale as the Olympics but I believe the general public has an appetite for these type of events. The cost will be a fraction of that required to stage the Olympics.
  10. Thanks, both of you! It'll be interesting to see whether London maintains the current momentum over the next couple of years before the winner is announced.
  11. People were discussing the future of the Commonwealth Games as far back as Christchurch 1974 and no doubt will be having the same discussions in 2040. As long as we don't have any more disasters like Delhi 2010, the Commonwealth Games will survive. The current format works fine.
  12. No reason why not. You can't underestimate the enthusiasm generated among the general public by the success of 2012. The London Olympic stadium is hosting the IAAF Athletics World Championships and the IPC (Paralympic) Athletics World Championships in 2017, so a London 2022 Commonwealth Games should offer cast-iron success from a financial and spectator perspective. The question is whether after Manchester 2002 and Glasgow 2014, the Commonwealth Games Federation would want to hold another games in the UK in 2022.
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