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  1. ChicagoUSA2016

    USA 2024

    If you look, I said there is no guarantee USA would win 2022 bid. I would say there is a good chance if the bid was at least on par with the others submitted the rights to organize would be awarded to the US city but one never knows. Therefore, a bid for 2024 should be readied and submitted for those games too. Also, if Durban (or another SA city bids for 2024) I also stated that they would be difficult to beat. Do you not think it would be wise for any other city aiming for 2024 or beyond would be wise to submit an exciting, well thought out bid for 2024 with the hope of convincing the IOC to wait on SA or at least to position themselves for 2028? I think it would be a wise thing to do. I've seen more money wasted on things that were of much less importance. Prepared for the 2nd round of attacks for my opinion.
  2. ChicagoUSA2016

    USA 2024

    In my humble opinion I would suggest the USA whole heartedly go after the 2022 Winter Games (be it with Reno-Tahoe or Denver) and then go directly after 2024. There is no guarantee that we would win 2022 just as there is no guarantee that South Africa would win 2024! Admittedly, if SA submits a competent bid they will be difficult to beat after FIFA 2010's success. I see the major stumbling block to a 2024 USA win to be the issues with a stadium and if the USA were to put together an exciting bid, one that could entice the IOC away from the new frontier of Africa. NYC just built 3 new stadia, 1 in New Jersey for the Jets and Giants, and new homes for the Yankees and Mets. How could another new stadium be justified? Chicago faces a similar issue, what could a new stadium in Chicago be used for after the games?? Kind of a waste to build a temporary that will for the most part go unused after the games. Los Angeles is in need of a new stadium, however the need there is for a stadium for an NFL team to be lured to LA. Can a stadium be designed that could be used for both Olympic Track and Field and then be adapted to be on par with the new NFL super stadia????? Los Angeles would be my 3rd choice in the USA behind NYC and Chicago but I feel that it is the most pragmatic choice. They would need to put together a knockout bid in order to beat some of the cities mentioned that would be their competition. Also is the fact that both 2022 and 2024 bids coming from cities in California a concern?? Probably would be in this case. OK, let the tirades begin!
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    Istanbul 2020 - SubForum - Invitation

  4. My hope is that Istanbul hosts 2020. Second choice would be Madrid, third would be Rome and fourth Tokyo. After 2020 I would guess 2022 would go to Munich or whatever US city might bid (Reno or Denver), 2024 would go to South Africa. 2026 Winter Games go to USA or Germany (whoever didn't win 2022) and 2028 Summer Games would go to USA or Canada (New York or Toronto) if USA doesn't host 2026 Winter Games. Just my humble opinions.
  5. ChicagoUSA2016

    Olympic Logo Competition - Post Them Here!

    Greetings, Here is my amateur attempt at a logo for Buffalo 2016. http://s491.photobucket.com/albums/rr272/c...Artgggsmall.jpg http://s491.photobucket.com/albums/rr272/c...loArtcccc-1.jpg I hope it works.
  6. Which cities in the USA should bid for a future Pan Am Games? What would be the minimum qualifications for a Pan Am bid (city population, etc.)?
  7. ChicagoUSA2016

    Track & Field

    Do you get off on checking each and every post for something to correct or point out as flawed? I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the Russian breaks the Olympic record or whether Jenn will prevail.
  8. ChicagoUSA2016

    Track & Field

    Jenn Stuczynski Western New York's hope for a Gold Medal in Women's Pole Vault! SI predicts she will win the SILVER but all of us here in western New York know she is going to bring home GOLD!! Not bad for someone who took up Pole Vault only 4 years ago!