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    lstanbul 2020 - Finally
  1. Our second important partner will be Singapore.. source: http://haber.stargazete.com/dunya/erdogan-dunyanin-onundeki-en-buyuk-tehlike-terordur/haber-827053
  2. photo gallery: http://fotogaleri.stargazete.com/album/haber/690234/1/Guncel source: http://www.sondakika.com/haber/haber-erdogan-abe-ortak-basin-toplantisi-5234359/ source: http://gundem.bugun.com.tr/japonya-ile-nukleer-santral-anlasmasi-haberi/842522
  3. Nowadays, Erdogan is in the Japanese Capital with a big/huge team/equipe.. Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited Turkey in 29 october 2013, the day of Turkish Republic festivities.. Erdogan and ABE opened together the (1rst internontinental) Marma-Rail under the Bosphorus together.. our biggest partner towards 2024 will be Japan.. The japanese have constructed nowadays TURK-SAT 4 And Erdogan is there to inaugurate the delivery.. in february 2014 Turkey will launch this sattelite at Baikonur/Kazachstan source: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/japanese-pm-abes-turkey-visit-display-of-a-stro
  4. n Erdogan wont fall.. he will come out stronger by each of the 3 elections in 2014-2015 (regional, president en general elections) He is still is THE BELOVED MAN in Turkey, in the Middle east & in Muslim-Asia.. So you will see it only in your dreams that he falls.. He gave the next task to deveolope even a better and superb Istanbul 2024 bid.. He IS a revolutionary person for whole the islam and Mohammedan world.. He will lift Turkey up to a ulitimate high point in his goal towards 2023... And all the black progapangda towards him all nothing but a bigg lie that the media world an
  5. Dopinge karşı 4 maddelik plan Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı, 'dopinge sıfır tolerans' ilkesi doğrultusunda 4 maddelik eylem planını hazırlayarak Başbakanlık'a gönderdi. Yeni düzenlemeyle ödül yönetmeliğinde değişikliğe gidilirken, antrenörler ve federasyon başkanlarına da sorumluluklar getirildi. Doping kullandığı tespit edilen sporcuların cezalarının 3 ay içerisinde verilmesi zorunlu kılındı. source: http://yenisafak.com.tr/spor-haber/dopinge-karsi-4-maddelik-plan-05.10.2013-571199?ref=manset-4.2 --------------- note: translation will come soon, together with other news on the same item. will
  6. is this real !!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tokyo mayor claims Japan PM lied about Fukushima Inose publicly denounced the Prime Minister’s claim after telling reporters from Fuji TV that the water leak was “not necessarily under control”. World Bulletin / News Desk The Mayor of Tokyo, Naoki Inose, has indicated that the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lied to the International Olympic Committee when he reassured them that contaminated water leaking from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant were “under control.” Inose publicly denounced the Ja
  7. Istanbul 2024 - bridging the world before I leave the gb boards for a long time, wanted to start this topic .. well gosh you'll never know it can be helpfull maybe as the time is ripe .. i know 1 thing fur sure .. i will never stop thinking about the olympics .. it's grown on me the olympic spirit.. "for the love of the games, for the love of the continents" meanwhile the istanbul 2020 bid video over-succeeded my expectations.. it overwhelmed my heart.. istanbul is still a diamond where the olympic games will come to.. hopefully once in a lifetime.. i love you miles.. fatih
  8. All well roland, .. you know .. i'm not IN anymore.. maybe i'll we be writing here on gb when istanbul (eventually) will be again candidate for 2024 .. but till then.. i'm tired tonight, whole the week.. and i want to cry whole the night long.. love you all congratulations tokyo but still don't understand the 60 votes against 26 by a landslide.. what did tokyo promise or what were the trump cards of tokyo.. or was it whole the lobbying-strategy-thing to hold the ioc-presidentship in europe.. dropped as a gift into the hands of Thomas Bach.. well, gosh you know.. we will never know it..
  9. istanbul almost declares free olympics, according this source.. source: http://spor.haberturk.com/olimpiyat/haber/875390-bedavaya-olimpiyat * Turkey will play her 'private sector' card.. * secondly whole the (any kind of) transport for atheletes, olympic family, ticket holders and will be totally free * .. note: emre could help me with a better summary of what this artical says exactly..
  10. What are/would be the trump cards of the three 2020 candidate cities at the 125th ioc session in Buenos Aires? What do /can offer the 3 candidate cities to the ioc in the last carambollage the take the victory to their soil? Is this question important; in the ioc circuit/at a ioc session/for the cities.. or is it only a repetitive question? is it the mony or the expensive gifts that could influence the ioc members who will vote? regards fatih
  11. 125th IOC SESSION ==>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/125th_IOC_Session Official Website ==>> http://www.buenosaires2013.com/ List of IOC meetings & other sessions ==>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_
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