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  1. This is my post back from 2007. It's now again 10 hours before we present. Another bid seems like another world. This time our bid is less strong and our competition is more fierce. Still Russians never give up. Tomorrow we'll be with the shield or on top of it. Vamos!
  2. Yevgeny Lovchev won 52 caps for Russia. Here is what he says in The Times today. I always had a special passion for English football. It started with the 1966 World Cup. In the old Soviet Union, that was the first World Cup that we could watch on TV. I played against England in a friendly in Moscow in 1973, when we lost 1-0. And I once enjoyed a nice chat with Sir Alfred Ramsey at a post-match banquet in Kiev. So I have fond memories, and I have great respect for football in England, too. But for all that, I strongly believe Russia needs a World Cup much more than England or its other Western
  3. published today by insideworldfootball.biz FIFA's 2018/2022 inspection team has hit the road. With less than four months to go, the race to stage the next World Cup but one is finally steaming towards the top of the 24 FIFA Executive Committee members' in-trays. At this point, with contenders jostling for position ahead of the final push, I thought it would be a good time to attempt to assess the state of play in this 2018 contest: Who would be likely to back whom if the all-important vote were tomorrow rather than in December? The following stab at the first-round outcome is what I have c
  4. I understand that it is not impossible, but is it less likely? I mean France is located so that all the three Western European bids for FWC2018 are their neighbours
  5. Do you think that election of France to host EURO 2016 damages the chances of three Western European (and therefore benefits Russia's) bids for FWC 2018?
  6. To be quite correct, Russian clubs won three major European titles in the last five years: 1) 2005 UEFA Cup by CSKA, 2) 2008 UEFA Cup by Zenit, and 3) 2008 UEFA Super Cup by Zenit. Russian League is ranked 6th by UEFA, but more importantly the top five are all in the Western part of Europe. So Russia is the top league in this huge geography (Eastern Europe and Central/Northern Asia) that is a development priority for both UEFA and FIFA. Each of the stadiums Russia proposes will have a tenant club, that is currently playing in either the Premier or the First (second highest) divison. I am
  7. Excuse me for having to go a bit off-topic here... Nobody said that it was great, just 'not too bad'. This statement is not quite correct. Here is the statistics: In the first round of the 1996 host election the worst result (Belgrade) was only 37% of the best (Atlanta). In the first round of the 2000 host election the worst result (Istanbul) was only 22% of the best (Beijing). In the first round of the 2004 host election the worst result (Buenos Aires) was 50% of the best (Athens). In the first round of the 2008 host election the worst result (Osaka) was only 14% of the best (Beijin
  8. Let me please inform you of some facts you may not be aware of: 1. V.Putin never came to Singapore to save Moscow's bid, he just sent his video address and his prime-minister instead. That is a sharp contrast to London, Paris and Madrid, who brought their heads-of-state. 2. Moscow-2012 indeed finished last, but that round results were smth like: London - 22, Paris - 21, Madrid - 20, New York - 18, Moscow - 15. Not too bad considering the widely-accepted fact that it was the toughest bidding competition in the Olympic history.
  9. Not a secret any more. Eevrybody now knows about it and tries to use the 'head-of-state' factor to get an advantage.
  10. I would estimate V.Putin's influence as a half-a-dozen votes or so. Of course it was decisive given the closeness of the final result, but the statement above is definitely far from reality
  11. Quite a lot of information has become available there...
  12. you have impressed me as a knowledgeable person

  13. TBD above has been detailed, it is: - Samara - Nizhny Novgorod - Volgograd - Saransk - Yekaterinburg - Kaliningrad 16 venues altogether
  14. it's fictional and we are bidding for real fwc
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