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  1. It was actually Peter I of Brazil who declared the indepedence. He did it with the support of the local elite, who did not enjoy much the request from the Portuguese liberals to return Brazil to a colonial status. The declaration of independence was seen by some historians as a ploy to later restablish a unified Portuguese empire. Since Peter was the rightful heir of the Portuguese throne, he could claim it once his father died. According to this historians, his father engineered this ploy, which would be an evidence that John VI was not the idiotic figure normally portrayed in history books.
  2. I don't argue with the fact that Ronaldo mught not be the best choice, but saying he was not an olympic athlete is a big fat lie anyway.
  3. Who told you that Ronaldo was not an olympian? He played in the national team in 1996 Games in Atlanta and left with a bronze medal. Not only he is an olympic athlete, but also an olympic medalist.
  4. No way. The Mexicans organization of Guadalajara 2011 was a flop. They had several issues, including selling tickets for the press area at the Closing Cerimony. The only reason why RaƱa said it was the best PanAm ever was because he is Mexican and was behinf the Games the whole time.
  5. Yes, exactly! And the best example of that issue is that the leader of the bid is usually somoeone from outside the Olympic movement, whereas in Rio it was Nuzman and in London Seb Coe. As Baron said, the USOC has been behind the last bids. What I mean is that they should be in front of them. It is a matter of setting the rules in that way. Mainly the USOC has to commit ti such a strategy and stay with it. The rest will end up aligning with it naturally. After all, as you've said yourself, there were people in Chicago rooting for NYC to lose. This probably has kept NYC away from some pote
  6. Well, you have really misrepresented me in this one. You have taken the sentence when I mention a possible solution for the US to encourage cities to bid repetitively and presents it as a statement about the US chances to win. Really bad interpretation. As my first sentence mentioned, the best (not the only) way to win is to have repetitive bids. The problem is how to finance it. Then you make bad comparisons which indeed strengthen rather than weaken my arguments. Except for London, the remaining bidders were running agaist lame ducks or other non repeting bidders. - Barcelona faced Paris,
  7. I agree with the ones that think that repetitve bids is the best way for securing an SOG for the US. However, the way bids are currently funded in the US makes it almost impossible to happen. IMO, the only option is for the USOC to run a domestic process and choose a city that would bid until it wins. By doing that, it would be easier to get money from different sponsors as an nation-wide effort, instead of a city effort, like today. The way it works now, makes second attempts for the SOGs highly unlikely.
  8. emre, The same reaction was seen in Brazil during the 2016 campaign. Most of the people did not believe that Rio would win until it actually happened. Several supposedly well informed journalists had to swallow their words after saying that the bid committee was wasting US$ 50 million. You are nor alone, but like what the Rio state governor said during the bid final presentation, the most important legacy is psychological. After the games the people of Rio will feel that they can achieve this. The feeling of pride.
  9. Not only did the judge denied the request, but she also stated that it was an invalid request, since it has been mostly demolished and it was posing a threat to people and to the structure. In the future, the case is not decided, but the worst that can happen is a request to rebuild the roof as it were. BTW, considering the judges' reasoning, even such a decision is not likely.
  10. I doesn't need. It will just need to remove some seats to make space for the media stands. That's standard for major sport events.
  11. Yes, they are for audio and lighting and they will be permanent, which is not a bad choice BTW. It will allow the park to be opened over night if needed and to be quickly set up for any event.
  12. Turkey is an European country as far as IOC politics are concerned. Besides Istanbul is for sure in Europe. Istanbul will have an impact both on European and Asian (islamic) votes. Not to mention their good rapport with the islamic nations of Africa.
  13. Well, I will update with the developments so far from my previous list. Transports: -> BRT Transcarioca (called T5 in the bid book) -> Targeted for 4Q13 - 1st section (Barra - Penha) - Construction on-going. Main sites are in Campinho, Barra da Tijuca and Madureira where underground roads and highways are being built. -> 2nd section (Penha - Rio Intl Airport) - Demolistions have started -> BRT Transoeste (covers part of the former Barra-Zona Sul BRT) -> Targeted for 3Q12 - Construction under way. - Main bridge over Av. Salvador Allende has been completed. - Bridge over
  14. Sicne it is residences for the military they can actually kick them out for a short period. BTW, this is not going to be THE referee's village, but one of them. There is at least another one in the Port.
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