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  1. I really do believe that Tokyo would perform greatly if they deliver a HIGH TECH presentation, including chatty robots and all the manga stuff. That would be fun & attractive.
  2. So bad mannered? False. Vehemently supporting is not trolling. Insulting a whole country saying it's ridiculous it is indeed. But that's just my opinion. I don't want to argue with anyone. I really do want this race to be over right now. It has been too nasty and exceptionally biased.
  3. 'Ridiculous European country'? Why do you need to be so rude? Not a single Madrid supporter has written such bad words for either Turkey or Japan... It is offensive and makes me feel sad
  4. I always thought it was not a that bad argument to defend during the race specially considering the global financial moment that the world is living. Nevertheless, Madrid should have started months ago to sell a joyful, compelling image of the not-that-well-known city instead of insisting on what's already obvious. I sincerely expect a boombastic presentation in Argentina in order to believe the Spanish NOC does really understand what the Olympic movement really wants from host cities.
  5. At least in this forums, seems the race have turned into a dirty one. Not a single word about compelling bids and plenty of crap against each other... I really want now for this shitty race to be over.
  6. I beg your pardon? As far as I'm concerned, Paris quit the line because they were arrogantly offended. IOC doesn't care about their own ideas of scheduling... I'm so, so tired about the world having to stop its turning because Paris feels hurt...
  7. Frankly, I can't see why Spanish NOC would support Barcelona 2022. It is a way to delaying Madrid games to 2074 at least... Much before Barcelona hosting again, Madrid has to be supported until it gets it. Very unappropiate moment, independence politics in our out.
  8. It is indecent indeed. Anyhow, I can't find a single reference to this incident in the Spanish media.
  9. I can't understand WHY Barcelona can't wait till September 8th (just after Madrid defeat...) and launch that announcement. Doing it one month ahead Buenos Aires is very untimely and unnecessary for Madrid. Sad.
  10. I know. As Rajoy. However, this doesn't mean it will be a plus for Istanbul & Madrid candidacy...
  11. Don't be ingenous. It has to do indeed. People can't see Erdogan in Buenos Aires because his political figured just vanished so shamely and Rajoy is following the same path. This can't be good for Madrid, specially having the undefiled Tokyo bid competing!
  12. You are the hypocrite. Just confess you DON'T LIKE Madrid, as you have proved all among the forums. You like to write as you were well weighted but you are not. Can you find one single post where I ban Istanbul or Tokyo? No. And I don't accuse "anyone". I accuse you. Be fair.
  13. Why use such hard language? Don't be naive, please.
  14. Madrid is gaining some momentum two months before the voting, and this can't be harmful for the bid. Anyway, it doesn't mean that Madrid will win for sure. Just gaining momentum. What to do from now on till September? IMHO, just keep on playing the Tokyo already-hosted card and the "we are the only European city that are still on the run no matter what you tell us, because me REALLY do want to host... not like others". It shouldn't be that hard if you were one of the biased voters. Fortunately for Madrid, you're not.
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