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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, TOKYO! Best wishes for you! May you deliver greatest games in history!
  2. I can't see why Istanbul can grab the victory right now. Nor Americans/Europeans would like to have a two-continent city hosting. It's better a completely Asian spot for them. Anyhow, I would LOVE to see Istanbul winning now that Madrid's dream is over.
  3. So sad. Go, Istanbul! You will host great, great games!
  4. If I keep being so excited, I will have a heart attack... for God's sake, this is SO LONG.
  5. After the presentations, it's even harder to guess the winner
  6. Does anyone have the Pau Gasol speech that has not been broadcasted due to the cutt off? Any look? *Any link?
  7. Although I'm surprised about Barcelona popping up in the final speech, a fact is that trying to hide it would have been like trying not to see the elephant in the room. Maybe it's a quite smart move to normalize it.
  8. Maybe because is just important to Madrid banners like you, not for the ones who really know that this would not be an issue in 2020
  9. Incorrect. They said they organized the Operacion Puerto in order to stop any traffic against athletes health.
  10. Great, solid answer about the dopping. Very strong.
  11. Don't know if I have missed any video because of the cut off, but I'm really sorry to say that's been the worst presentation of the three. Anyway, Prince Felipe has been a very strong orator.
  12. The presentation has officially stopped. Unfair for Madrid.
  13. Presentation stopped in Buenos Aires. Will they restart?
  14. Heavy rainstorm right now in BsAs. That's apparently the reason of the cut off.
  15. Please shut up Mr. Rajoy... why are you shouting so much?
  16. I agree. I post it some days ago: if Istanbul fails first the winner will be Madrid and if Madrid fails first the winner will be Istanbul. I can't see Tokyo pulliing votes on a second round, but that's just a personal impression
  17. OOOOOH, YES! The basket video has a continuation! REALLY touchy!
  18. Talking about Fukushima in the presentation could have been a smart move, but not telling anything stronger than "is under control" is an epic fail.
  19. Tokyo subway escalators without a single soul! Unbelievable!
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